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"Sanctions Must Go Yesterday" - CCC President Nelson Chamisa

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa has said sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe “must go yesterday.”

Chamisa posted on Twitter this Wednesday attracting varied responses from social media users. He said: 


Zimbabwe shall be the land of opportunities & possibilities, dreams & hopes. Where one can dream anything and the dream will come true. Let’s make it happen. Zimbabwe has just been a dream killer for many. No.. Not #Thistime

Pikaz @Jawachawa then commented asking Chamisa to “Come clean on sanctions.”

In response, Chamisa said:

Sanctions must go yesterday!

Some applauded him saying he was now being patriotic adding that he has to take the next step of writing an official letter to Western powers that imposed the restrictive measures asking them to remove them.

The United Kingdom and its Western allies imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe at the turn of the millennium following Zimbabwe’s chaotic land reform programme that was marred by gross human rights violations.

The ruling ZANU PF has since then been calling for the removal of the sanctions saying they were crippling the once-vibrant southern African economy.

On the other hand, the opposition has been lobbying for the imposition of sanctions on ZANU PF elites and individuals believed to be violating human rights.

The opposition, mainly the Movement for Democratic (MDC) change where CCC morphed from, was opposed to the view that sanctions were affecting the common man saying they only restricted targeted individuals and organisations.

In recent years, the opposition took a different stance acknowledging the adverse impact of sanctions on the general populace but maintaining that corruption and poor leadership were the leading factors contributing to the socio-economic and political crises in the country.

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CCC 4 weeks ago

thank you for admitting kuti ma sanction ariko.I wander what took you so long to admit.Chinyora tsamba iri official ku EU neUSA vabvise zvirango.i can see you are slowly becoming mature

Nel-Son-Cha-Misa / Cobra 4 weeks ago

Of course I know kuti maSanctions ariko. Dont forget kuti tisu takakumbira kuti aveko kubvira Morgan Save asati azorwa shuramatongo neDzvukumukunde reZANU PF raakapedzisira kugara naro. (MHSRIP). Remember in 2018 I went to Washington with Biti, Dhewa Mavhinga, Hopewell & others to call for Extension of sanctions until I win. The Americans are refusing to donate money to my CCC. They want me to have a constitution & structures first, but ini handimadi maStructures zvese neConstitution handiidi futi. I have nothing to loot. Maybe if I call for removal of sanctions, Mtuzvi Ncube & the Alligator may give me money under the Political Finance Act. Plus I want you to think that I am my own man & I'm not influenced by Western powers. My blind supporters are Stoopid so they dont care if I flip flop. Remember I am Cobra.

observer 4 weeks ago

ideological mutations, kikikikiki


This bloody snake called Chamisa is now admitting there are sanctions imposed on this country.This is proof that the man and his party have a hand in the distruction of this great country. I want to see what bootlickers the likes of cde Machiavelli and his sidekick Datruth will say about this.

[Musazoramba kana tati Chamisa ngafe]

Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

007 4 weeks ago

ko kushandisa your own username wosiyana nekuba THE BUSH LAWYER 'S monicker.


It seems when the going get tought ccc supporters go on the insulting attack mode yet they claim to preach democracy the likes of Gwedu so disappointing to have flip floppers like you.


Point of order!!! You did not answer the question your royal hindness Machiavelli

Gwedu 4 weeks ago

Uyu wamoti Sonboy haana brain. Saka akafoira o level maths. Paari apa atoei rombe last !!

Machiavelli 4 weeks ago

PS. @William..... I am not Comrade/Cde. Machiavelli.
If you are desirous of giving me a prefix let it be Prince Machiavelli whose maxim is "The End Justifies The Means"


@Hon Machiavelli he has left you with an egg on your face.You people used to say the sanctions were targeted, now what's the change? Are you now admitting that sanctions are targeting the mass populance in order that the Americans and EU can jam down their will (reforms) down our throats?

Machiavelli 4 weeks ago

There are conditions attached to removal of EU sanctions.

There are conditions in ZIDERA that should be addressed before USA can remove its resolution against funding Zimbabwe from World Bank and IMF resources. Those conditions are reasonable and must be addressed before re-engagement takes place. A letter from Chamisa/CCC is definitely insufficient to guarantee resumption of funding from WB, IMF, Paris Club, and other bilateral donors

Tsetun 4 weeks ago

Unorwara iwe

Observer 4 weeks ago

Good governance, respect for human rights and respect for rule of law and the constitution will remove sanctions not instructions from those who wish sanctions to be removed.

