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School Dropouts Rose Due To Lockdowns, New Report Claims

School Dropouts Rose Due To Lockdowns, New Report Claims

A new report by the Union of Education Norway in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) indicates that Zimbabwe has recorded a 20% increase in school dropouts since 2020 following the outbreak of COVID-19.

ZIMTA education director and senior coordinator Dennis Sinyolo told NewsDay that the report was an assessment of the impact of the closure of schools during COVID-19-induced lockdowns. Said Sinyolo:

We discovered that, indeed, there were so many problems with some being common knowledge that the closure of schools brought about a lot of dropouts.

Some learners were affected to a point where it was very difficult for them to return to school when schools reopened.

Some lost their parents or guardians while others joined the informal trading sector and gold panning.

The girl child, in particular, was the most affected. Some of them got married and became pregnant at a very young age. The situation was quite bad.

Sinyolo added that while learners in urban areas may have benefitted from online learning during the lockdown period, those in the rural areas and children from poorer families were left behind.

However, Primary and Secondary Education ministry spokesperson Taungana Ndoro dismissed the report as false. He said:

Those are lies. We have children back in classrooms. We have had outreach programmes where we asked all learners out of school to come back to school.

We have had an Education Amendment Act crafted and it stipulates that even pregnant girls must be allowed to continue with formal education. Those figures in the report are malicious.

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g 1 month ago

pane chaunobvuma here ndoro? when teachers go on strike you deny it. when the pass rate falls you deny it, when kids drop out of school you also deny. uchamhanya zvako

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

Taungana Ndoro was politically appointed to defend & conceal the government's failures in the education sector. He denies the obvious, while the children suffer. The reason why Govt cannot publish official statistics pertaining to school dropout rate is because they are embarrassed by the alarming truth. Teachers are better placed to give an overview of the situation as they interact with school children everyday. Not a propagandist who sits in an air conditioned office all day, while thousands of schoolgirls are impregnated and boys dropout out of school.

Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago

Or maybe they can't afford it. See, our currency has been losing value. Before lockdown, only a few government schools had fees of more than 20K now most of them cost more than that. Double that 20K and you'll get their full salary. Then comes expenses...

Kelvin 1 month ago

would it be possible if you can direct me to this report so we can also read it

Observer 1 month ago

Why do they use most of their resources in doing research than employing resources to mitigate the impact and address the problem? This pours showers of doubt regarding their malicious findings however if they're genuine in their approach they should bring suggested solutions and way forward.

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

Students are tired nekudzidziswa nevadzidzisi vanenge vakadhakwa netumbwa kkkkkk

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