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SA-Based Man Robbed Of Vehicle After He Asked Hitchhiker To Help Him Drive

SA-Based Man Robbed Of Vehicle After He Asked Hitchhiker To Help Him Drive

A Zimbabwean man who was travelling from South Africa with his family was robbed of his valuables by four unknown suspects he had offered a lift in Masvingo.

In a statement, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said the victim asked one of the would-be robbers to assist him in driving the vehicle to allow him to have some rest. Police said:

[On Thursday, 23 June], police in Mazowe recovered a South African Registered Toyota Quantum vehicle reportedly stolen through a robbery in Southlea Park, Harare, on 21/06/22, when the complainant, who was travelling from SA to Harare with his family, offered a ride to four unknown suspects in Masvingo.

Along the way, the complainant, who was tired, requested one of the suspects to assist him in driving while he was resting.

On approaching the Southlea Park tollgate, the complainant and the suspects conspired to evade the tollgate, going through the bushes where the suspects attacked and robbed the complainant of his valuables before dumping him and his family in Glenview 1.

Police said the vehicle was later found abandoned, near Nduku Business Centre, with the car radio and the battery missing.

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­čĄĘ­čĄĘ 1┬ámonth ago

Yaa akapata ungape munhu wausingazive mota shuwa

SC 1 month ago

The robbery was inevitable the moment he gave them a lift. Even if he was to drive all the way, they were going to rob him

Stoicist 1 month ago

They escaped unhurt! that's the good part of it at the same time it's a lesson to all of us not just this family not to offer transport to strangers especially long distances

Doug 1 month ago

Why not first ask the spirit to sort the economy first, giving the Bond power over the USD dollar to alleviate the poverty first, and then use it to fight those Zimbabweans who have a different political leaning to yours?.

Jah­čç┐­čç╝Tsvarie-07 1┬ámonth ago

Kana vasina kukuvadziwa ngavatende mwari wavo, kupa mota nekusapa zvimwechete coz those robbers were in the car already pamwe zvakatobetsera coz dai aiva iye ayidriver voda kurobber paizoitika tsaona.
valuables uchashanda mamwe @least mota yakawanikwa happy days...

Gwedu 1 month ago

ED to blame he is the source of all this !!

The Adjudicator 1 month ago

The family awoke lavishly with the incentivised hope to travel abroad, bath after bath they enjoyed the shower with the expectation to enjoy their vehicle yet they forgot to pray and the Robbery spirit visited them and stole their steering and wheels. What a great way to start a bad day, giving an intruder a steering, that's astonishing, trusting the one you did not fed on the same nipple with. The ambience got amused and everything turned to the dark and the self dug pit crippled them all. Is this sleeping sickness or Sleeping apnea. What a devil!


tough 1 month ago

men need to teach their wives how to drive cars , now the man was forced to ask a stranger to drive his car and he gets mugged. Thank God him and his family escaped unhurt

ppp 1 month ago

so sad.pliz motorists stop offering strangers lifts you are risking your lives.Ngatigutsikane neshoma iyoyo

RedÔŁú 1┬ámonth ago

kuzoba battery neCar radio manje chete, vanhu so

Gwereveshe 1 month ago

Let's teach our family to drive kwete kuomera nesteering

Anonymous 1 month ago

Ndopaunotoona kuti Smith aiva nani, ungabva ku SA kuuya kuzorohwa car hijacking muZimbabwe kkkk huh chaora chinhu ichi

Ian Smith 1 month ago

I was better than ­čÉŐ

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