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SA Student Jailed For Spending R800 000 Accidentally Deposited Into Her Account

SA Student Jailed For Spending R800 000 Accidentally Deposited Into Her Account

A South African university student has been sentenced to five years’ direct imprisonment for the theft of National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) funds.

Sibongile Mani, a Walter Sisulu University (WSU) student, was found guilty of stealing R818 000 by East London Regional Court Magistrate Twanette Olivier.

NSFAS accidentally transferred R14 million into Mani’s account when she was only entitled to an R1 400 monthly allowance for food.

The funds were paid into Mani’s account in June 2017 by Intellimali, a Cape Town-based company responsible for distributing NSFAS funds to students.

Mani was accused of failing to report when R14 million was credited to her account erroneously.

Instead, she embarked on a spending spree, and in total, she spent R818 000 of the R14 million.

The former student activist allegedly spent the money on prohibited items, including alcohol, cigarettes, electrical appliances, bedding, toys and gift cards.

In handing down the sentence on Wednesday, Olivier said the court was of the view that a suspended sentence was totally inappropriate. Said, Olivier:

You, and only yourself, made that decision on 1 June 2017, you did so repeatedly, for 73 consecutive days, numerous times per day.

You were rushing against time to spend the maximum amount before it’s spoilt or brought to [an end]. Those were conscious decisions you took every day, not the court.

Mani allegedly spent more than R800 000 in 73 days. Between 1 June, when the money landed in her account, to 13 August, when NSFAS found out about the error, she had spent an average of R11 000 per day.

She was arrested in May 2018 by the Serious Commercial Crime Unit of the Hawks after IntelliMali opened a case of theft.

Mani will be eligible for parole after serving one-third of the five-year sentence.

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student 2 months ago

she needed a good lawyer! Its not her fault that the funds got into her account erroneously! She could have said she believed in miracle money, and even play Bushiri's tapes in court declaring miracle money! Let me declare that slay queen had no brain i thought she can buy a SUVor a core house in limpopo even well built finished house was ok

When i grew up i thought reaching vasity levelcomes with a level of financial maturity little dd i knew that its as good as u are completely blank like my 10 month old daughter Tavawashe

Masimba 2 months ago

money in my bank account is mine. They must ask nicely for me to give it back, zvakafanana nekunhonga mari mu road, i just wait a few days pakashaya abvunza ndodya mari

Ola7 2 months ago

Yhts a lot of money 5yrs is too little mustvhv bn sentenced 25 yrs or rot in jail

Akapusa 2 months ago

thus not a marriage type, someone at university level over spending like that.
She's not a marriage type and a sign that she an example of disgrace as lady.
Atleast if she could have bought suvs, invest in something.These so called slay queens aren't mature enough,so you so called charmer boys know the marriage material.


Internet... 2 months ago

Poor girl, should have come to Zim for orientation on how to spent money. I can't afford finishing the 5 year term jail sentence and come out poor.

neosak 2 months ago

ndosaka macompanies eko asinga emply ma SA pipo

Internet... 2 months ago

Just imagine guys a university student spending such big amount on toys kkkkk haaayas

pcv 2 months ago

the way she spent kana munhu ari kuUniversity hapana zvaidzidzwa apa- kutenga matoys on daily basis

cute 2 months ago

aidya mari pachi**** dai ndirini ndaitora hard cash ndobuda munyika kuenda over seas

The Adjudicator 2 months ago

Ignorance has no defence in the court of law.She has a case to answer.Even picking anything of value that doesn't belong to yu and yu keep it ,is an offence.

mune munhu 2 months ago

I blame ZANU PF

kundy 2 months ago

kkkk haa zvakaima

Tanu Mark Finnity 2 months ago

She was not wrong to spend this money which was not stolen but sent directly to her bank account

Mdara Odza 2 months ago

She knew very well she was only entitled to R 1400 not R 14000000 so that's stealing

Yvt 2 months ago

Even here in Zim ,it haapened in the US$ Era , a Gweru nurse was jailed after CABS accidentally credited his account and achibva aishandisa, akatopihwa a lengthy sentence. Vanhu should know that wakaona mu account mapinda mari zhinji yausiri ku expecter do not use it ,find out kuti yabvepi, there is no miracle money ku financial sector. Unovharirwa masikati machena.

Aratijiyesi 2 months ago

Ko zvemaMiracle money zvakaendepi?? Inini ndinotoda yepaTollgate kuti irasikire muAccount mangu zve1 day kkkkk

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

The word student doesn't fit in now 😀

Murisi Zvizvai 2 months ago

**** iwe

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Idya Mari iwe

2 months ago

Tinmike 2 months ago

I feel like 5 years is too much for this crime

««‹ 2 months ago

no comment

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