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Russia Cuts Off Gas Supplies To Bulgaria, Poland In Row Over Payments In Roubles

Russia Cuts Off Gas Supplies To Bulgaria, Poland In Row Over Payments In Roubles

Russia’s state-owned energy company, Gazprom, has halted gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland.

Gazprom, Russia’s main natural gas supplier, completely cut off gas supplies to the two countries after they refused to make payments in roubles (the Russian currency).

In a statement, the company said it will not resume gas supplies until Sofia and Warsaw comply with the new terms.

Gazprom also warned that if Bulgaria and Poland draw off Russian transit gas intended for other countries, it will reduce supplies by the amount Sofia and Warsaw would have illegally withheld.

In a statement released on Wednesday, 26 April, Gazprom said both companies were notified before the gas supplies were cut off. Gazprom said:

… as of the end of the working day on 26 April, Gazprom Export had not received ruble payments for gas deliveries in April from the companies “Bulgargaz” (Bulgaria) and PGNiG (Poland).

Russia President Vladimir Putin decreed on 31 March that nations which have imposed sanctions on Russia and are still importing its gas should make payments in roubles.

Western countries imposed sanctions on Russia after it invaded Ukraine on 24 February this year in violation of the United Nations Charter.

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nzunzu 1 week ago

u are right chief nemauyu

pumura 2 weeks ago

next you will hear zvakunzi lets use rubles (rubbles) here in Zim kkkkkkk hanty the other time vakambotaura zvema yen ¥

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

No Rtgs$ no gas 😂 go Putin Go, we are tired of being made to fight each other by the west.

Sir Zimbabwe 2 weeks ago

I'm fully behind supporting 'NATO' gang, I wish Ukraine to the WIN this ****en war

☢️ 2 weeks ago

Ukraine my ASS Russia ndoirikuhwinha


Freda 2 weeks ago

Smart move otherwise the Russian currency ino donha.Tat is wat is suppose to happen with our exports.

Blabber 2 weeks ago

Gore rino wanochemedzwa naPutin 😂😂

Chief Nemauyu 2 weeks ago

Russia is not the world. Putin is forcing other countries to befriend him.

Maseko 2 weeks ago

Wish dai wakaendawo kuxool wena uchinzwisisa kuti zvofamba sei. Sorry hako nekutadza kusvika grade 7 washairwa mari

So what 2 weeks ago

Just like the US

freedom 2 weeks ago

sanctions on Russia are sanctions on the world.

pumura 2 weeks ago

dai mangoita world war yacho zvipere

☢️ 2 weeks ago

taura hako kwete mahumbwe aya pfuti ngadzirire zviri srs

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