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Rwanda To Recruit 477 Zimbabwean Teachers By September

Rwanda To Recruit 477 Zimbabwean Teachers By September

Rwanda is set to recruit nearly 500 Zimbabwean teachers by September this year following a memorandum of understanding that was signed between both countries last year.

The MoU was signed after Rwanda’s leader, President Paul Kagame, told a delegation from Zimbabwe that Rwanda urgently needs “quality teachers”.

The agreement was reportedly drafted in two stages starting with a focus on the employment of Zimbabwean English and STEM teachers.

Speaking at the ongoing Zimbabwe-Rwanda Trade and Investment Conference in Harare, Rwanda Education Board (REB) Director-General Nelson Mbarushimana said:

On the MoU signed last year for an exchange of education personnel from Zimbabwe, we have so far started recruiting and we will have 477 teachers coming from Zimbabwe in September this year.

We have set up a recruitment committee specifically for this and the process is being done online.

He said the teachers would be placed in polytechnics and other higher learning institutions.

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Collins 3 months ago

yellow haidaro,electoral alliance mmmm fake news

Collins 3 months ago

yellow haidaro,electoral alliance mmmm fake news

Joe 3 months ago

KO ma results edu e A level anobuda riiniko

Collins 3 months ago

chimbogara wangu

identify 3 months ago

whilst there are not enough teaches in this country and you have some to spare

🤐 3 months ago

Kwasara kut platform ino ivhariswe zvakuita as if yakaisirwa kutukana chete.Ndozvinonetsera zvemahara vamwe vanenge vatowana mukana wekukonzeresa chete dai zvaibhadhariswa vasingadai.Tisiyei tiverenge murunyararo muchativharisira isu tisingakwanise kutenga data


Vax 3 months ago

Slave trade

Aiwa ka 3 months ago

Saka varume nevakadzi vakuru vanotobuda maSperms nekuzvarisa are wasting their time here on a free platform and making alot of noise vachiita zveGrade 1. @mthwakazi Republic haa grow up. Busy flooding our comments with your back and forth вullѕhít. Stop with this tribalist bullcrap, taneta nazvo. Not even one of you chose to be Shona or Ndebele, let alone Zimbabwean, it's fate. I wonder why muri kunetsana apa vanhu vacho vakaurayiwa ne Zanu PF, blame Zanu not Shona people directly. Shona people as extensive as they're had no control over what Zanu PF was doing at that time. So shut up and please keep wuiequiet. We want sensible human beings on this platform not childish banter, grow up. And that guy akanzi Street Lawyer or please shut up, hauzi kunakidza, you're bland. You're views are not noteworthy, nyarara hatinei nazvo.

doug 3 months ago

477 Educational bricks from Zimbabwe to build quality Rwandan education brick by brick!

Cable Guy 3 months ago

Well said so so sad for Zimbabwe mmmmmmhhh

MuPfungwe Chaiye 3 months ago

I don't know why people are giving much attention to this Mtwakhazi of a person and you know that what he is looking for. ATTENTION!!!!!!. Ignore him

Terminator 2 😎 3 months ago

Irivo iri rinongotisshona chinoshamisiri pakutaura ndebele chii .**** yako everymonth tinongonzwa iwe uchimama kutaura pano . **** wako wakaita sewa Monzvora .Uri **** chaiyo hauna kana zuva 1 raunotaura zvirinani hazvo.Mina ngakulela khonapho .Hangithethisi ama Shona khonapa .Ngiyaphila Lula lawo ama Shona ngabantu bayahla ngongu Nathan njengee ama ndebele havala mpondo .Uli Lema msila wakho wena tuvhiii .Khanda lakho.Uri mbwa chaiyo ilinja ingela msula .mahelani.😈😈😈😈😈😈 Satanist wemunhu gudo I wish u die today u devil u blame every one for someone ,s mistakes . Gukurahundi tangatisipo isu tanga tisati tazvarwa a lot happened back in history koivo mashoma akati makatora mombe dzedu nguva ya lobengula mukauraya madzinza edu back then how many **** were killed by Ndebele pple in Mzilikhazi ,s era how many **** were kidnapped inslaved and tortured.History back in time pple were uncivilized . Umuntu ngumuntu .In front of God we are equal these so called leaders most are not **** look at their surnames **** don't have such surnames .look at the present deplomates .Read about their history stop attacking **** .In 1980 look at the pple in forefront look at their surnames .But we say let's live together like 1 pple **** come from Joza,we have mozambiqaens,Zambian Ana chimwene , malawain pple . Congolese pple we don't harrass other nationals.Zim is the only country u can stay without being tormented . ideot shutup u can't make we **** fight against **** We voted CCC not wothuvhikhazi wakho .Devil son

continued 3 months ago

Mtwakazi need time to pray he woke.on the wrong side of the bed i wont let him contaminate me

continued 3 months ago

most tribalists i know are not educated. i lived overseas it was a luxury to hate another black person regardless of where they originated from.
Lets love one another so as Jesus Christ loved us.
Yes to share the love of God. We arent of this world all these things we fight for shall pass away our home is above.

gogo 3 months ago

i am surprised at mtwakazi chakuti chakuti, why are you so tribalistic, you surely need salvation.
its good to be in another country but youll always be on the fringes.
i love zim with all my heart.
i have been there i know what i am talking about.
bazazibonela ukuthi batetisa njani bona laba ma will be less 500 votes for ccc

Doctor 3 months ago

Zanu PF so

masvingo 3 months ago

a good move by Rwanda, it know the importance of Education to its citizens.

Mthwakazi republic president 3 months ago

recruit shonas because this is the country they originated from
these shonas came from rwanda searching for salt

yellowbone 3 months ago

uyu anopenga chete uyu ****rako iwe mthwakazi

cool 3 months ago

That Mthwakhazi president is a psych patient. Wats so special with your tribe. Some are busy working for the better of their live and u are busy preaching history .

Tesha 3 months ago

Why would they recruit uneducated person .I think u shud write ndebele textbooks that way u would help your people and our country

Briza 3 months ago

Wats ur point really...okunye uyatshiyel abalombono ongcono

007 3 months ago


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