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Sakunda Holdings Threatens To Withdraw Dynamos FC Sponsorship

Sakunda Holdings Threatens To Withdraw Dynamos FC Sponsorship

Sakunda Holdings has threatened to withdraw sponsorship to Dynamos Football Club following reports of divisions within the club’s Board over control of running the club.

Sakunda Holdings, owned by business mogul, Kudakwashe Tagwiei, urged the club to resolve the club’s impasse.

ZBC News reports that there is a clash between the Bernard Marriot Lusengo and Ernest Kamba-led boards in running the affairs of the club.

The club sponsors wrote a letter to the duo raising their concerns about the disputes.

Meetings have been held since September last year to resolve the current standoff but nothing materialised.

The sponsors have threatened to withdraw their sponsorship if no solution to the board impasse is found.

Dynamos Football Club has not been adhering to the constitution which got the club’s Electoral College to elect Ernest Kamba to run the club according to the 1963 Constitution.

Sakunda announced this year that Dynamos FC and Highlanders FC, the two biggest football clubs in Zimbabwe, are to get multi-million dollar sponsorship from Sakunda Holdings.

Among other benefits, the two clubs are getting USD 1 million each, every year for 3 years.

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Zulu 1 month ago

they are fighting for these Positions coz paita cash

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Who signed the contract with Sakunda Holdings ? Was he Edson Lusengo or Enerst Kamba ? The person or group of people who signed the contract with Sakunda Holdings are the people who should have a say in connection with the contract.




??? 1 month ago

kkk kuTeam bopoto, huori kuNakamba tournament, haa ZANU traits for sure😂😂😂

Anonymous 1 month ago

The stand-off will only get worse cuz panenge pakutoitwa shayisano ipapa,

1 month ago

How did the two boards cane into being

Regai 1 month ago

Zvagara bhora remunhu inhabvu ...mutambo wetsiva robhowa. Kuti sponser CCC it's better

Zim 1 month ago

Vakatambisa Murape Murape


Andrew 1 month ago

Sakunda yacho ndiyo ine clean hands here?

The Adjudicator 1 month ago

Dynamos won't hesitate to find another sponsor, The Adjudicator has rested his/her case!

Bright 1 month ago

Umm dynamos ahisi yebhora iyi yakanyanya chizanu mukati

Tateguru 1 month ago

Yes Sakunda should act FIFA-like

soccer star 1 month ago

boardroom sqaubbles are common at Dynamos especially kana paita sucha huge sponsorship .

DJ Fanta 1 month ago

Haina basa left them withdraw towana mumwe

mudzidzisi 1 month ago

Iwe unotipisa ma Sanctions ne broken Queen's language yako yekuti 'left

zimelder 1 month ago

It pains me to remember that I once supported Zanu pf & Dynamos in the early eighties. Nhambo dzinongosienda sure, aive madziva angove mazambuko.

MHisBlessed 1 month ago

$1m USD a year. That is good support. What kind of business does this Sakunda Holdings do?

Anonymous 1 month ago

Mr Sakunda endai henyu hatina basa nemi

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