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Russia-Ukraine War: Zimbabwe Evacuates Over 100 Students

Russia-Ukraine War: Zimbabwe Evacuates Over 100 Students

The government of Zimbabwe has evacuated over 100 students who were studying in Ukraine amid growing tensions between Kyiv and neighbouring Russia.

Some 200 students made a distress call following Russia’s attack on Ukraine on 24 February and the government indicated they would be assisted once they get to any third country including Moldova and Poland.

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Secretary, Nick Mangwana, announced Tuesday that the students have been relocated to other European countries. He wrote on Twitter:

To date 118 students have been relocated to the following safe places, Romania – 28, Hungary -15, -Slovakia -26, Poland – 49.

Tickets have been purchased for the first group of students who relocated to Poland.

Last week the Government said it had registered 256 Zimbabwean nationals who were stranded in the besieged country.

It also advised that it had dispatched an official to Poland to organise their stay in Poland and buy their tickets to Zimbabwe adding that all those who are stranded and wish to travel to Zimbabwe will be assisted.

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Mr treat her right 2 months ago

Well done government of Zimbabwe, We really appreciate

2 months ago


Tkt 2 months ago


i hope i find you all well. @Vybz ... you can say that again & AGAIN my bro

the Gvt actually made it clear before the students fled from Russia that they will pick tgem from neighbouring countries, The same way Ghana did to theirs

on the issue of DEVELOPMENT, only a fo'ol can not see that. however a community can be full of FO'OLS with only a pinch of those that can,see
Literaly i mean ZIM is in the right direction of achieving stability. very soon after realisation that thr government is not goung to back down on calls to redollarize you will see that our economy will start having confidence in the ZWL. Confidence is never an overnight thing so hapana hapana apa, RAMBA WAKA DZVANYA #ED na#Prof Vostro

Viva ZANU-PF Viva

Machiavelli 2 months ago

@Vladimir, usakwidzwe BP neuyo.

It is his Constitutional Right to be stupid

Gumunyu 2 months ago

As of the economy--you are simply singing for your supper..a matter of knowing where your bread is buttered..

Vladimir 2 months ago

it shows you know absolutely nothing about economics, in what way is zim dollar going to bring stabilization? I can agree that US is probably too strong for our economy, adopting the rand is a better idea but not RTGS

Misdemenour Kid 2 months ago

@Vybz OG
dont worry i read here and there and c can tell kuti ichi chiM-MBAsungata

Misdemenour Kid 2 months ago

@Wettle godarida ....

humwe hu**** so, saka i-OPPOSITION hr iri ktonga kuZAMBIA, zirema

@GhetoYut, Zimdollar & .....

muri NYI-NI dzakaora vafana imi, MBU-TU dzana mai venyu chaidzo

@Vybz ..... ndiwe wega munhu pane vese vaisa macomments apa so far,

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Pane chidhura chisiri ini

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

PAMBERI NE ZANU PF chete chete

John Chifamba 2 months ago

kutotumira an official from Zimbabwe. Basa rema embassy Ari ikoko kunana Poland or neighbouring countries nderei? kumwe kufunga so?

Bright 2 months ago

Iwe kubatsira akusi kwe embassy chte ka ko seapa maybe vawandirwa nezvekuita

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Iwe uri **** chairo wakamboenda kuchikoro?

Wettle godarida 2 months ago

Hapana chonozivikanwa Zambia zvaya nehuchi ....iruling party irikutonga here musati nyangadze vana.. .... kusaziva kwakafana nekufa

Mboko 2 months ago

Come again

Zimdollar 2 months ago

Zvimwe ndezvimwe Vybz Kartel i**** who does not know or does not want to know the truth on the ground. Sure ungati economy yeZimbabwe has turned around for the good. Hapana hututa hunodarika izvozvo, wake up chikomana from your tribalist attitude.

🙄 2 months ago

Did Zimbabwe "EVACUATE" the students or Zimbabwe is planning on arrangements to pick them from the countries they fled to? Surely, every man brags about his penis no matter how small.

Ghetto Yut 2 months ago

The students fled to neighboring countries on their own

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

@🙄, whatever name you answer to : Read again the article to get the pith of matter under discussion. Dzokororo inesimba mwana wamai.

