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Robbers Terrorising Motorists Along Masvingo Road Arrested

Robbers Terrorising Motorists Along Masvingo Road Arrested

Two more armed robbers who were part of the six-member gang which has robbing motorists and commuters along the Harare-Masvingo highway since January this year have been arrested by the police.

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) spokesperson Detective Assistant Inspector Rachel Muteweri said the armed robbers would pretend to be genuine travellers and stop motorists at Mbudzi Roundabout and later Boka Auction Floors.

She said the robbers would later rob the motorists by strangling them with seat belts after producing pistols and knives. Said Insp Muteweri:

On December 23, 2022, detectives arrested Joshua Rambique aged 29 and Karen Gidi aged 27 both of Ushewokunze, Harare.

This was after they had picked information to the effect that the former was visiting his sister in Glenview. They pursued him and later arrested him in Ushewokunze.

Upon his arrest, detectives recovered an Apple Ipad and an Epson printer which have since been linked to armed robberies which occurred in Kadoma and Norton respectively.

The accused also implicated his female accomplice Karen Gidi aged 27 also of Ushewokunze, Harare.

She said the other two gang members, Richard Banda alias Stephen Gaza also known as George Banda (26) and Shamiso Gidi (21) both of Ushewokunze, Harare were arrested in November 2022.

The two have since appeared in court where they were remanded in custody until 30 December 2022. Said Insp Muteweri:

They have since been held responsible for 11 counts of armed robbery. In one glaring incident, the gang, which alternated its female members, boarded a Toyota IST from Masvingo to Roy (Zaka Turn off) posing as genuine travellers before robbing the complainant of his motor vehicle and groceries at gunpoint.

They tied him with a seat belt. On 15 August 2022, the accused persons boarded a Honda Fit which was travelling from Harare to Beitbridge.

They produced pistols and robbed the complainant of his motor vehicle, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10, cash of US$4 100, $20 000. They tied him to a tree using a seat belt.

She said two days later, the suspects boarded a white Toyota Corolla which was destined for Beitbridge from Harare.

They allegedly robbed the complainant of his motor vehicle, a Y5 cell phone and US$918.

She said all the motor vehicles which were robbed were recovered and dumped in different locations such as Mbare, Mushagashe Business Centre in Masvingo, Exor Service station, Masvingo and also along Masvingo- Mutare Highway. | The Herald

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Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 1 month ago

Mukati imomo naye
Xmas yopera nemanda mujeri

Anonymous 1 month ago

Good work l think police should do more highway patrols

1 month ago

Kujata jata

Progressive Citizen 1 month ago

Thank yu cops,,, l think yu are the best working with limited resources and under sanctions.. I feel our listening President should use his Temporary presidential powers and suspend bail applications for armed robbers, we are in a state of war with these criminals..

Hansen Mutsani 1 month ago


help 1 month ago

ko is there anyone who knows how to flush a phone with a password fingerprint

TTT 1 month ago

Mapurisa hero Basa. Batayi munhu uyo ataure mushe


@Help 1 month ago

Yes i know, that's my hustle for quite a long time now.What You do is just return it to the owner

🚓🚓 1 month ago

mapurisa trace this guy arikuzviti @help, akaba phone uyu imbavha chete

1 month ago

Mapurisa ane presidential bonuses so they have data these days and are not on Pindula

James 1 month ago

look at their ages these robbers nhai mwari so young & 11 robberies kutofira mujere

Machiavelli 1 month ago

The revolutionary party would like to wish you a very good morning

zrp 1 month ago

Kudos to the zrp police. We salute you. ukauraya, robbery vanokunhonga chete. zanu pf ndiyo inovavhiringidza basa ravo chete.

1 month ago

The British government will soon open vacancies for police officers from Zimbabwe, Kenya, Botswana like they did for health workers and teachers 🤔

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