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Scam Alert: Ministry Of Transport Says A Bogus HR Is Recruiting For VID Posts

Scam Alert: Ministry Of Transport Says A Bogus HR Is Recruiting For VID Posts

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development has warned members of the public about a man who claims to be a Human Resource Director for the Vehicle Inspectorate Department (VID).

The man who is allegedly using the name Chakanetsa, and keeps on changing his identity, is said to be recruiting people for the posts of VID Officers. The ministry said:

Please be warned that we do not have such a person, and this is a scam. @MinistryofTID

The employment process is done by the Public Service Commission after a person has registered for employment.

A case has been reported to CID Bindura and people are advised to beware of these scammers. He is going by the name of Chakanetsa and keeps on changing his identity.

Meanwhile, Police in Esigodini arrested Elton Ncube on 25 December for possessing an unregistered firearm.

Ncube had a misunderstanding with other patrons in a bottle store at Gabeni Village and produced a Barreda C4 Signal pistol.

Police recovered the Barreda C4 Signal pistol, loaded with a magazine of seven rounds.

In a related case, ZRP Kuwadzana arrested Trust Kagweda (36) after he produced a firearm at a nightclub in Kuwadzana Harare. A 213, 9mm Noringo pistol was recovered from the suspect. #notocrime

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1 month ago

Guns everywhere

1 month ago

Unregistered firearms,
Armed robbery

Fürher 1 month ago

This are CCC criminal elements who want to create a militia when they get walloped by the ruling party and cause havoc.

1 month ago

Mukwane cde

1 month ago

@Furher is sick upstairs Creating militias with pistols?

1k's failer to rightly train her 2k 1 month ago

Stop insulting 2ks the 21 year old must have been sent by a 1k mom kkkk

gumlaz 1 month ago

mazuvano ndizvo zviri mufashion moti kusavanadzo pfuti kudzshaiwa kkk

Dofo 1 month ago

Chero iwe uchida idzwa ku interview nemunhu anonzi CHAKANETSA kkk


further you are such an idhiyoti 1 month ago

stop that nonsense...we all.know who is terrorising people with guns so zve ccc zvabvepi musoro bhangu

Dispenser 1 month ago

The kind of employment available. They proclaim Zimbabwe is thriving on informal sector. etc thieves, taunts, crooks, armed robbers fr survival.

Tkt 1 month ago

To all those interested, I'm offering free training in dealing with such ccc bandits. Free of charge, food & accomo provided, transport to us, on you

Johanna Chibadura wekwamarange 1 month ago

Yes im true sometimes of in kombi im thanks of happy smile of mother brother sisters. Me sleep wake in dreams with wife of not im but iii run run of if fall dis

TT 1 month ago

Wassup guys, im desperately looking for a fair 2k to date or smash please if you can assist. Hit me up on 0776467898

The Big Dog 1 month ago

Muko.sho wako uzere mambava

Tkt 1 month ago

@TT.... This is no dating & smashing site. Enda ku****hub uko

cid 1 month ago

Pakaipa Chibadura adzoka

chakanetsa 1 month ago

toraramirepi makanditsoma kudai Mirai ndimbodyawo

ccc 1 month ago

why didn't you list Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) As a political party on that section of political parties pindula.... pindula?????

Citizen 1 month ago

change is loading, everyone knows zanu flies will never make honey for people. 42 years experience

matemba 1 month ago

ungade kudya kuzanu iwe wega usingatsvage siyanay nepolitics munokuvadzirana mahara murikumaterrace chachinja hpana

Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 1 month ago

A gun is bhoo but mukakonana Mumba atanga kuibata kkkkk umwe anonyuraaa

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