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Robert Mugabe Jr Eyes Zvimba West Seat In 2023 | Report

Robert Mugabe Jr Eyes Zvimba West Seat In 2023 | Report

The late former President Robert Mugabe’s son, Robert Junior, is reportedly set to contest for the Zvimba West National Assembly seat in the 2023 general elections.

The report comes after Mugabe attended what appears to be President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s final campaign rally before the 26 May by-elections on Wednesday in Chitungwiza.

Zim Morning Post reported a source as saying the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Ziyambi Ziyambi, who currently holds the Zvimba West seat, will give up the seat to Mugabe and be elevated to the Senate. Said the source:

Mugabe is expected to contest for Zvimba West Constituency in 2023. Ziyambi Ziyambi is expected to give up the seat and be elevated to a senator to pave the way for Mugabe.

The plans are already in motion. Soon the former President’s son will be familiarised with structures to prepare him to contest for the seat.

Speaking at the ZANU PF rally held at Chaminuka Primary School in St Mary’s, Chitungwiza yesterday, Mugabe declared that he was ZANU PF to the core. He said:

It’s like the family’s tradition. Since I was born all I know was ZANU PF. I am a ZANU PF child born in ZANU PF so it’s only right that I continue the legacy.

President Mugabe was removed from power in a military coup in November 2017 and died “a bitter man” nearly two years later in Singapore.

Before his death, Mugabe reportedly instructed his close family members that he did not want to be buried at the National Heroes Acre because he didn’t want his “tormentors” to sing and preside over his funeral.

He was eventually buried at his rural home in Zvimba, in Mashonaland West Province.

However, traditional leaders have been pushing for Mugabe’s exhumation and reburial but his family is resisting the move.

More: Zim Morning Post

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king 1 month ago

pfuma yekuba inozvimbira

1234 👵 1 month ago

fukunyurai Mugabe tipise mapfupa ake

🚩 1 month ago

Finally has ED has got a nice chance to dig out Mugabe from the grave and take that Monomotapa tsvimbo


new kingz 2 months ago

**** you atimbokuvhotere kwaZvimba kanganwa hako

new kingz 2 months ago

**** you atimbokuvhotere kwaZvimba kanganwa hako

chahototo 2 months ago

Dai auya ku CCC mbiti dze CCC dzichifara kutaura kuno. let him exercise vhis democratic right, not everyone is obligated to be a CCC supporter. Imi itai zve party yenyu motisiya toita zvedu, Even if we bus the whole country to our rallies zvinei nemi, kana tisina ma supporters like you say, let's meet kuma elections chete.
Vote Zanu Pf

Him007 2 months ago

siyai mwana atsigire bato raanoda, there is no legal obligation watsoever tht if mugabe senior hated Zanu at time of death then his son should hate it too

cit 2 months ago

anozviti muchakaka uye brain dzake is a heap of heaped human defection why long winding meaningless ,no or less factual composition napa zvaunonyora zvacho dololo kukaka whats th dustbin staff

Bress Pumura 2 months ago

Zvauya sei izvozvo dacall racall nhaika

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

The Young Man is a G40 project. ED knows it and he is egging the kid on just to extract information & to find out who the remaining G40 members are & what they are planning. In any case the Gushungo Dairy Empire is crumbling and money is fast depleting because these prodigal sons spend like madmen. But Mugabe's sons are not leadership material. They are playboys who may tarnish the image of the Ruining Party. But ley it all play out. We will be watching.

Wiseman 2 months ago

You speak truth. Their mother controls those boys like creche toddlers. Whatever they do is G4O and I'm happy ED has let them in to destroy the party from within. CCC is the future and after winning we're going after all their ill-gotten wealth, including ED and all Zanu PF oligarchs/elites

Shumba Mhonda 2 months ago

Protecting the looted wealth

scorpion CCC ☝️ 2 months ago

chisingapere chinoshura Sandi ndimi maiti muri imba yehushe ana ED tumbwa ko zvinozvaenda nepi....mfana watoona kuti pride adziunze food patafura mese naAmai vako ukashingirira you became a president because kune mumwe weimba yekwenyu anofanira kutonga Zimbabwe zvekare

magobido 2 months ago

VYBZ KATEL chiikowo chaungatiudza mwana we**** wakahurwa

Nyoka Longo 2 months ago

The bane of African politics, political positions become hereditary and subject to elitist pacts. The electorate are shepherded to accept a certain candidate even if they have their own preferences, brothers, cousins, nephews are imposed and ppl are cajoled to accept. African politics is f****d up

mike 2 months ago

kkkkkkkk naiwo ma Icecream amaidya awooo

cute 2 months ago

meana webonga haisi shumba zviri pachena kuti Grace ndiye akudzoka nezita remwana uyu nekuti madiro anoita mbanje mfana uyu hapana zvinozikanwa kunze kwebonde chete

Thula Msindo 2 months ago

Robert Junior is a handsome dude. I wish he would marry me and we have handsome sons like him and beautiful daughter like his sister Bona🤗
But here he wants to waste that beauty in politics. Hayi hayi haibooooo.🐩Hey Wena, Robert,Thula Msindo🦍

Bress Pumura 2 months ago

Zvimbaz muri garooooo chairo

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

Get a masturbation . Thats all you can get from him

Thank you

D 2 months ago


D 2 months ago


Even if you love him . You're goingto wrote with those hormones or nyere.
Your Nyere is going to stink very soon if you dont get a f u c k by someone who loves you and also available @Zvimbazi. This guy @Robert Jr will never know you or what.