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Kill if u can but mind u don't start a civil war.

4 weeks ago

Varova dede iwe. Yu can not steal and throw away the rule of law and call upon Chamisa kuti ngaaite the west vabvise sanction.

VYBZ KARTEL 4 weeks ago

Saka masanction ariko? Ko zvamunomboti Ari targeted kunana Bambo chete? Confused Coalition of Cockroaches zveshuwa😠😠😠

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Greatings my fibble friend mind yu Chamisa can talk all he wants but I and my camp need Zanupf out .Zvema sunctions ndezvimwe.Smith was under sunctions but managed to survive the storm of political climate.Don,t worry Apo go straight .


Pindura mubvunzo dhemeti. Why would he want to remove sanctions if they were only targeted as he claims?


W. S. C. 4 weeks ago

You are a Chinese puppet of low intelligence. Grow up.

Chahototo 4 weeks ago

The leader of the Cult secret society CCC is slowly coming to his senses. sanctions are real and they are biting. What the cult leader Chamisa needs to do is to go on the record and condemn those sanctions. We know his brigade of brainwashed feeble minded ****s like Machiavelli will soon be in tune with their leader, although at the moment they are still in denial.

Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo
pasi nema sanctions
2023 ED Pfeeeeee 🇿🇼✊✊✊

Chimboti Pizza 4 weeks ago

@Yoweeeeee, you are right pakuti they were meant for ZANU PF but arikukuvadza maordinary citizens instead. EU neUS mapenzi, they are punishing us for being abused by ZANU so there is no difference btwn them and ZANU coz vese vakutishungurudza

Yoweeeeee 4 weeks ago

You are politically illiterate. Synonymous with your name Chahototo u are a concoction of a brainwashed Zanu Pf ediot. The sanctions are meant for a regime which abuses it's citizens. Dragnet and arbitrary arrests. Selective application of the law. Denial of human Rights & fascists promulgated laws that preclude CSOs from executing their tasks. Lacerations of intestines of opposition activists. And blatant rigging of elections abetted by a captured Judiciary and pliant ZRP. Resulting in scarf mongers like u who praise useless bond notes and sing songs of praise for bore-holes in this 21st century. Take your time and mourn the demise of a devolution minister for you will follow next.

Gumedhe 4 weeks ago

Pakati pamai Vako iwe. **** wababa Vako.

ABC 4 weeks ago

This is brilliant news those sanctions must go and they are only hurting the ordinary man in the street !!!!!!!!!!!

Secret society. 4 weeks ago

Sanctions will be removed in 2023 when CCC secret society win the election.

cde naked 4 weeks ago

let it burn hahaha

Crocodile 4 weeks ago

Zvenhema izvi aah tokuzivai imi

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 4 weeks ago

Dai ma reforms asingatyise ma sanctions akabva kare 😂

Ma reforms anoita kuti election ive pabani, saka kuine asingadi kuti election riitirwe pabani sanction haribve zvekumhanya...


Ya vanhu ve CCC makunyara kunge mughido wazvim@mira. Kunyarara kuti ziii

King 4 weeks ago

Kkkkkk so sanctions must be removed so that zanu of can continue to sodomise the masses? kkkkkk. it's game over for old men's club. how can they bank on chmisa to get sanctions removed? that is clear recognition of the power and influence chamisa wields. come 2023, can't wait.

chipo 4 weeks ago

chokwadi hapana chisingapere!!!!@@@@@@ Now were talking Sanctions must go,....starting point, zvatopera. will follow. Ndizvo taitaura.kkkkkk

chipo 4 weeks ago dzmakkklllllllllllkkjkhfryytwsxcbbbdsdggfdd

Mr Xx 4 weeks ago

Guys nyatsoi verenga zvataurwa naChamisa nokuti iye haana Simba rokubvisa masanctions aya but nyika ikaita zvinodiwa nevakamaisa chete . Kubva zvakabva Bob chamungati chakachinja chii asi kuwedzera kuba chete chete

Crocodile 4 weeks ago

Toregererei kunyarara unotaura chii nemunhu we Zanu chatingawirirane munochema nezvinhu zvisipo asi vanhu varikuba muchivaziva mumwe munhu anenge ane chari kuwana kumbavha wo dzeZanu

Machiavelli 4 weeks ago

Let me make myself very clear. And at the same time please @William..... (fake), @ VYBZ, @ Chahototo & company, please never put words into my mouth that I never said.

