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Roman Abramovich Denies Demanding Back £1.6bn Loan He Gave To Chelsea

Roman Abramovich Denies Demanding Back £1.6bn Loan He Gave To Chelsea

Roman Abramovich, Chelsea owner, has denied reports that he demanded that a £1.6bn loan he gave to Chelsea be repaid as part of the club’s sale. Abramovich’s spokesperson said:

Following speculation in media in relation to the sale of Chelsea FC, we would like to clarify the following points… Firstly, Mr Abramovich’s intentions in relation to gifting the proceeds from the Chelsea sale to charity have not changed.

Since the initial announcement, Mr Abramovich’s team has identified senior representatives from UN bodies and large global charitable organizations who have been tasked with forming a Foundation and setting out a plan for its activities. The lead independent expert has had conversations with Government representatives presenting the structure and initial plans.

Mr Abramovich has not been involved in this work and it has been managed independently by experts with years of experience working in humanitarian organizations.

Secondly, Mr Abramovich has not asked for any loan to be repaid to him – such suggestions are entirely false – as are suggestions that Mr Abramovich increased the price of the Club last minute. As part of Mr Abramovich’s objective to find a good custodian for Chelsea FC, he has however encouraged each bidder throughout this process to commit investing in the Club – including in the Academy, Women’s team, necessary redevelopment of the stadium as well as maintaining the work of Chelsea Foundation.

Following sanctions and other restrictions imposed on Mr Abramovich by the UK since announcing that the Club would be sold, the loan has also become subject to EU sanctions, requiring additional approvals. That means that the funds will be frozen and subject to a legal procedure governed by authorities. These funds are still earmarked for the Foundation. The Government are aware of these restrictions as well as the legal implications.

To be clear, Mr Abramovich has no access or control of these funds and will not have any access or control of these funds following the sale. Despite the changing circumstances since his initial announcement – he remains committed to finding a good custodian for Chelsea FC and making sure the proceeds go to good causes.

-Spokesperson for Mr Abramovich

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tereseru 2 weeks ago

Phone Mr Abramovich, and he will give you mari ye airtime ne free handset. But the handset is subject to tax na Professor Vostro.

Ndini Ndadaroo 2 weeks ago

muCCC uwuuu wotambura wena. Asi Chamisa is not giving you airtyme? We always preach kuti it's never too late to join Zpf. Unopiwa everything at the expense of poor CCC supporters. Go and register to vote Cde and vote Zpf. I personally assure you that come 2030 you won't be poor like this ucikwereta airtyme ye Telecel!

frrr 2 weeks ago

unokwereta sei ne telecel

Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

This Roman Abramovich guy is very rich. The proceeds from the sale of Chelsea Football Club shall go to the formation of a Foundation and other charitable organisations. His team has already got in touch with UN representitives and global charity organisations. He is only concerned about finding a good owner for the club.


Asalif 2 weeks ago

he is opting for a donation because taking take money to himself is difficult that funds will be frozen it's good as he still gets nothing sell or no sell absolutely nothing this is just transfer of ownership but no financially I see it coming frozen on signing


madzidaddy 2 weeks ago

musa tukane mazimba tiri kuziva kt makazvimbiswa ne zvirikuitika anyway dirai rizare🤣🤣🤣

🥃🍾 2 weeks ago

💪💪💪💪 Britain

dillah 2 weeks ago

panyo penyu Asalif

Asalif 2 weeks ago

asi uri Chelsea supporter manje Britain yakadira rikazara🥃🍾

🍹🍾 2 weeks ago

isai Ma,,,,,, and...... zvigoverengeka zvakanaka

Asalif 2 weeks ago

do you see what Putin of yours is causing to mankind look billion pounds under sunctions that monies are being frozen anyura uyo ngakande nuclear weapons dzake kuUK tione arakashwe ne#2 in nuclear weapons in the world unofemeswa moto

The King of Serpents 2 weeks ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂 Putin akangoshandisa nuclear, he knows kuti it will be suicide. A nuclear war may be a 3rd world war but world war 4 ticharwa nematombo nezvimiti.

samba dija 2 weeks ago

mface ane mari hey anyways dai club rikaenderera Mari team yakabaiwa....

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