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SA Man Jailed For Stealing 6 Ford Vehicles He Intended To Smuggle Into Zimbabwe

SA Man Jailed For Stealing 6 Ford Vehicles He Intended To Smuggle Into Zimbabwe

The Musina Regional Court Wednesday last week sentenced a 36-year-old South African man from Limpopo to 17 years in prison for breaking into a Ford dealership and stealing six new vehicles which he intended to smuggle to Zimbabwe.

The vehicles were valued at more than R3 million, according to Eyewitness News.

Tsununu Ahmad Maphosa was sentenced to four years in prison for breaking into business premises, and 15 years for theft of motor vehicles.

Two of the four years for the breaking in charge will run concurrently with the 15-year sentence, which meant he was handed an effective 17-year sentence.

What happened:

Hawks spokesperson, Captain Matimba Maluleke, said Maphosa and his accomplices broke into a Ford dealership in Phalaborwa in the early hours of 9 December 2017 and stole six Ford vehicles – two Ford Everests and four Ford Rangers.

The Hawks recovered five of the six stolen vehicles in the Masisi area, near the Limpopo River, on the same day they were reported stolen. Maluleke said:

The vehicles were intercepted from crossing the Limpopo river into the neighbouring country Zimbabwe, but the suspects were not arrested as they ran away. Through the assistance of law-abiding citizens Maphosa was arrested in the area while attempting to flee.

Nearly two years after the crime was committed, Raymond Sibusiso Tshabalala who is alleged to be the mastermind behind the vehicle theft syndicate was arrested in Gauteng.

Tshabalala was released on bail and he fled. A warrant has been issued for his arrest, according to Maluleke.

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1 month ago

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Lin wu chun 1 month ago

Ya but in American and UK jails they eat better food than most of us.

230 1 month ago

have you been there or you just saying what they show you muma movie ?

1 month ago

Bhora rakamira sei apo

Vesto 1 month ago

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Kkkkkk 1 month ago

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Mufaro 1 month ago

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Vesto 1 month ago

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Mufaro 1 month ago

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1 month ago

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Manikiniki 1 month ago

Tshabalala was released on bail and dissappeared! Who in his right senses would not flee when its obvious 17 yrs are waiting for them. Those judges who give bail to some of these criminals need to stand trial themselves for aiding a crimininal flee from justice.

Chief 1 month ago

Bail. Is a right

Gb 1 month ago

But bail is not given to the one already sentenced, these guys where sentenced 17yrs how can they be given bail on such note.

1 month ago

Uri kuzviwanepi zvekuti vanga vatopihwa mutongo we17 years

Hungwe 1 month ago

And the SA media espeacilly ETV will remain silent but if it was a Zimbabwean how did this the whole.month telling people of a Zim robber becaming problem in SA.

umm hungwe siyana 1 month ago


mwenewazvo 1 month ago

zvakaoma kani kutipa basa rekubatanidza kuti zviri kuda kumbonziiko

beekay 1 month ago

next time focus gents

hmmm 🐒🐒 1 month ago


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