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SA-based Zimbabwean Couple Killed In Accident 11 Days After Wedding

SA-based Zimbabwean Couple Killed In Accident 11 Days After Wedding

A South African-based Zimbabwean couple perished in a car crash in South Africa just 11 days after tying the knot back home.

Shadreck Masuku (40) and Thabitha Mbambo (26) exchanged their wedding vows on 27 December 2022 in Bulawayo and died in a car accident in South Africa on 7 January 2023.

The couple, alongside Thabitha’s sister, Nkosinothando Sibanda (42), died on the spot following a car accident at Kranskop, Limpopo Province.

An unknown friend of the couple who had asked for a lift also died in the accident.

The couple’s one-year-11-month-old daughter was critically injured and left fighting for her life at a South African hospital.

Former ZBC presenter Ezra “Tshisa” Sibanda speared efforts to raise funds to bring Nkosinothando’s body back home as she had no funeral policy.

Three hearses led hundreds of people to the Umvutsha Cemetery in Bulawayo, where the trio was laid to rest.

Sithabile Tshabangu, a representative of the Mbambo family, said it was a tragedy to lose the two siblings at once. She said:

The two girls are my sister’s daughters. They were, however, brought up by their grandmother, who is my mother. We never thought we would lose them like this and at once.

The couple had just gotten married and was preparing for their traditional wedding which was supposed to take place in April.

We are deeply wounded as a family to have buried them today.

A resident from Entumbane only identified as MaNdlovu said news of the two sisters’ death came as a shock. She said:

The two girls were inseparable. Even when they were growing up, we would see them together everywhere.

It is sad they had to end up dying together. We also greatly lost as a community because they were our children.

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