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SADC Calls For Immediate & Unconditional Removal Of All Sanctions Imposed On Zimbabwe

SADC Calls For Immediate & Unconditional Removal Of All Sanctions Imposed On Zimbabwe


25 OCTOBER 2021

1. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) wishes to reaffirm its solidarity with the Government and People of the Republic of Zimbabwe, and to collectively voice its concerns on, and disapproval of the prolonged sanctions imposed on the Republic of Zimbabwe.

2. As SADC, we are concerned by the continuation of sanctions on some individuals or entities of Zimbabwe and hereby call for the unconditional and immediate lifting of these sanctions. There is no doubt that this lifting will facilitate socio-economic recovery, and enable Zimbabwe meet her national and regional economic development plans as well as effectively manage her international obligations.

3. Asa Region, we remain adamant that the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, whether targeted or restrictive, are a fundamental constraint and hindrance to the country’s prospects of economic recovery, human security and sustainable growth. The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the recent devastating cyclones Chalane (December 2020) and Eloise (February 2021) have mounted added socio-economic pressures that continue to impact negatively on the lives and livelihoods of the people of Zimbabwe.

4. The trajectory of the global economy is on rebuilding and recovery. To this effect, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), by virtue of being the largest source of foreign capital, remains a critical catalyst and facilitator of growth. The sanctions increase the perception of Zimbabwe being in a high-risk profile category, thereby diminishing the credibility of investment and investor confidence, while exacerbating investment risks. This further diminishes the country’s prospects of obtaining impactful FDI and serves as a deterrent for economic emancipation, growth and stability.

5. We wish to commend those International Cooperating Partners who have continuously extended development cooperation support and assistance towards the Government of Zimbabwe, and urge all development partners and stakeholders to support Zimbabwe’s efforts towards implementing her reform agenda.

6. The Republic of Zimbabwe, and the SADC Region, are committed to engage in meaningful and constructive dialogue with all relevant stakeholders, with a view to consolidate the rule of law, democracy, governance and human rights. It is only through such exchanges that better appreciation of concerns of all parties could be secured and progress towards their resolution be achieved.

7. Consistent with the collective global commitment “to leave no one behind” and in practical furtherance of the spirit of multilateralism, SADC calls for the immediate and unconditional removal of all sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, for the good of the country and its people, the SADC region and the global community.

H.E Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera,

President of the Republic of Malawi, and Chairperson of SADC

25 October 2021

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Madala Banda 7 months ago

Kkkk zvidhara zve Sadc zvongorova Jema newadya kkkkkk kana zvave zvoga zvenge zvichiseka heavy kuti ngavamame.... Musatamba akomana nekunzi hausvike ku UK kana New York kkkkkk Hapana munhu asingadewo kuendako ...haa sanction risadaro soo!!!!

Madala Banda 7 months ago

Ko hanti puresidhenti makakuba muchitaura kuti with or without sanctions ZIMBABWE Ino rarama rambai rakatarira ku look East porisi kwenyu uko Asi vakundikana ma China kubatsira Zimbabwe......... Musakanganwa kuti makati let's not cry about Sanctions ....apa munobva mati cofuser manje kuti ngatisachemei nekuda kwawo but...tikungonzwa imi muchingobongomora

Chapwititi 7 months ago

Unconditional removal of Sanctions?ummmm,hameno pamwe zvobuda,but we are worried ,vakuru vedu ava havachina nguva

Jumbo D 7 months ago

Those individuals who are said to be targeted by sanctions are very rich
I don't think sanctions are punishing them. Mybe the U.S. with its powers can do something better than this.

To the United States hey please we as Zimbabweans we are suffering, if the other couse to that is sanctions please remove them & do something bitter to those who u are targeting

Thanks in advance

Beasty boy 7 months ago

Jumbo ano jamba chero a jomba kana kwasvika gamba raano kudza kunge baba apa ane ndzara hana chero basa agoni kuchengeta mama nekuti nyika yasakara anoramba achibigger madara iye achidzikisirwa semufana..
Okay Jumbo you said the sanctions are targeted to the rich and the poor suffer,Well ask yourself why and how the rich are rich and why the poor are poor and jobless,Why companies where closed,why there are no white Ministers or MPs save Kirsty Coventry of sports.Why the nyika yasakara,zvakatanga sei and chi chakakondzera ma sanctions?Then we will speak with you well well.


P.MATANGE 7 months ago

Guys uyo jombo ma comments ake ka mumuchenjerere

jombo 7 months ago

Kkk adii?

Edina Matyora 7 months ago

These are Targeted Sanctions, they were imposed on corrupt individuals. The real cause of our suffering is our current government, which is looting national resources and are corrupt and selfish.

Kaguvi naCharwe 7 months ago

Let people suffer for the wrongs they have done.huyai nerimwe tanker remasangishen

Trust Tuturu 7 months ago

Kutogaya hangu kupa mwana wangu zita rokuti Targeted Sanction Tuturu...munopaona sei nhai hama?

Mr TT Ngwena 7 months ago

Anenge achingodeedzwa kuti Tagi or Sangi at school kkkk.

Beasty boy 7 months ago

Today we are celebrating sanctions.

Jb 7 months ago


Jb 7 months ago

Kana vane imwe cup hombe yema sanction plis tiwedzerei nawo futi coz amakatipa hazi kurwadza kkunda corruption ,kupfurwa ,kurohwa kwatikuitwa kuno tega tega

Tang ku 7 months ago

Hamuna masanctions muno ngavaremekedze kodzero dzevanhu the ini ndinototi UN ngaitodira mamwe futi kusvika kare

Maposa 7 months ago


King KODZO 7 months ago

MDC Alliance MP Assaulted Over Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana Slogan
24 Oct. 2021 MDC Alliance MP Assaulted Over Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana Slogan
MDC Alliance legislator for Chitungwiza South, Mr Maxwell Mavhunga was reportedly assaulted by suspected ZANU PF supporters over Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana slogan.

The slogan which means ‚ÄúLet The Youngman In‚ÄĚ is being used by the opposition party to rally the citizenry to vote for MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa in the 2023 elections.

MDC Alliance’s co-vice chairperson, Job Sikhala, on Sunday announced the assault on Mavhunga saying the incident happened in Victoria Falls. Said Sikhala:

Breaking News: Our MP for Chitungwiza South Maxwell Mavhunga has been badly beaten in Victoria Falls by suspected ZANU PF supporters after he shouted Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana. He says he was taken from the shores of Zambezi River & dragged into a room where he was badly attacked.

This comes when Chamisa last week reportedly escaped an assassination attempt in Manicaland where he was touring the province.

jombo 7 months ago


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