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SA Finance Minister Gives Provinces R24.6 Billion To Pay Teachers

SA Finance Minister Gives Provinces R24.6 Billion To Pay Teachers

South Africa’s Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana has granted provincial departments of education R24.6 billion to cover the shortfalls in the payment of teachers.

Delivering his first full budget speech to South Africa from the Good Hope Chamber in Parliament on Wednesday, Godongwana said more money would be availed to cover the shortfalls in paying teachers. He said:

In this budget, we are adding R24.6bn for provincial education departments to address the shortfalls in the compensation of teachers.

According to Business Tech, Level 1 teachers in South Africa, who are the lowest paid and least experienced teachers earn R10 560 a month while principals earn R29 000 a month.

In Zimbabwe, the Government recently threatened to fire teachers who were striking demanding the restoration of their pre-October salaries of US$540 dollars, roughly R8 000.

The Government raised the Zimbabwe dollar salaries for civil servants by 20 per cent, which is still far below the poverty datum line.

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Khalifa 3 months ago

Mukomana ngaapinde hake🥇🍌🈷️

Mai shalo 3 months ago

Zim tr 100us
SA tr 700us

Kalo 3 months ago

South Africa is mocking Zimbabwe

Yvt 3 months ago

Kkkkkkk u can say that again. Kuno unonzwa anzi tichakupai mabhazi ekuti muyende ku shopping with your meager peanuts

cute 3 months ago

lowest payed R10500 in other words $1500us

Anonymous 3 months ago

Not of today the official USDZAR exchange rate is at around 15.00 so R10.5K is a little over US$700.


Dispenser 3 months ago

Oh!! list payed,apo student teacher 10500rands , on top food,clothing, very chip.

Bitoli 3 months ago

Mai sholo win( 3)points)draw(1-1)loose o)

Mai shalo 3 months ago

Thax sir ko hakuna minus?

Bright 3 months ago

Kkkkk SA government ummm bho hr

Tadiwanashe 3 months ago

yato zim vs SA kaaa apo

Byo CCC 3 months ago

Lol ahh futhi
SA gvnmnt is mocking Zim or wat???

Mai shalo 3 months ago

Guys ko mapoints ebhora anopiwa sei

ngorima mushava 3 months ago


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