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Rutendo Makuti, T Freddy Extortion Trial Date Set

Rutendo Makuti, T Freddy Extortion Trial Date Set

The trial of Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) radio presenter Rutendo Makuti on allegations of attempting to extort money from the leader of Goodness and Mercy Ministries Tapiwa Freddy been set for 8 September.

Makuti is expected to jointly appear with Chief Chikwaka (Witness Bungu), former police officer Gibson Jaji, and ZBC staffer Mutetepi Maushe.

Freddy was recently acquitted of raping Makuti.

The State alleges that when Makuti and Freddy were involved in a love affair, she allegedly started threatening him that if he did not meet her financial and material demands she would expose the affair to the public.

In August 2021, Freddy was summoned by Chief Chikwaka to his homestead for a meeting.

However, Freddy was tipped off that there might be some police officers who wanted to extort money from him and as a result, he left without entering the chief’s homestead.

On his way back to Harare, Freddy was allegedly stopped by police manning a roadblock along Mutoko Road just after the intersection near Chief Chikwaka’s homestead.

The police officers said they had been instructed by Inspector Jaji and Chief Chikwaka not to allow him to pass through.

The State further alleges that after a few minutes, two men arrived at the roadblock and introduced themselves as Chief Chikwaka and Inspector Jaji.

Inspector Jaji allegedly forcefully entered Freddy’s car and ordered him to drive to the Chief’s homestead.

The State alleged that Chief Chikwaka started accusing Freddy of raping Makuti.

The traditional leader allegedly accused Freddy of violating the traditions by having sexual relations with Makuti less than a year after the death of her husband.

Freddy was asked to pay a fine for violating traditions but refused to deal with the rape allegations since the police had to handle criminal cases.

The clergyman was allegedly pressured to promise to pay US$15 000 and three goats and promised to return on a later date with the items.

Chief Chikwaka allegedly told Freddy that if he failed to comply he would leak a video of him he had recorded to the public.

Inspector Jaji allegedly promised to track Freddy down in Harare if he failed to pay, and pick him up during his church services.

When they returned to Harare, Makuti allegedly asked Freddy to give her the money since she was the one who was involved with him.

She allegedly threatened that if he failed to give her the money she would expose their love affair to the public through someone called Tatelicious.

Out of fear, Freddy allegedly gave Makuti a Mercedes Benz E-250. Makuti demanded US$20 000 as compensation after she was insulted by Freddy’s secretary Nollen Mundawaro.

The other ZBC employee, Maushe, allegedly phoned Freddy that he had up to the end of the day to pay the US$20 000 and sign an acknowledgement that he had raped Makuti.

That was when Freddy decided to report the matter to the police.

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zbc 1 month ago

rutendo uyu achiri kushanda kuZBC here kune vanoziva tiudzeiwo

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Yes achiriko, ZBC inoda vanhu vane DNA yechitsotsi

Ano 1 month ago

Eh kariko hako

kz 1 month ago

ehe achiririkushan****

Parasite 1 month ago

Freedy ane hutsinye kukwira munhu akaremara

@mdara odza 1 month ago

makaremara pfungwa mdara

Mdara Odza 1 month ago

Saka munhu akaremara ndiye asingadewo kunakirwa here? Nothing wrong mukukwira munhu akaremara as long as mawirirana

spear 1 month ago

very talented mushamararDj Ruru

fs 1 month ago

unotimunhu akaremara haanzwe kudawo stonyi here

womanizer 1 month ago

Ruru anenge anonaka


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Akaremara hereguys ruru

Manyengavana 1 month ago

Ndichambomudana ku farm kwangu ambotamba nechinhu cha daddy...uuuuum but anenge akurisa, ndinonyanyoda tuma under under.

@ Parasite 1 month ago

That's stigmatisation.Munhu ane disability munhuwo atori nemafeelings just like you

john 1 month ago

ruru akaremara here guyz

Boyze 1 month ago

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Help 1 month ago

Vanhu musadaro disability does,nt mean inability

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