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Robert Chapman Is A Clown, Says Mliswa

Robert Chapman Is A Clown, Says Mliswa

Norton MP Temba Mliswa (Independent), has criticised what he considers political opportunists who come from nowhere just before elections, saying they take the electorate for granted.

Mliswa claimed that Zimbabwe’s political arena “has become a field of dull people” who really do not care about the welfare of the people.

The former ZANU PF Mashonaland West chairman identified Democratic Union of Zimbabwe (DUZ) leader, Robert Chapman and the former leader of the Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA) Nkosana Moyo as some of the politicians who emerged out of nowhere with nothing to offer. Below is Mliswa’s full thread on Twitter:

It’s unfortunate for us as a country when clowns continuously emerge from bushes on the eve of elections and start showering the public with effervescent nonsense about what they will do when they win.

Do these people understand that politics is about people’s lives?

That’s why our politics, in Parliament and Councils, has become a field of dull people some of whom don’t even know what is going on.

It’s all a game to them they have no serious regard for the interests of the people. But as happens in anything, a clown will also get followers.

Politics is about power& wealth distribution. If we are a people who continuously entertain adventurists, flexing their middle-age fantasies, where are we going?

Serious politicians should be looking to maximize where there is strength to provide a formidable alternative.

Somebody like @DrivenChapman has never been a Councilor or MP, jets in from the blue, has no party & no structure, and starts promising to rule the country.

How do we entertain such characters seriously if serious about our country? It’s all a pastime to him& he knows it himself!

Dr Nkosana Moyo had a mile better political portfolio and emerged just like this. How did he perform?

It shows the futility of such middle-aged expeditions. It’s a waste of time, people’s hopes, and an obscene ridicule of the efforts of all those in the trenches for long.

Politics isn’t a circus. Of course, you can be a clown & have an audience of your own happy clappers.

It’s like POLAD. Filled with Chapmans. What has it achieved? Zilch. It’s a waste of taxpayers’ money.

They have abused their democratic right to be a burden on the whole nation.

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Ganyani 4 days ago

Apo wataura chokwadi Temba

Worzell Gummidge 4 days ago

Ah. Kweteka. Apa ndinopokana newe hama yangu. Nyika ndeyedu tose. Kunyange vatakavenga vane kodzero yekukwikwidza mumutambo wematongerwo enyika. Ndiyo inonzi the right to political participation. Freedom of Assembly & Association ikodzero dzinochengetedzerwa munhu wose mubumbiro remutemo.

Apa vaMliswa varatidza kuti havasi democratic uye havasi tolerant. Ndiwo mamukiro evadzvanyiriri vanozviti isu tisu chete tine kodzero yekuita zvematongerwo enyika. Political participation should have no gate-keepers.

VaChapman havana chavatadza. Kana vakadyiwa imhosva yavo. Asi regai vaedzewo zvinoitwa nevamwe. Remember: all politicians are opportunists & parasites.

4 days ago

Somehow if opposition are created in number it means less voters for MDC and CCC

I love my Country 4 days ago

Given time, Chapman is better than Chamisa. Have been closely following him lately and another sign that's he's good is the noise being made on him.

@i love my country 4 days ago

Another clown follower

4 days ago

@I love my country where have you been following Mr Chapman I wonder? Pamwe ihama yako hameno

Zuze 4 days ago

... enge achimutevera ku toilet

I love my Country 3 days ago

@zuze unenjere dzakaora... Sezuze

Patriot 4 days ago

post indipendence politics dzaa dzekudya bedzi ne hofisi kwete zviya zveku advancer a national cause. Saka iwe ukapusa unofa ne nzara vamwe vachiguta heavy wotochembera usina chauinacho wotadza kusiira wo vana vako nhaka

