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Rwanda Assures Citizens "Security Is Assured" Amid Claims Of Attacks By DRC

Rwanda Assures Citizens

The Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) has said it will continue to seek guarantees that cross-border attacks on Rwanda’s territory are stopped.

Rwanda said on Monday that it had requested a regional body to investigate the shelling of its territory by the military of the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and that the attack had injured several people and damaged property.

In a statement seen by Pindula News, RDF assured the Rwandan population that its security was guaranteed. Reads the statement:

PRESS RELEASE REF: RDF/MPR/A/10/05/22 Kigali, 14 June 2022

Rwanda Defence Force would like to inform the general public that the defence and security of the Rwandan population, as well as Rwanda’s territorial integrity, is assured and that the RDF will continue to seek guarantees that cross-border attacks on Rwanda’s territory are stopped.

Meanwhile, Congo is accusing Rwanda of aiding the M23 rebels that has been terrorising people. 

On Thursday, Congo accused Rwanda of sending 500 commandos in disguise into eastern Congo.

On Friday, the countries accused each other of firing rockets across their shared border. Congo’s army said one strike killed two Congolese children.

Congo’s accusations are part of an escalating dispute between the neighbours that have revived old animosities. Rwanda denies backing the M23 offensive.

DRC said Rwandan soldiers and artillery had supported attacks by the M23 rebel group Sunday, accusing Rwanda of seeking to occupy the Congolese border town of Bunagana.

DR Congo and Rwanda have had a strained relationship since the mass arrival in the republic of Rwandan Hutus accused of slaughtering Tutsis during the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

Kinshasa has regularly accused Rwanda of carrying out attacks on its territory and of backing armed groups there. 

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