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Robbers Shoot Dead 10-month-old Baby In Macheke

Robbers Shoot Dead 10-month-old Baby In Macheke

A 10-month-old infant was fatally shot during an attempted robbery on a Macheke family in Mashonaland East Province earlier on Tuesday.

Reports claim that seven suspects armed with guns raided a family in Macheke around 1 AM today.

While attempting to rob the family, a scuffle started leading to the suspects shooting the 10-month-old baby and the mother.

The suspected robbers reportedly vanished from the scene.

A team from the police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) tracked the suspects and intercepted them resulting in a serious shootout.

The suspects reportedly abandoned their getaway vehicle and escaped on foot.

One of the suspects was injured during the shootout and was tracked down by the police dog section who then managed to arrest him.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) national spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the robbery incident. He said:

Yes, we confirm that there was a robbery incident in Macheke. We will release more details later.

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Manikiniki 6 months ago

The hungry seeking a share of the wealth which is held by a few elites. The gap between haves and have nots is too wide. The have nots earn worthless rtgs and realizing that they ll die with nothing are now trying to grap a share of the riches from the elite.

Simpuru 6 months ago

We wait with abated breath the pronouncement of the 'Shoot to kill' policy. Please Your Excerrency spare us from these marauding robbers🙏

Vax 6 months ago

Pfuti dzanyanya muno pane zvichaitika chete dzava kuzouraya muridzi wadzo manje batai manzwi angu

Oppah the Little bird 6 months ago


Critical Eye 6 months ago

Iiiiiii these cases of armed robbers each day are now scary. The BIG QUESTION is pfuti idzi dziri kumbobva kupi? Becoz the robberies involving guns are being done in different parts of the country meaning it's different gangs using different guns.

Talkmore 6 months ago

Add on all CIO and military intelligence agents to the group of suspects. I think these guys also carry guns around especially ma pistol aya. This is too much. Guns everywhere even Macheke ah this is too much.

S 6 months ago

Ko pfuti dzango Wanda Wanda munyika dziri kumbobva kupi veduwe??? Chii chirilumbo itika? Minister of Defence should act on this.


Gogodera 6 months ago

Mwari dei vatirwira vecbidiki ava vawadza zvinodhaka

Man of the moment 6 months ago

Thumbs up

Z R P 👍

Pasi Nemhanduuuuuuuu 6 months ago

Ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ZIMBABWE iweee wadarirei?

The Nerd 6 months ago

Never a day without a shooting incident. We have reached a tipping point.

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