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SA: Driver Of Gas Tanker That Exploded In Boksburg Arrested

SA: Driver Of Gas Tanker That Exploded In Boksburg Arrested

The driver of the gas tanker that exploded in Boksburg, east of Johannesburg in South Africa on Christmas Eve, has been arrested.

He has been charged with multiple counts of culpable homicide, negligent driving, negligent causing of an explosion resulting in death, and malicious damage to property, reported SABC News.

Gauteng Police Spokesperson Brenda Muridili confirmed the arrest of the 32-year-old suspect on Sunday at a private hospital where he had been receiving medical treatment for minor injuries. She said:

The driver as well as several people who sustained injuries, including eight firefighters were taken to various hospitals for medical treatment.

Thus far, 15 people are reported to have sustained fatal injuries including a 10-year-old boy.

The full damage to infrastructure as well as private property will be communicated in due course.

The incident scene is still being cleared. The suspect will appear before the Boksburg Magistrates on 28 December.

On Sunday, Health Minister Joe Phaahla announced that the death toll from the explosion had risen to 15.

Three of the deceased were staff members from the Tambo Memorial Hospital, which was also affected by the blast.

Rosetta Brits lost four children in the explosion, three teenagers namely Jamel Eagles, Sabastian Brits, Adriaan Brits, and her 10-year-old Gerrie Brits. | SABC News

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Nimrod 1 month ago

Tragedy caused by negligency. To err is human, but unfortunately this negligency caused death snd destruction of property. hazvishamise kuti i route yaanowanzoshandisa using an appropriate size tanker but kana nguva yamwari yakwana hapana chinokonesa.
On his side hanziakatombodzinga vanhu achiti tizai richaputika but people dont listen. ndopaye patinochereredza kana iri petrol. mtsrip

zrp 1 month ago

This is not negligence at all. it is an accident. Some accidents are fatal and some are minor. let's take it as it is. Arresting the guy won't bring back the dead to life bcoz it's God's time. The driver didn't ignite the fire.

truth 1 month ago

vamwe vanhu so ka, hw is the driver the cause of the accident. kana accident ichida kungoitika it doesn't matter kuti who is driving or what ever, it just happened, why arresting him

bvabyangu 1 month ago

the driver should know the height of his vehicle, not just fit in a tanker into a tiny tunnel expecting miracles.

Burnt Zimbabweans blood cries to God 1 month ago

Ndivo veku pisa ma Zimbabweans nepetrol here veku South Africa vachiti muri kuti torera mabasa.Vasinga tombonzwe tsitsi kuti vari kupisa munhu.Only Julias Malema and his party stands with Zimbabweans.Hezvo mapihwa kamabasa acho.

Burnt Zimbabweans blood cries to God 1 month ago

The driver has been arrested, but how many South Africans were arrested for intentionally burning Zimbabweans.

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