Thula Msindo 2 months ago

@D, are you his sperms that you protest being wasted on me🙄 Thula Msindo🦍

Thula Msindo 2 months ago

😏Whatever. Yiyeke Lento. I am in love, l am in love even if l am a fatt loving cunt. I like madora more. And all of you are not my type. Only Robert Junior is🐩 Thula Msindo, l repeat🦍

D 2 months ago

And neither will he waste his sperms on a fatt loving cunt.

Thula Msindo 2 months ago

Obvy ka how can we have kids if we don't go yeke yeke? Yeke yeke yake l think is like a lunchbar choccolate🤗
🐕Nawe Thula Msindo nxiiii🦍

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

I love you Thula Msindo but i dont have cash.When we are married after having Kids , we buy them cellphones with econet lines . So that they support mom and daddy on Pindula.


Kyiv 2 months ago

Mwana we nyoka inyoka

Chazezesa 2 months ago

That's his democratic right but hei they don't learn these kids this mess we are in zimbabwe is due to his father I would rather completely refuse with my vote for him

Sisi Jenny 2 months ago

Kaboys aka hakambogari ku Zanu, kanoda happy zvekuti bhee. Kanenge kakabatirwa electric cable na Dr. Stop It. But manje manje kanenge kave ku youth party CCC.

CCC Youth 2 months ago

Hatikade and we actually want to go after all the wealth his parents stole from our country for 37 years

Mafia 2 months ago

mafana wapindawo here? hesi mafana

Ndimba Ndimba 2 months ago

Kana baba vakafa vari mbavha vabira nyika hazvirevi kuti newe chiitawo mbavha,unosungwa. Ari kuitiswa neZanu mfana uyu baba vake naiye hazvina kufanana.

2 months ago

❎☝️ 2 months ago

Nyoka haizvari dzvinyu

🙆🙆🙆🙆 2 months ago

Stay away from Politics Mupfana

field a strong candidate ipapa Tika chemedze ka Benzi aka

Our Zim 2 months ago

Regai mwana aitewo zvaanoda ingawani mwana waTsvangirai newaMnangagwa vaiita zvePolitics.Plus pfuma zhinji yevanhu veZanu pf yakawanikwa neCorruption including yaiye mugabe saka to secure that wealth unofanira kutsigira musangano cz ukatuka musangano vanokutorera zvimwe

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 2 months ago

Not surprising. They are still enjoying and will continue to enjoy. Uncle Bob died a bitter man but not a he had not repended of anything. He never showed remorse for inflicting KUKAKA on the masses. He still died a selfish man. Even F.W. DeKlerk of SA left a video admiting he was wrong as an apartheid president. Zvaitova nani.
Right now dai vatori Dr Amai-Grace vari kukonzeresa bongozozo trying to join CCC as Khupe is doing then we would say they had really changed stance as Uncle Bob, in his bitterness, wanted people to believe and sympathise with him.
R.G Junior has freedom to choose and follow through with what he wants as any Zimbabwean should but people should not be surprised. Haasi kupandukira baba vake nooo. He is continuing the Bob Legacy and this should teach us never to sympathise with people who are responsible for their KAKING when it is their time to KAKA as well. Ari kutongwavhira mhuri yake nekuchengetedza amai vake so.
Chasara fukunurai mapfupa aende pakaenda evamwe kkkk.
Pasi nevanozvinga ivo chete nemhuri dzavo at the expense of the masses. Pamberi nedonzvo regutsaruzhinji. Pamberi negolden future.

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 2 months ago

@King Kong-okay l will work on that so that maziso ako HAAZOKAKI as you try to read through. Gutsa ruzhinji.

King Kong 2 months ago

Baba munozo mbunyikidza imi. Spacing vakomana spacing.
Ma composition aya anoda spacing

Zvazvanga zvingori 2 months ago

Wakudhomoka mfana,uchaiona kuparara kuchaita pfuma yakabiwa nababa wako.They want you close to them so they gather as much information as possible,once done muchazonditaurira.Now vaona kuti Mai vacho inhinhi havanzwe

Chahototo 2 months ago

This boy should just stay away from politics and enjoy the money his father stole for him

Vbyz Kartel 2 months ago

Foot steps of a dictator reloaded, spirit of an autocratic exorcised.

Obey 2 months ago

Uri**** iwe

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