FoolishDougie 2 months ago

Kkkki ggggg

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

Ko @ Ed Ko vaye vakafa ne Cyclone Idai Makadii kuvabatsira or rescue before vafa ... Hapana Peace and Stabirity yaunotaura . Basa rekuita rescue ma citizens ari 80 000 km away from Zim but pa Chimanimani unofoira

Bright 2 months ago

Haaaa iwe mvura hanty inoerekana yanaya her plus yakanzi irikuuya apana anenge achiziva kti ichanaya ine Simba rakadii

Avtomat Kalashnikova 2 months ago

thank you Zimbabwe embassy for the job well-done...

Hasha dza Darkseid 2 months ago

I appreciate the swift effort put in place by our govt to support our fellow Brothers and Sisters in Ukraine...
If only the same effort could be applied to fix our economy

Hasha Dza Darkseid 2 months ago

I know there has been favourable adjustments by Prof Mthuli but the bigger Giants still remains unslain..I remember the article said Mthuli implemented reforms that reduced inflation from 800% to 60.7%..As for me and the rest of citizen like me we still haven't felt this implementation..

El zorro 2 months ago

They are the ones who plunged this economy into **** and we are still in a stinking heap of black **** nekuda kwavo vauri kuti "VAMWE" ivavo, so what you are saying is out of are a misguided my friend.about being in the top 10 or whatever,how were they classified?Nyika hauzi kuiona here or your sympathies are just misplaced.

Emerson robert 2 months ago

If you study Economics further Mr Vybz , there is a say in Economics " neither a Budget surplus nor Budget deficit is health to any Economy. why? and How?

A Budget surplus means the gvt is not spending and also charging high taxes which is not good. Budget surplus can also be defined as gvt expendi less taxes . So none of deficit or surplus is good .

2 months ago

Anonymous 2 months ago

Well done His Excellency
Its not kushora as such bt takaora moyo kare the whole country has plunged into poverty n worse iwewe @Vybz Kartel haushandi....prepare change is at hand🟡💛✌️💯

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

@Hasha dza Darkseid, I am pretty sure you haven't been monitoring the performance of our economy for some time. Just in case you missed an article which appeared recently in most printed and online news publications, our own Prof Nthuli Ncube was ranked among the top performing Finance Ministers in Africa. To this end, our progress as a country in terms of turning around the economy is widely acknowledged by respected economists across the globe, especially in countries like the UK, Australia, Germany, etc. Only people like you have chosen to ignore,neglect or refuse (to see) the positive things about our economy to this day - such as improvements in the following economic fundamentals : GPD, Balance of payment(BOP) equilibrium, Currency reforms, Budget surplus achieved in the last fiscal year, etc. Musangoshora zvaitwa nevamwe just because you belong to the opposition !!

Pfee 2 months ago

Vote CCC!!!! Itai mushe 😂😂

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

I am grateful for the swift response by H.E President E D Mnangagwa through his government for facilitating the safe evacuation of Zimbabweans who were studying in Ukraine. Thank you, Your Excellency.

2 months ago

Yellow 2 months ago

Shuwawo ungavhoterawo zanu pf chaizvoizvo hunge dzakuta😂😂😂😂

Sasha 2 months ago

Vachena ndivo vakaita ugone kunyora, even phone, zvese mhani you can't do anything pasina vanhu vaye ndivo vakavaka nyika, vakasiya kune Tara muroad now kwave nemadam mumaroad ummmy

Jack Bauer 2 months ago

ZANU liberated zim from the oppressors, we thank them for that.. What we now need is a complete revolution which can only be done nemukomana #NHM

2 months ago

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Yes, tovhotera ZANU PF. Kuti ukwanise kunyora zvauri kuita pano paPindula iZANU PF yakaita kuti nyika iwuye mumawoko evanhu vatema, otherwise dai ZANU PF isina kusunungura nyika ino kana foni dai usina izvozvi, news wainzwa paka radio kanenge briefcase. Chamisa neCCC yake vari kuda kudzosera nyika kuvachena. We say no to that, we will defend our country by voting for ZANU PF . VOTE ZANU PF for economic empowerment, total sovereignty and prosperity - as we move towards attaining the 2030 VISION.

Tkt 2 months ago

chero vakaku shorai havana basa ava

Venom 2 months ago

Apa magonawo but vote CCC

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