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"Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine Did Not Trigger The Crisis In Zimbabwe" - Peter Mutasa

The former President of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), Peter Mutasa has said the economic crisis in Zimbabwe was not triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mutasa, who is the chairperson of the Crisis In Zimbabwe Coalition, said a plummeting local currency and government interventions are all contributing to skyrocketing cost of living in Zimbabwe.

He said the state is choosing to run the economy through propaganda and not economic fundamentals. Mutasa said:

We can talk about the Ukraine invasion, we can talk about COVID-19, but all those came when we already had a crisis. A big crisis for that matter. So we are a state that is failing, and we are failing in all respects.

So both people, Zimbabweans within the country and those in the diaspora, especially those who are in the diaspora who are the main players in terms of keeping the economy going contributing almost a quarter of our budget through remittances and also covering the state’s failure to provide social protection, they are paying school fees of orphans, paying for medical care for the parents and for extended family.

So everyone is not taking the minister seriously. It is a pity that they want to run the economy through propaganda and not economic fundamentals.

He speaks after Finance and Economic Development Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube suggested that there was no crisis in the southern African country. When asked how the government plans to deal with the crisis, Ncube’s response was: “What crisis”?

His response comes when prices of basic commodities have been rising in local shops while some products are disappearing from shelves.

The Zimbabwe dollar is shedding value against the United States dollar and other currencies prompting workers across the board to demand payment of salaries in foreign currency.

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Tkt 2 months ago

Mutasa is very genuine here. A little is being done yes but the way things are hyped boggles the mind

Da truth 2 months ago

Russia and Ukraine began fighting in January .42 yrs ago was Russia and Ukraine fighting.Taimboti ma sunctions Esap era I wonder if we were under sunctions.Stop killing , looting and uniformed force brutality.

gogodera 2 months ago

mafuta 7us tobika nei nhai

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Very true, things were going up long before the war...

Mkanya 2 months ago

Nonsense are we the only country affected by this war, look at our neighbours in the region why are they not affected like us. Stupid zanu propaganda

Asalif 2 months ago

These guys implementations I think nothing is fruitful there was ESAP ,BACOSSI, VISION 2020 ,ZIMASSET,NDS1 now they are talking of again of 2030 all these generations died poor people , I think these blueprints were not affected by the Russia- Ukraine war

Joe Brownn 2 months ago

Mutasa just nailed it. Corruption, corruption and corruption is the source of our problems.


CCC 2 months ago

But what solutions do you have, apa you lost in the previous elections to a lady, what advice can we get from you as a nation. Economic crisis will never collapse a Government, those greed opposing forces are the one destroying our economy.

cde chipopi 2 months ago

Verenga bhaibheri unoona n****ondo ye mwana wa Noah(muporofiti) waakatuka nekuti akanga a seka baba varara vakadhakwa vasina kupfeka. Ndiro dzinza re vana vazhinji vemu Africa iroro.

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