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SA Xenophobic Attacks: "Come Back, Govt Will Support You Depending On Your Needs"

SA Xenophobic Attacks:

Information secretary, Nick Mangwana, on Tuesday said Zimbabweans facing hardships in neighbouring South Africa were free to come back home where they will be supported by the government.

He made the remarks while addressing a media briefing on International Multilateralism for Diplomacy and Peace in Bulawayo. Mangwana said:

So again in terms of their needs, it depends on their needs. We can’t say they will come and get job priorities because already people here are looking for jobs. However, if they face any hardships or they have any needs, the government will support them as much as it can through the social service part.

Mangwana’s statement comes when Zimbabwean immigrants are facing increasing attacks from vigilante groups in South African townships for allegedly stealing jobs from locals there.

Reports indicate that Zimbabweans, fearing further xenophobic violence and facing an uncertain future after Pretoria announced plans to discontinue the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit, have started taking their valuables back home.

The xenophobic attacks recently claimed the life of a Zimbabwean national, Elvis Nyathi, who was beaten and burned alive by a mob outside his home in Diepsloot allegedly for failing to produce identity documents. 

Zimbabwean immigrants accuse South African Home Affairs minister Aaron Motsoaledi of fueling xenophobic attacks after he was quoted saying he would only retire when undocumented foreigners were locked away.

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🇿🇦🇿🇦 2 weeks ago

vazhinji tatove nema National Identity Cards eSA saka hatife takanhuhwa Zim

trinity 2 weeks ago

social service yemuno hapana zviripo disabled i went to social service for help..ma1 chaiwo i didn't get any help whatsoever
pakazoti after some months (5-6) ndakutoitawo something chinondipa mari ( zvehuku) i got a call zvikanzi i qualify to be assisted by the department and i was told to open an account with cabs and so i did
month end ndakaona muchipinda 2000 rtgs, not even enough to buy ma pain killers andinoda.
ndakayenda kunozvivharisa but they refused something about manumbers awo ari low even offered to increase the money which left me with more qsns.. since then from time to time mari inouya bt of no use... April pakauya $800rtgs
if those people come back there's no help coming from the social service department mark my words.. Department risina website,rine phone number yekunyepa. that department is a mess kufona uchida kuziwa general info hapana anodayira fon anenge achiziwa vanotosvika pakukata fon

gidiza 2 weeks ago

first help thiose who are in Zim


Thank you so much for acknowledging that your gravement have failed to avail jobs for those at home..On the other hand this man is inviting trouble under his roof.The rigging machine shall be overwhelmed.

Look before you leap and think before you speak

Yours Wenyu
Cde Pot Hole

Dira Rizare 2 weeks ago

Tinenge tichitoti pamwe mangwana achataura zvinonzwika.

dira hako rizare shamwari

Kanda 2 weeks ago

regai vanhu vaite zvavanoda nenyika yavo south Africa they have a challenge in keeping you there they can't fold their hands when you bring tough time for them in Botswana vanhu vanorohwa kwamambo makambotaura at one time Zim soldiers were shot and killed and some arrested and charged for violeting the immagration laws here in Zimbabwe you arrest and charge illegal immigrants 6 months and above makambobvunziwa nyika inotongwa nevene vayo it's their new law vakuda kuendesa vanhu kujere lyk you do I remember south African guys vairenovator TM pick and pay Masvingo they were arrested and charged they stayed for more than a year in prison more over they were whites did anyone told you that you are racist and xenophobic period period

phil 2 weeks ago

@Nick already we are telling u the problem yu dont listen tell Mangudya to throw awy Zim dora bond iro we are suffering harichadiwa pane zvese.


Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

Nick Mangwana said nothing in his address. He just muffled. He should tell citizens and diasporans measurables his Government has put in place to assist the diasporans when they come back home. Old People's Home government is the source of problems which drove all those people to South Africa and other countries. They mismanaged our economy and are still mismanaging it. Nick Mangwana should not think that we are thick headed. No, we know that his Government does not want diasporans here now that we are going for Harmonised Elections. They are convenced that most of the diasporans will not vote for them. A committed and serious Government sends buses to South Africa and pick up those who want to come back home, but have no money. It is costly, but they must shoulder the burden. They mismanaged our economy.


Nick Mangwana 2 weeks ago

I am trying come back and tell us your problems. I didn't say we'll fix them.🙄

Patriotic One 2 weeks ago

Are you ashamed to just tell them to come home and suffer like everyone else is doing except you and your colleagues? You are shameless Nick Mangwana

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

Why did they leave in the first place?

Chapwititi Kestombela 2 weeks ago

Being a spokesman needs a sober, open minded and reasonable person not this circus called Nick. How can this deception you call government be able to offer support when it's failing to support resident populace 🤔. Think before you mumble your gibberish, else dira hako rizare

Tashupika 2 weeks ago

How can you afford to look after those in the diaspora when you can't look after those resident in this country?

Nick, this blasted government is the root cause of the problem. Therefore it cannot be part of the solution.

The King of Serpents 2 weeks ago

Good question

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