There are two things that are as different as chalk is to cheese. First EU &USA sanctions are targeted at certain individuals and corporates. These include inter alia Kuda Tagwireyi, ED, Chiwenga and Zimbabwe Defence Industries. Secondly there is ZIDERA, which prohibits USA votes in IMF and World Bank from supporting continued funding for Zimbabwe UNLESS & UNTIL certain changes are made in Human Rights, governance and other related issues in addition to clearance of accumulated arrears of debts that are not serviced.

At no time have I said sanctions are targeted at the general populace. Please do not misquote me.

Machiavelli 4 weeks ago

@VYBZ, I do not speak for Chamisa. You ask him that. What I categorically stated is that unless and until issues raised in ZIDERA are addressed, Zimbabwe isn't getting 1 red cent from WB and IMF.

Unless issues of corruption, human rights abuses, governance issues and disputed elections are addressed, those targeted sanctions are not going away any time soon. Whether Chamisa, CCC, SADC, African Union or ZANU government speak from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro those sanctions will not be lifted

VYBZ KARTEL 4 weeks ago

In Shona we have a saying, Dzagove tsitsi dzeyi kubvisa mwana we mvana madzihwa. If sanctions are targeting E.D, Tagwirei etc as you claim why would Chamisa feel it right to ask for their removal against them (the people who have been tormenting him).?

i 4 weeks ago

zvirango zveupfumi zvinodzimba munhu wese

Crocodile 4 weeks ago

Chamisa angoti itai zvinodiwa ndokuti masanctions agobviswa ko handi Zanu ndimi munoti ndine yese nyatsoverenga zvakanaka iwe

Mr Politician 4 weeks ago

taikuudzai kuti masanctions ariko but imi munenge muchida kuita nharo abvumaka ega Chamisa kuti he is the one who push for sanctions in Zimbabwe you don't know politics that's you are busy mummuring nonsense

cde chipopi 4 weeks ago

inga Russia irikungozvigona kunyange Iri pama Sanctions Wani

Our Zim 4 weeks ago

Chamisa is trying to buy votes now cz azoona kuti sanction kuwapo kwaro hakuna kumbovapa chance yekutangawo nyika kubvira ichiri mdc haina kukohwa pakuru kuburikidza neSanction as a tool to change gvt.Ezvino akutaura chokwadi so that anoba dzimwe pfungwa dzevaida zanu

chipo 4 weeks ago

Pindula you're making us read vulgar language.
Why are you not editing stuff

se 4 weeks ago



The dangerous sanction in Zim is **** and his followers. so firstly we need to remove them and after that EU remove miners

Anonymous 4 weeks ago


News readers, you have to ask yourself these and other questions
1. How do they go?
2. Why should they go?
3. Who is going to remove them?
4. What was done for them to be imposed and what has been done for them to be removed?

(a)Chamisa is simply saying Zanu pf personels are responsible for these sanctions and they must go. If we remove Zanu pf then automatically we have removed sanctions.
(b) Chamisa is also saying Zanu pf should revise their manners. Zanu pf should reconciliate her relationship with the international community. Zanu pf should respect human rights, should reconsider international laws and should desist from using unscrupulous ways of governance. Junta government must fall. Only when those aspects are addressed sanctions will be removed. So Chamisa is also saying zanu pf must do the right thing inorder for sanctions to go

jz 4 weeks ago

kana waakuona kt Zim inemasunctions waakuda kukura Chamisa,,,,,,but zvawaimboti hakuna nhasi abva kupi aurikuti must gooo,,,,,,anofunga nenhingi chaiyo mfana uyoyu,,anofunga sewatch yakarasa time,,,,utikwanire iweeee

Chimboti Pizza 4 weeks ago

Wamunoti Chamisa tichangomuvhotera nekuti ndiye anenge ari nani but aimbovhurika panyaya yemasanctions iyi

Blue 💙 4 weeks ago

Chamisa is too unstable to be a leader, constant flip flopping like a schizophrenic, putting his naive supporters to shame

Blue 💙 4 weeks ago

Thank you @vybz Kartel for enlightening these CCC sheep. Vana Dabtruth nana Zuze voshaya zvekutaura, not to mention Adolf Machiavelli a

27 June 4 weeks ago


27June 4 weeks ago


bigsam 4 weeks ago

chinorodza madinga njere chimukomana ichi
# ngapinde hake mukomana

cde naked 4 weeks ago

iwe editor uri kuisepi macomments angu handina kutaura zvinonyadzisa for geez.

