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Russian Businessman Puts US$1 Million Bounty On Putin's Head

Russian Businessman Puts US$1 Million Bounty On Putin's Head

A Russian businessman, Alex Konanykhin, has put a US$1 million bounty on President Vladimir Putin’s head and asked Russian military officers to arrest him as a war criminal.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the crypto investor and California-based businessman said he will use his own funds for the bounty to “facilitate the denazification of Russia.” Said Konanykhin:

I promise to pay $1 000 000.00 to the officer(s) who, complying with their constitutional duty, arrest(s) Putin as a war criminal under Russian and international laws.

… As an ethnic Russian and a Russia citizen, I see it as my moral duty to facilitate the denazification of Russia.

I will continue my assistance to Ukraine in its heroic efforts to withstand the onslaught of Putin’s Orda.

He accused Putin of violating the Russian constitution by “eliminating free elections” and “murdering his opponents.”

Konanykhin said he has not visited Russia since 1992. He was granted political asylum in the US in 1999 but his asylum was revoked four years later.

His asylum status was reinstated in 2007.

Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine on Thursday last week, sending over 1 million Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Poland and Hungary, among other countries in just eight days.

More: Business Insider

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