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RTGS Salaries A Govt Strategy To Keep Civil Servants Poor - Mushoriwa

RTGS Salaries A Govt Strategy To Keep Civil Servants Poor - Mushoriwa

Dzivarasekwa MP Edwin Mushoriwa (MDC Alliance) says the Government is intentionally keeping civil servants poor by paying them in local currency.

Speaking in the National Assembly during the debate of Finance Bill, Mushoriwa accused the Government of hypocrisy saying it claims to be pro-poor yet it is deliberately keeping its workers poor. He said:

The RTGs is no longer a currency of choice. We may keep it because we want to make sure that our civil servants remain poor but it is ironic that a government that talks of pro-poor would want its workers to remain poor.

No wonder why Mr Speaker Sir, you would find that corruption will continue. If you pretend to be taking care of your own workers, they will also pretend to be working.

Right now, as we are speaking Mr Speaker, you have got Parliament staff who at the end of the day is going to be paid in RTGs but they are today at this hour working for this nation.

Most goods and services in the country are being charged in US dollars, including in government institutions such as the issuance of passports.

Civil servants have been pushing for US dollar salaries but the Government has refused to entertain the idea on the pretext that it does not have the resources.

This year the Government paid bonuses in foreign currency but Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube made it clear that salaries will continue to be paid in Zimbabwe dollars (RTGS dollars).

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White boy 99 5 months ago

This government of Kaffirs is clueless.We need white leaders for starters to restore lost glory.Viva Rhodesia!

Chapwititi 5 months ago

123 usadaro,tineCurrency here?Mahumbwe arikuitwa ayo.Muzimbabwe so far hatina currency baba.

Mr ndhlumbi 5 months ago

Ita mushe iwe. Rtgs no

123 5 months ago

I admit that. But the USD solution is not sustainable. I personally believe everyone in the banking sector must be fired so we can start the whole thing afress. In fact everyone in gvt. But we will still need a domestic currency


Madala Banda 5 months ago

Saka vakaita poor munowanei

Do that 5 months ago

Tinovana Rtgs in Bonds then zw$

Mutoriro 5 months ago

We cannot even haveourmoneypaid in cash eben the rtgs so that we can find bargains

Mutoriro 5 months ago

Vanhu ava malukaz mahippocrtes chaiwo ivo vanobhadharwane mema USD ED is paid 20000cash chiwenga 20000usd futi mtuli another 20000usd

Unifier General 5 months ago

Stage managed

123 5 months ago

People need to understand that Zimbabwe will never be truly wealthy and independent without using its own currency. This is a fact not an opinion. If you look at the top 100 wealthiest countries they have and control their own currency.
I never understood the obsession with Forex. The gvt must just increase the purchasing power of the zim dollar and everything will work itself out

Four 5 months ago

123 haana economics or even commerce dzaanoziya uko. Does he even kno the characteristics of money? Point yaari kutaura iyo ndiyo yavanoitwa brainwashed with their superiors kuti USD hariiti. Let him first study books on economics first. He cant even see wat is happening on how gvt is charging its services RTGS & BOND hariite

Economist 5 months ago

123 I thought we are using local currency the reality is people lost confidence long time ago in RTGS/ZW individuals are rationale will seek a unit that can store their value its normal behaviour to seek a better alternative

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