Tanaka21 4 weeks ago

✊✊✊✊ pfee


I am not like you @Gwede who wrote ZIMSEC and passed 2 subjects. I sat for my O level examinations and passed with 3 Bs and 4 Cs, Mathematics included too.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

osy 4 weeks ago

it was a joke .... I think !..

Two Boy 4 weeks ago

Many people do not understand political statements. Every word matters. The word 'yesterday' can tell a lot why sanctions are still there. Had Zanu met some conditions restrictive measures could have been a thing of the past by now. Failure, by Zanu, to implement what the West want is the reason why sanctions did not go yesterday.

Some people have the tendency to read few words and then start making noise.

legislator 4 weeks ago

sanctions are real🎿, sanctions were invited by Zanupf due to its misrule of a great Nation Zimbabwe, Zanupf should do a noble thing to respect rule of law and reform

legislator 4 weeks ago

sanctions are very real but were invited by Zanupf due to the misrule and lack of rule of law,l know fully well of the blame game that is happening,don't you think leaders don't know da truth,they do ,kubvuma kwaChamisa haisi nyaya ,the epicenter and falcrum of the issue is that Zanupf must reform and observe human rights and make necessary reformations,why killing innocent souls

luke 4 weeks ago

pahurumende yemubatanidzwa nyika yakanaka munhu wese akabata US$ asi masanctions aingovako kureva kuti ZANU-PF ikutadza basa. vanhu veZANU-PF muri ma****s, Chamisa Aida support panyaya yenyu imi momuvenga futi saka munodei? vashandi vari kupiwa RTGS, mabasa hakuna, muri kuuraya vanhu uye kuba upfumi hwenyika, muri kumbunyikidza kodzero dzevanhu etc

i 4 weeks ago

kkkkkk Chamisaka

Chiurai 4 weeks ago

Rule of law inoonekwa chete kuti haimo nevanoytora mutemo.

57 years. Never been questioned by police officers other than traffic cops.

Ukatsvaga makudo mugomo unoawana.

CCC has millions of supporters. Only a handfull of missguided ellements , repeat offenders ndoo vanongobatwa ask yourself why.

Mukadota 4 weeks ago

ZANU attracts sanctions. Sanctions put citizens to suffering. Citizens want to lead lives free of suffering. Therefore, the cause of suffering must go so that sanctions will be lifted. ZANU and sanctions must go

Mr Politician 4 weeks ago

Mr Chamisa thank you very much for admitting that you are the one who push for sanctions in Zimbabwe what we are requiring now from you is to remove them with immediate effect ,in another matter pliz honourable don't install Chalton Hwende as a minister coz he can't solve anything but jst thinking abt fighting in parliament that shows us he is imature in politics he tried to scare honourable Temba Mliswa in parliament we don't expect that cz we need a representer in parliament not John Cena or Batista so find someone for us if you can't your part will rotten while you are looking so find something to do for us have a gud day l thank you

Mr Politician 4 weeks ago

thanks for admitting that you are the one who's causing the suffering of us

Mukadota 4 weeks ago

ZANU must go first then sanctions must follow suit. Zanu and Sanctions are inseparable. So he means ZANU must go

Farean 4 weeks ago

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Farean 4 weeks ago

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de 4 weeks ago

*"Local" sanctions must Go*! They're stifling development n Unity at local level

S. Nyakudya 4 weeks ago

its been long overdue. zedera is a full SI of 2001 and very economic sanction and restrictions are not contained in Zedera but Executive Order 13288 of 06 March 2003.

publicly lobby for their removal at rallies so that we have a united viice over their removal

Anaristi 4 weeks ago

Chamisa joins Zanu Pf in the anti sanctions campaign.

Ricky Tarzen Khenedhy 3 weeks ago

Nyatsoterera 100% zanu pf hayibviswe nema votes inobva neropa manje anoda kufa ndyn isu totongotarisa

avo center 3 weeks ago

ooooooo kn makaen****kumbira masunction KU eu us KT vana vezimbsmbwe vatamburi makatiuraya

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