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Rural Teachers Rally Behind Fired Nurses’ Union Leader

Rural Teachers Rally Behind Fired Nurses’ Union Leader

The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has condemned the sacking of the Zimbabwe Professional Nurses Union (ZPNU) president over trade unionism.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care on Monday, 15 August 2022, fired ZPNU president, Robert Chiduku from Gweru Provincial Hospital.

Chiduku was axed on allegations of conducting union business at his workplace without the employer’s consent. He has seven days to appeal the decision.

Reacting to Chiduku’s dismissal, ARTUZ said the decision disregards domestic and international labour laws. It said:

The callous targeting and firing of the Nurses Union leader in blatant disregard of domestic and international labour statutes.

Section 65 of Zimbabwe’s constitution guarantees and protects the right of workers to self-organise and protect in defence of their interests.

The government of Zimbabwe has clearly adopted an anti-worker position in total disregard of the social contract with the citizens of Zimbabwe.

We, therefore, make this call, in support of our comrades who are targeted as we are targeted.

Trade Unions, workers’ bodies, organisations and citizens who believe in labour justice freedom and democracy openly condemn the firing of Chiduku and demand his reinstatement.

ARTUZ leader Obert Masaraure was also arrested last month over what the union calls trumped-up charges of murdering his colleague in 2016 and spent over two weeks in remand prison.

Chiduku is one of the many nurses and union leaders who were summoned by the Ministry of Health and Childcare for disciplinary hearings for allegedly participating in unsanctioned industrial action.

Nurses alongside doctors often embark on industrial action motivated by poor working conditions, low remuneration and shortages of essential medical equipment.

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Morgan Zimtec 1 month ago

Since " we condemn this" ichigumira zvayo pa social media government has nothing to worry about

the Zebra 1 month ago

Be careful Mr Masaraure vamwe uriteacher we Ndebele kanashona chete ukadzingwa unoendepi Ku Ruwanda vanoda o mostly Ma Science teachers , Unozohukura urimumakomo kure nevanhu .

eddy 1 month ago

masaraure us a qualified tutor ndaauye kucollege kwangu kuOcean Wave ndinomuda we will sustain him our fees are 250usd per term pavana 10 its 2500 tofa nemari iweeeeee

Gafa 1 month ago

Don't worry unodzoka kubasa next year zvobhadhara kwete katsi dzeZanu idzi nxaa

pk 1 month ago

takambochiitawo chibasa ichi tikaona kuti hachibhadhare tikachirega. ko iwe unodireyi kuzvimanikidzira pabasa risingabhadhare.

The King of Serpents 1 month ago

Ndiro rinenge riripo. It's better than kugara kumba.

Mshayazafe 1 month ago

The issue of teachers remuneration itambudziko pamwoyo wangu. Ticha ofurwa na garden boy arikutambira 120 USA, zvinoita ere?

//////////////// 1 month ago

There will always be a garden-boy somewhere on earth earning more than a teacher.By the way it's pretty useless to spend time complaining on Pindula about teachers salaries instead of actually going out there and doing something about it.

pk 1 month ago

ngaaiye teaching haibhadhare. better kuita garden boy becoz garden boy akadzidziswa nateacher kuita gardening zvichibva zvabhadhara. basa ra teacher kudzidzisa vanhu zvinobhadhara iye achiwana liiiiiii


1 month ago

Ratidzai kti matsamwa

::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 1 month ago

Basa iri haribhadhare zvaro, but if you are smart you will do well.

mkoba mkoba 1 month ago

Vave ve politics ava

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