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Rosa 10 Mine Loses 375 Litres Of Diesel To Armed Robbers

Rosa 10 Mine Loses 375 Litres Of Diesel To Armed Robbers

Police have arrested two suspects in connection with a robbery incident at Rosa Mine in Chiweshe where suspects stole 375 litres of diesel and 7 tonnes of gold ore.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) national spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, confirmed the incident which took place on 24 June 2022. He said:

Police in Chombira arrested Tawanda Kedius Takaendesa (38) and Takesure Motsi (32) in connection with a case of robbery which occurred at Rosa 10 Mine, Chiweshe.

The suspects, together with one Lawrence Shereni, still at large, pounced at the mine while armed with an unidentified pistol and fired one shot before calling a group of unknown male adults to invade the mine.

They allegedly vandalised floodlights at the mine and chased away the security guards before stealing 375 litres of diesel and seven tonnes of gold ore.

The security guards apprehended the two suspects, and the police impounded a Mercedes-Benz (AFK 8474) and a BMW (AFA 9417) they used in committing the offence.

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bishu 1 month ago

If they were arrested at the scene its attempted robbery. Where then is the diesel and the ore

gery 1 month ago

diesel rakatorwa neCid they sold 3drums to Mhisva th guy with mining claims in Jumbo,diesel iro ravanyora ishoma police yakatora madrums neFord Ranger ikaisa kwaMhizha ikat we dnt want money unozotipa gold,so gape riripo Mhizha anema claims so arikushandisa dhiziri kupomba mvura mumine nekuisa pama Oam pam ake mapurisa acho pana Surgent Mukurazhizha,Inspector Kangani ,Ivy Rakatsinzwa ariku CID

Ndikoko 1 month ago

You're 100% right

1 month ago

­čî´ŞĆ­čî´ŞĆ­čî´ŞĆ 1┬ámonth ago

So the other gang which was called are not thieves and they're not wanted. Only one is still at large????

Apathy the Psycho 1 month ago

After the heist, l take a bath in gasoline. Why not? We all wanna smell rich, don't we?

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