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SA’s Operation Dudula Targets Foreign National Drivers

SA’s Operation Dudula Targets Foreign National Drivers

A South African anti-immigrant organisation, Operation Dudula in KwaZulu-Natal has demanded that transport operators stop hiring foreign national drivers following a road traffic accident that killed 21 people in Pongola, northern KwaZulu-Natal recently.

A truck, which was being driven by an undocumented foreign national according to Operation Dudula, collided with a bakkie transporting schoolchildren on Friday, killing 19 pupils, a teacher’s assistant and the bakkie driver.

Operation Dudula provincial chairperson Mfanafuthi Dumakude on Sunday said the organisation will visit the families and seek to help where they can. Said Dumakide:

As Operation Dudula in the province, we want to get contact details of these families and the company (of the truck in the accident) and follow up on this matter.

From there we want to visit the families and see how we can make whatever donation to assist the families of the victims.

We have to make sure the company responsible for this accident must pay. If there are court cases to attend we will be there in support of the victims.

We can’t let this vanish in thin air like other similar incidents that were hot topics for a while and then died down later, as happened with people who killed others in Phoenix during the July 2021 unrest.

The truck driver reportedly fled after the accident before being arrested on Sunday.

Dumakude claimed the driver was an undocumented foreign national adding that the labour department should be challenged on this issue. He said:

It’s about time we, as an organisation that represents locals, look deeper into this and put pressure on the companies.

It’s one of the issues we want to fight, along with our alliance partners All Truck Drivers Forum in KwaZulu-Natal.

The driver, Sibusiso Siyaya (28) appeared in the Pongola Magistrates’ Court on 21 counts of culpable homicide.

He will remain in custody until his next appearance on Monday, 26 September for a bail application. | TimesLive, News24

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Sorojena 4 months ago

An accident is a accident anyone can be involved, dudulazing an accident is misplaced. May those lost souls rest in eternal peace.

Surprised Onlooker 4 months ago

Siyaya zviya anobvepi in Zim Limpopo province Dudula ndeyemusombodiya brain dzakarobwa negwalangu.

Tintin 4 months ago

propaganda of the highest order... driving has nothing to do with your nationality... to hell with dudula propagandists.😡😡😡

The King of Serpents 4 months ago

Don't worry, vachatifunga maSouth Africans kana zvedu zvanaka.

Doug 4 months ago

With a very vibrant insurance field in S Africa, there is no need for these guys to help the families. Hoping they are not dreaming of getting insurance money for the victims and short change them.

bemba 4 months ago

everything is now being dudulatised.

Mdala wethu 4 months ago

Vanoregererwa vanhu avo dudula kutii kwacho pa accident

,. 4 months ago

Ngavaende vanoitira ED demonstration ku New York kwaayenda uko.

Chitova 4 months ago

dudula havaziva zvavarikuda inga nyika yavo yagara ineHigh accident rate inokonzerwa nezvezvarwa zvemo vachapedzisira kublamer nemumvuri yavo kuti ndabude munyika yavo nokuti direction chaiyo dololo


Chitova 4 months ago

dudula havaziva zvavarikuda inga nyika yavo yagara ineHigh accident rate inokonzerwa nezvezvarwa zvemo vachapedzisira kublamer nemumvuri yavo kuti ndabude munyika yavo nokuti direction chaiyo dololo

Citizen 4 months ago

It was a south african national who was driving that truck ,

Crocodile 4 months ago

Remind them that 1 day they will be driving those trucks going to other countries

Machiavelli 4 months ago

The tolerance of Dudula activism while self serving for South African politicians is scary, and I the long run may signal the rise of fascism, very similar to the rise of German Nazism and Italian Fascism in the early to mid 1930s.

The rise of Hitler was fueled by economic failures of the Weimar Republic and Nazis found very convenient scapegoats in Jews and Blacks. It takes just one demagogue to light the flames of intolerance.

In South Africa today, xenophobia against immigrants is gaining credence against the rise of unemployment and economic malaise.

The ANC party and government are silently complicit in this matter and it may com back to haunt South Africa. For all his faults, Julius Malema has been the only political luminary to speak out against Dudula. May God bless his foresight.

I will be watching the rise of vigilantism in the form of Dudula and Soweto Parliament. And may The dear Lord spare us from another hatching of Nazism and Fascism under the guise of Xenophobia

fun time 4 months ago

We are not afraid of the army in South Africa, 60% of them are overweight, 98% of their special forces do not have real war experience and only one eighth of the land has mountains in which they can hide. They think our battalion will drive them into the sea but rather our commandos will rise from the sea and they will seek shelter in Dulibadzimu and Tshikwalakwala. This will see the inevitable end to their barbaric tendencies!

tiburai vanhu 4 months ago


@Pindula 4 months ago was an SA driver....stop posting fake news wena

Anonymous 4 months ago

I really want the South African govt to hunt down every undocumented foreign national to the last one. And tighten the loopholes on their border, even a wall like what trump did. Theres nothing wrong about that. They should take responsibility of whatever is happening on that side of the border they are responcible, isu kuno we are arresting all the Mozambicans who are roaming around and deporting them. Kwete kurova or kuuraya nooo. They shouldnt accept their bribes. Kick them out if they are illegal...just leave the legal ones

Triple S 4 months ago

One day is one day you dudularists fools South Africans will be driving those trucks out of the country n its gonna end in tears... It's gonna be tit for tat

Chief inspector 4 months ago

What happens if one of the parents of the pupils is an undocumented foreigner?? Will they assist or attack?

Nyati 4 months ago

Tables will turn one vachatifunga these first class ****s

ED DAMBUDZO 4 months ago

@anonymous. Uri musuri nhai

ED DAMBUDZO 4 months ago

@anonymous. Uri musuri nhai

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