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Robbers Use Perfume To Subdue Victims

Robbers Use Perfume To Subdue Victims

Robbers are now masquerading as perfumes vendors in order to steal from unsuspecting members of the public after persuading them to sniff their fragrant liquids.

Several Bulawayo residents have already fallen victim to the robbers after they were made to sniff the perfumes which caused them to lose consciousness.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson in Bulawayo Province, Inspector Abednico Ncube said they have not received such complaints but advised the public to be careful. He said:

We urge members of the public to be careful, not to inhale anything from a stranger.

People should know if ever someone wants you to inhale something you rather have two or three friends of yours who are not going to inhale [the substance] then you prove that you are safe.

People should act wisely before they get mugged, raped, robbed or harmed.

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ūüôĆ 3¬†weeks ago

mmmm abantu bagangile shuwa.

„Äč„Äč„Äč 3¬†weeks ago

"People should act wisely before they get mugged, raped, robbed or harmed."

Tisa 3 weeks ago

Yeah, the queen's language

Charlemagne the Great 3 weeks ago

The substance that they put into the empty perfume cans is called ether..a small potion is enough to make u get your leg amputated without waking up

Phidza 3 weeks ago

Haa varume ava ma one nembavha idzi everyday they are coming up with new ways to steal ,

twabam 3 weeks ago

ncube haafunge

z 2 weeks ago

asi ahuna kuinda kuchikoro usavhotomoke iwe

dear 3 weeks ago

@twabam wati Ncube afunge pakudii?Haisi mhosva zvataura kuti so far hapana report yati yasvika kupolice kana muku sniffisana ikoko without reporting wanga uchida kuti ati anozviziva.Verenga nyaya ese nyaya iwe


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