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Rough Start: 2022 Census Enumerators Threaten To Boycott The Exercise

Rough Start: 2022 Census Enumerators Threaten To Boycott The Exercise

The 2022 Census got to a rough start on Thursday amid reports of a shortage of equipment, poor communication patterns and discontent among enumerators who threatened to boycott the exercise over non-payment of allowances. visited some ZIMSTAT centres across the capital and observed that several enumerators were still to obtain IDs and uniforms on the day of commencement.

The enumeration process started on Wednesday just after midnight but by 10 am, several enumerators at a centre in the Glen View were still stranded, with no one to address them in the obtaining situation.

They told that they were yet to be addressed by the officials running the process. 

Highly placed sources within the statistics agency reported critical shortages of data capturing gadgets, prompting some provinces to instruct enumerators to go back home as they were disabled to collect the information amid reports that the equipment was yet to be allocated. Said one ZIMSTAT insider:

We were let down by the shortage of tablets so enumerators are few on the ground. The gadgets have since arrived and are currently being provisioned at the head office. But truth be told we were ill-prepared for this census.

A number of the enumerators who spoke to complained over the non-payment of their allowances with some threatening to hold on to the gadgets as well as downing tools if payments are not processed any time soon.

Some enumerators also complained about ZIMSTAT’s decision to cut their allowances from US$78 per day to US$47.

Contacted for comment over the allegations, ZIMSTAT spokesperson, Mercy Chidemo dismissed the equipment shortages allegations.

She said the enumeration process started as planned at midnight adding, “The cut back we have experienced on enumerators was just from those officials who were enumerating floating population from midnight till morning needing to rest as well.”


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Chawabvunza 3 months ago

There is no smoke where there is no fire. What this chaos interprets to is that some arrogant enumerators shall knowingly record wrong numbers. This means that this year's census shall not be relied upon. It shows incompetence by the in-charge of ZIMSTART. How can incumeraters be deployed without important gadgets. This is the most disorganized census I have come about since our indepence in 1980.


Real 3 months ago

Vote CCC yakarongeka😉😉😉😉

ccc 3 months ago

ndopanotangira rigging ipapo go and register to vote for CCC ngaapinde mkomana

teku 3 months ago

kunyepa uku kwawo chete ndokusina zvakakwana kumwe tiri kushanda wani ummm taurai chokwadi

redious 3 months ago

wakapusa mufana zvaukutaura zvakafanana nekuti some are sleeping on an empty stomach,some are homeless,nonrentals,no fees iwe ukufamba uchiti vangu varikuboarding hatizvizive kuti

cde chokwadi 3 months ago

kwavo ndokune zvazvisiko Imi be zanu makaoiwa kuti muverengane henyu vagonyepei IPO pane office yapindura kuti xvokwadi zvinhu kwakusina zvekushandisa

Mwonzora 3 months ago

CCC ngachipinda hake mukomana zvataida takakonewa 3 months ago

this type of operation is so poor but why Zimbabwe why us I cry for my beautiful Zimbabwe 😭😭😭


macj 3 months ago

This exercise is normally done by professionals,why youth.Something fishy

reky 3 months ago

so huprofessional hunokuti ufambe usina tablet for data capture?
zvauri do fo makuruwani
teachers whi are enumerators u mean they are unprofessional?

Bonzo 3 months ago

Vanonyanya kunyepera nyika kuti zvese zvakarongeka mbavha dzevanhu CCC chete come 2023 PaYellow ipapo

regy 3 months ago

bamnini pindula ndabva kuglenview 1 ,gv2,gv3 i met many enumeratirs doing their job they have BEEBS tablets,notebiok,pen they are good and very happy
glenview yamukutaura kuti akuna proper equiped & men power ndekup dakukuchaya ngemabwe iwewe

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