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Robbers Pounce On Mt Pleasant Family, Get Away With A Toyota GD6 Fortuner And US$56k Cash

Robbers Pounce On Mt Pleasant Family, Get Away With A Toyota GD6 Fortuner And US$56k Cash

A gang of five robbers pounced on an Mt Pleasant family early Sunday morning and got away with a Toyota GD6 Fortuner and over US$56 000 cash.

In a report seen by Pindula News, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said the vehicle and two cellphones that had been stolen have since been found. Reads the report:

Police in Harare are investigating a robbery case which occurred in Mt Pleasant at around 0330 hours on 18/09/22. Five unknown suspects pounced at the complainant’s house and stole two cellphones, a Toyota GD6 Fortuner with foreign number plates and US$56 300 cash.

Two cellphones and the stolen motor vehicle were later recovered dumped at the intersection of Harare Drive and Westborough Road. Anyone with information to contact any nearest Police Station.

Meanwhile, police in Gwanda arrested Mncedisi Ndlovu and Mwehluli Sibanda on the 16th of this month in connection with a case of robbery in which three cellphones and ZAR 10 000 cash were stolen on the 7th of September 2022 along Mshabezi River, Moodspruit Village.

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Dambudzo 4 months ago

ndevangu vapfana ava masoja nemapurisa

Vharazipi 4 months ago

everytime you say anyone with information to call the police, varmboiteiko mapurisa acho? they were called kuByo vakasiya maRobbers achenda saka whats the need on informing them

mupurisa 4 months ago

After informing we arrest you

Y oh 4 months ago

Robbers involved in the enormous cash heists are not being caught. Only the small criminals of ZAR 10000, insignificant ammout, are swiftly thrown into the gaol.

____ 4 months ago

maybe it's because big criminals are smarter and more difficult to catch.But eventually shiri inozongofa

Mthwakazi 4 months ago

ZanuPF gvt should be disbanded. We can't live in a country where robberies of huge sums occur weekly. The say Zimbabweans decide to remove ZanuPF whether with or without elections is the day we start going towards freedom.

Chiurai 4 months ago

Isai Mari dzimwe mu bank. Vana venyu vanotaura kuchikoro uku. Vanofunda nevana vembavhs ku private school. Unofunga kuti imbavha dzema Honda fit here idzi.

haaa 4 months ago

56000 USA very bad

Tichaona Kwezera 4 months ago

Kuudza mapurisa kwakanaka


Mugo 4 months ago

kuuraya munhu uku

srt 4 months ago

Someone is behind these rampant robberies in our nation.its just a reflection of deep disgruntlement among the security sector.

ğŸ˜Ž 4 months ago

This just shows how bad our economy, dai economy iri right mabank achiita basa nemazvo hakuna munhu aichengeta 56 thaza mumba.
However chinondinetsa ndechekuti mbavha idzi dzinozivasei kuti pamba apa pane mari?

BUOY 4 months ago

Fortuner GD6 ndooyakaita kuti vazive kuti pane mari

haiwawo😡😡😡 4 months ago

no pity for you...stop philosophizing...isai mari mumabank...isai mari mumabank...mazvinzwa.

Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago

Uchingobva kuisa 50K yako mubank ukada kuita reverse dhiri unotonzwa zvakutonzi hatina mari mubank,bvisa mari yako kuNostro utore neEcocash 5000 limit paday😂😂😂

haiwawo😡😡😡 4 months ago

but you will buy whatever you want electronically...isai mari mumabank...pple want 2 engage in shady deals that's why they hoade money at home... mazvinzwa

Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago

Viva Viva ana Robin Hood ğŸŽ¯ vemuZimbabwe ,mbavha ngadzibirwe ,birwai hanty hamunamate

Kopo 4 months ago

Buy gold coins, why keep large domes of us$ under the pillow 🤔

Gwedu 4 months ago

whilst police is doing their work, do something spiritual kana isiri yeropawo futi

Mthuli we ZBC 4 months ago

The robbers shall dollarise the Zimbabwean economy. Armed with the new statutory instrument 19 of 2022 , I Mthuli we Zbc, has introduced presidential US dollar amnesty.
Anyone and everyone with USD shall deposit at the nearest bank , else they shall be robbed. Takaenda takaenda. No questions will be asked

Tichaona Kwezera 4 months ago

Mari zhinji endesai kumabank

Mafirakureva 4 months ago

To all those dimwits calling on people to deposit USDollars into banks, ask yourselves how you would get it out when you want to use it.

Anyone lost money I'm 2008/9 ,when the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe unilaterally confiscated People's USDollars and gave them RTGS will never repeat the same mistake ever again.

People have resorted to using NMB ( National Mattress Bank) because they have lost faith in the government financial regulatory framework and the banking system especially the Reserve Bank of ZANU

Muturi 4 months ago

Aa imi Mari kubank kwei endesai yekumba kwenyu not kuda kuudzira vamwe zvekupenga unoiwAnepi martgs kwAnai

Bank 4 months ago

one person with that volume. and people say there is no forex in Zim.

plz put money in circulation

.. 4 months ago

Vanoti kuendesa mari kuBank ipfungwa dzevasati vabata mari yacho,kana mavanemari seyandiinayo mnotoiisao pasi pePillow ipapo.Muchazozvionao kana maanemari.I thank u

King 4 months ago

Ooooooooh 56k haaaaaa hazviko izvi

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