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SA Political Parties Implore MultiChoice To Reinstate Russian TV

SA Political Parties Implore MultiChoice To Reinstate Russian TV

Political parties in South Africa have criticised MultiChoice’s decision to suspend a Russian news channel on DStv.

Last week MultiChoice suspended the airing of Russia Today, a Russian news television station on channel 407 after Russia invaded Ukraine.

In a statement, Multichoice said, “sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU have led to the global distributor of the channel ceasing to provide the broadcast feed to all suppliers, including MultiChoice.”

South Africa’s ruling party the ANC urged MultiChoice to reconsider its decision, saying it (the decision) has a negative impact on citizens’ freedom of choice. ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe said:

The sanctions imposed on Russia have resulted in the MultiChoice platform unilaterally withdrawing Russia TV from its offerings, impacting negatively the freedom of choice to subscribers and limiting their consumption of news on the developments in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Black First Land First deputy president, Zanele Lwana, revealed that the party plans to march to MultiChoice’s offices to lodge a complaint. She said:

As soon as we have finalised our internal processes, we are going to take to the streets at the MultiChoice offices.

We stand with Russia and we take inspiration from them. The West has a vested interest in other countries and is not being condemned for wanting to take other states’ resources.

The west does not care about people’s livelihoods and business, will not start or end by them.

The West and the EU have imposed unreasonable sanctions on Russia and are suppressing dissenting voices to nurse their own interests.

Russia has proven over and over again its alliance with a developing country like South Africa.

SADTU, the EFF, and a civil organisation, The Freedom of Expression Institute of SA, all condemned the move and urged MultiChoice to reinstate the channel with immediate effect.

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zimboy 5 months ago

Europeans wants to manipulate us such that we can hate n blame Russia...we shld select our content ourselves not them for us...nxaae mxxm

Babalo 5 months ago

Hypocrites;" You stand with Russia" while you daily attack fellow Africans (Zimbabwean, Mozambican, Nigerian)

Tinmike 5 months ago

Totally agree, the West even tried to make Elon musk switch off his satellite for the Russians but he refused saying Russia still has a right to broadcast information. Not everyone can be fooled by USA and it's allies, let people choose what they want to watch not what you want them to watch

inini 5 months ago

Russia yashupa kaiyi.dai matumira maboader gezi maona zvayaiitwa

Sponono 5 months ago

Zimbabwe inovakwa nevene vayo & Russia tv ino vonekwe nevene vayo ..

Musada zvinhu ma Zimbabwe

Vakai nyika yenyu

Mark 5 months ago

Words of a buffoon.
Watch ZBC by yourself quietly

Machiavelli 5 months ago

How can MultiChoice reinstate RT when the global distributor has cut off RT?

Think before you open your ARseS

Francis Mhike Mutema 5 months ago

Russia -Ukraine war is getting intresting .They are gonna kill each other for nothing

Mabogoryera 5 months ago

Ukraine was seen as an underdog but maWarplanes atouya sooo Soviet yopazana


McKenzie 5 months ago



Doug 5 months ago

They should find a way of getting the RT signal direct from Russia to their houses as Multichoice has told them they can no longer access the signal.

Terminator 😎 5 months ago

Onai dead bc tv nyika ino onekwa nevene vayo .

Terminator 😎 5 months ago

Tinmike I know global politics I think u need to teach our friends here bcz if u start a reaction it spontaneously combust in different ways this is the price we pay for being delusional .We are clapping hands for Russia but something done thousands of killos away affecting us here.In this era we don't need invasions . Everything backfires but to countries with gud economies like EU countries they don't suffer the backlash it is Africa that suffers the most bcz we have bad governance for thousands of years .These Western countries always find there way out
Koisu vana shangu todiii hapana kungoita noise everyday hezvazodai .We are a bunch of fools hakuna minister anoda kuti vana vake 1.varapwe muno 2 vadzidze muno, vaenda ku holiday muno,vapfeke hembe dzemuno ,vafambe nemota yakagadzirwa pa Willovale madza motor industries ,we are doomed to fail,we will continue to make a big noise for yrs to come . Degree harichashand8 tirikugere vanhu msoro kuti urarame tinawo ma degree . Tirikuenda kupiii .

Kyiv 5 months ago

Ava vanongonakidzwa neku marcher ava kkkkkk

nelson mnangagwa 5 months ago

the politicians dont attack foreigners.....its the citizens who attack foreigners

Rambo 5 months ago

maakuda ma sanction manje,ngavabvunze vabiyavo Zimbabwe kuti sanction rinorwadza sei

Muchama 5 months ago

Zanu PF hayibviswe papindula nyika ino hayizombotongwa nachamisa musanyeperwe hamawe zveimwe nyika ndezveko zvemuno tiregeyi takadaro

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