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SA Government Says It Is Not Working With Operation Dudula

SA Government Says It Is Not Working With Operation Dudula

South Africa’s Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has denied they work with Operation Dudula, an anti-immigrant vigilante-like group that is targetting illegal foreign nationals in that country.

Motsoaledi said South Africa’s Government applies immigration laws when they deport or remove illegal foreign nationals from the country.

He made the comments while responding to IFP MP Liezl van der Merwe, who, in a written question in Parliament, had asked whether the Home Affairs Department was working with Operation Dudula. Said Motsoaledi:

The department does not condone any illegal activities. The activities of Operation Dudula of identifying and forcefully removing alleged illegal foreign nationals in identified communities is not a programme of the department.

The Department of Home Affairs, through its Inspectorate, has the legal mandate to ensure that all persons in South Africa are lawfully permitted to be here.

The inspectorate does regular inspections and conducts investigations to detect those who may be here unlawfully.

Multi-disciplinary operations with the South African Police Services and Metropolitan Police, including inspections of businesses, is a key source of the detection of illegal foreign nationals, their arrest and deportation.

Operation Dudula has launched provincial chapters in recent times. Last week, it launched in the North West province.

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hawk 2 months ago

Hey bald empty headed Minister, u are trying to downplay this terroristic operation in your lawlessness white ruled country. one day these benefactors of yours shall become powerful and overthrow ur gvt, dont be diplomatic for nothing.

tafi 2 months ago

who are they fooling? we know they are comrades in arms behind the scenes

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

I want to thank MP Van der Merwe for exposing Home ffairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi . He is actually working with DUBULA. How can an outlawed vigilante form Provincial Structures in an independent country like South Africa without being detected and arrested ? Minister Aaron Motsoaledi's speeches in Parliament and other fora indicate that he sponsors Dudula. He has the National Police Force and Metropolitan Police at his disposal instead of allowing Dubula to kill people. Old People's Home government is mum because it is not keen that diasporans come back home to vote. It suspects that they will vote for opposition. No matter how much Minister Aaron Motsoaledi may want to distance himself from Dubula, he has already shown that he is the leader of vigilante Dubula.


KIU 2 months ago




zZonoro 2 months ago

even this bastard is trying to hide behind the finger he knows eevetything
#the sssetup
# the funding
# the operation and we can see by gheir silence when this if not their **** ilegal organization is killng foreigners


jeizet 2 months ago

maoperation ose aya Ramaposa anozviziva bcz ndiye heard of gvmnt. anototsigira nekuoffer mari kunearikutungamira operation

jeizet 2 months ago

vanhu dzokai kumusha ,,, ini ndakatotizawo ikoko munadec vatoziviza kt mazimba kumba kwenyu,,,,dzokai kumba munourawa nemakuvanhu aya haana basa neupenyu hwevanhu dzokai mtange zvitsva kuno

master E 2 months ago

this operation is very wrong may cause war lets them do one day u will ceee

Dudula 2 months ago

Van de Merwe anozviziva he had a farm kwaMutare

Minister Aaron Motsoaledi 2 months ago

Cde Lux Nhlanhla. Continue with the good job. Make sure that Zimbabweans go back home and vote for change. We are tired of them. They are stealing, killing and raping us. ANC is behind you Lux. Just don't expose us!!!

Kanda 2 months ago

Dudula is funded and mobilized by former Zimbabwe farmers

Ntaba 2 months ago

If you are not working with Dudula,what are you saying then about this operation?

zimcitizen 2 months ago

Njere shoma mutoro kumuridzi ..shame

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