. 4 days ago

It’s like POLAD. Filled with Chapmans..... kkkkk

Maparamuro 4 days ago

Worst opportunist of them all is the same Temba, this guy supported the adoption of the farm mechanization debt by gvt, he got farm implements that are now being paid for by street vendors the old and unemployed while he makes money from the farm for which he never paid a cent and can take his children for boat cruises on lack Kariba. This same Temba justified the US$40k housing loans for MPs which they will never repay. Which serving MP does not have a house??? That money is taxpayers money and the taxpayers are vendors who are being taxed into poverty by Mthuli to support the luxurious lifestyles of MPs.
Anoda kuramba achidya wega Temba. Democracy means anyone has a right to contest for any post on offer.

ganja farmer 4 days ago

domocracy inoti munhu wese anekodzero yekuva kuita mutungamiri wedzimbadzemabwe as long as ayine kakore anodiwa.hapana pazvakanyorwa kuti nhingi chete ndiye anofanirwa kuita mutungamiri.musiyeyi apinde murace ikodzero yake hapana anomuranbidza.kana asiri chinhu zvino mavhundujeyi.

Sabhuku 2 days ago

Dhomocracy kkkkk


Maparamuro 4 days ago

Some have been in the trenches since 1980 others since 1999 and 2000 and what have they achieved? Zero. The ship has been sinking since 1980 and has continued to sink to this day. Being in the trenches for many years has not translated into an improvement on the lives of ordinary Zimboz.
The right thing to do would be to kick all current MPs and replace them with new people. Only fools keep repeating the same thing while expecting a different outcome. The people in parliament and gvt today are tested and failed. It's time for the likes of Chapman and other willing citizens to sell themselves to the voters. Temba only knows the politics of looting. There is no special qualification for one to enter parliament, all that is needed is the will to serve the people which is absent in all serving MPs.

Demo Crassy 4 days ago

of u live in a glass house...
I don't know Mr Chapman.
but I believe he has the right to run for president as any willing nand able citizen.
it's not fair for (Mliswa) to give the gung-ho on who qualifies or not.
it is us the electorate who determine Chapman's survival as a politician ...
this is how a democracy should function...
accommodating diverse perspectives as long as the long isn't broken...
Have a go at it Mr Chapman!

thrasher 4 days ago

this guy has me excited maybe he can knock down the old guard. one more formidable threat is always welcomed. let's give them a good fight a fight for the ages have them on their toes dancing. I WANT IN. I WANT TO SEE THEM COWERING FACING DEFEAT.

change 4 days ago

utwo twangovavo twunyaya utwo
ngaapinde hake mukomana ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

@Thrasher 4 days ago

Facing defeat from this guy? you are not serious, who knows him anyway, apart from a few people on Pindula and Twitter On top of that what is he offering that has has not been offered by people like Simba Makoni and others People are fed up with these fly by night supposedly opposition leaders

Vesto 4 days ago

Vesto's Top 5 Zimbabwean Political Clowns:-

1. Togarasei Mwonzora
2. Jonathan "MusoroBhemba " Moyo
3. Chris "Motormouth" Mutsvangwa
4. Temba "Father Zimbabwe" Mliswa
5. Robert "Dino" Chapman

Hamlet 4 days ago

He is angling for Polard crumbs. vana Linda vakatodya nazvo wani

Sιყσყσ 4 days ago

Muliswa unopen,ga iwe,
structure ine basa rei,
ko iwe unayo here structure,
bato rako rinonzi chii,
you are an MP and who is your party president?


. 4 days ago

it's a game of an eagle 🦅 a pigeon 🐦

I love my Country 3 days ago

I'm sure by this, everyone is now wondering who is he? Come election time, he'll gain more ground!!!

Hredimo 3 days ago

Is Mliswa is making noise about this Chapman then Chapman is a real deal. He has potential. Vote Chapman


God said do not judge others, or the same measurements,you measure others, shall be the same on you,
1.Lets review, human rights.
eg .. freedom to form or join any political party of your choice, thus what we have in Zimbabwe and called Demo......
Every, Colour as long is a ZIMBABWEANS buy what so ever, is aloud to form his political party as long is 40yrs or above, I thanks you

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