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SA'S Department Of Labour Probes Alleged Employment Of Foreigners As Farmworkers In Robertson

SA'S Department Of Labour Probes Alleged Employment Of Foreigners As Farmworkers In Robertson

South Africa’s Department of Employment and Labour on Saturday said it met with agricultural employers in Robertson, Western Cape to discuss the alleged employment of suspected illegal foreign nationals on local farms.

This comes after Basotho and Zimbabwean nationals clashed over alleged competition for seasonal farm jobs on Thursday.

Western Cape Chief Inspector, David Esau, said there are no records from the Department of Employment and Labour showing foreign nationals were working legally on the farms.

Corporate visas should be issued for foreign nationals to work on the farms in South Africa and the Department has launched investigations into the allegations that foreign nationals are employed illegally at farms in the area. Said Esau:

In collaboration with the Department of Home Affairs and the local SAPS, the department will conduct joint inspections on all farms in Robertson to determine whether employees are adhering to labour legislation and following proper procedures when facilitating recruitment at their workplaces.

Several people sustained varying degrees of injuries in the fighting between the groups from Zimbabwe and Lesotho and on Thursday evening, a group of people sought refuge outside the Robertson Police Station for fear of being attacked.

South African Police Service (SAPS) spokesperson in the Western Cape, Brigadier Novela Potelwa confirmed the developments. She said:

Overnight, a sporadic incident where one group took ownership of the property of another was quelled by SAPS deployment and the suspects fled to a nearby hill.

Meanwhile, Brigadier Potelwa described as fake news, reports claiming that individuals died and children were hacked during the clashes.

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😜 2 months ago

Those abroad shld sacrifice this season and come home then Register to Vote mombonetsekawo nevamwe for a couple of months to Elections then Cast the Ballot and vote out every men and women responsible for our suffering be it Councillors, Mps and Presidents who having been sitting on this Rot of this once a great Nation

Gabarinocheka 2Β months ago

Note that there is pending election in 2024.
ANC has lost favour with the electorate. Wanna be parties have adopted extreme right wing approches like anti immmigrant sentiments.
It is apparent that it's going to get red hot as they approach their elections and immigrants are the softest target.
What boggles my mind is we have immigrants of all races in SA but the locals seem to see only the the dark skinned ones.

π™ΌπšŠπš›πšŠπšŸπšŠπš£πšŠ 2Β months ago

πš‰πš’πš–πš‹πšŠπš‹πš πšŽ πšŠπš—πš πš‚πš˜πšžπšπš‘ π™°πšπš›πš’πšŒπšŠ πš–πšžπšœπš πšœπšπš›πš’πš”πšŽ 𝚊 πš‹πš’πš•πšŠπšπšŽπš›πšŠπš• πšπšŽπšŠπš• πšπš‘πšŠπš πš πš˜πšžπš•πš πšŒπš›πšŽπšŠπšπšŽ 𝚊 πšœπšŒπš‘πšŽπš–πšŽ πšœπš’πš–πš’πš•πšŠπš› 𝚝𝚘 πš†π™΄π™½π™΄π™»π™° πšπš‘πšŠπš πš πš˜πšžπš•πš πšŠπš•πš•πš˜πš  πš‰πš’πš– πšŽπš–πš–πš’πš—πšπš›πšŠπš—πšπšœ 𝚝𝚘 πš πš˜πš›πš” πš™πšŽπšŠπšŒπšŽπšπšžπš• πš πš’πšπš‘πš˜πšžπš πš‘πšŠπš›πš›πšŠπšœπš–πšŽπš—πš. π™°πš πš•πšŽπšŠπšœπš πš’πš πšπš‘πšŽπš’ πš πš˜πš›πš” πš˜πš— 𝚊 πšœπš’πš‘ πš–πš˜πš—πšπš‘ πšŒπš˜πš—πšπš›πšŠπšŒπš. πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡Όα΅α΅ƒΚ³α΅ƒα΅›α΅ƒαΆ»α΅ƒ

inini 2Β months ago

basatho economy yavo iri nani weee ndavatipe mukana

Bhuru 2Β months ago

What about Basotho

inini 2Β months ago

zec yei ndavadzoke uko or dudula yovasuka

Bright 2Β months ago

Iwe usati kana usina nhamo munhu wese ahana ka


Bright 2Β months ago

Guys tisade kusimbisana kti ngavadzoke tivhote zec mukuiziva her imi

choshi 2Β months ago

dzokai tivhote nyika inake munourawa cz amusi kuda kuuya kuzovhota tigadzirise nyika yedu.honai nyika iyi 209 takatomboona kunakidza kwenyika kana ichinge yatungamirirwa nevanonge vasarudzwa CCC

Mark 2Β months ago

Everyone who has registered legally must stay there in South Africa and work there as your hearts desire, musaudzirwa nezvirombe zvemuno kuti dzokai pasina kana chavari kuita ivo.
All Illegal residents must follow through the due processes to live there but if that fails too, just try to make a plan to stay there.

It's better to be a fed criminal than a poor civilian

Nust 2Β months ago

Rangariraiwo Zimbabwe Mwari

Nust 2Β months ago

Rangariraiwo Zimbabwe Mwari

Nust 2Β months ago

Rangariraiwo Zimbabwe Mwari

2Β months ago

Nkust 2Β months ago

Vanhu wee dzokai kumusha inga murikungoshanda muminda wani dzokai tokuguriraiiwo ndima dzokurima

Bright 2Β months ago

Wangu Zim farming ma one worima chibage chacho pakunotengesa wopiwa rtg fti

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