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Robbers Pounce On Businessman, Rob Him Of Cash, And Kill Him

Robbers Pounce On Businessman, Rob Him Of Cash, And Kill Him

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is investigating a robbery and murder case in which a Marondera businessman was robbed and killed by unknown assailants on Thursday morning.

A police report seen by Pindula News says the robbers were armed with a pistol, iron bars and spears. Reads the statement:

The ZRP is investigating a case in which a Businessman (62) was killed in a robbery incident, in Paradise Park, Marondera, on 23/09/22 at around 0200 hours. Four suspects, armed with an unidentified pistol, iron bars, and spears, pounced at the victim’s house, where they attacked the family before robbing them of US$7 910, a cellphone, and killing the victim. Anyone with information to report at any nearest Police station.

Robbers have been targeting individuals, companies and even banks and other financial institutions.

Some members of the gangs believed to be behind the spate of robbery cases in the country are already behind bars while some are still on the run.

Pindula News

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kurough pakaipa 5 days ago

igwayi egwayini
imali ebank
umhlabathi kuma war vet
yonkinto ngendawo ngendawo

5 days ago

after reading this story I cldnt sleep last night.handina hangu mari asi zvongotyisa kuziva kt zvakaitika muberere mako

Sir African 5 days ago

When you have corrupt and underpaid police officers that what you harvest as a nation.In Mutare my neighbor went to Chikanga police station to withdraw a case against his son and was made to pay USD30.

5 days ago

This happened about 5weeks ago in Marondera again.. Luckily no one died.. But mapurisa vacho vakasheedzwa vakaramba kuuya vachiti Havana mota kana maguns, imagine.. The people who committed the crime were never caught, and l think they are also related to those who committed this one. I don't know how many victims should fall prey to these cruel robbers for them to actually catch these people.. As a Marondera resident zvakutotyisa kumugara because you can't rely on the police system.
Haaaa this should change..

Tintin 5 days ago

gara zviya nyaya yema armed robbers yakanzi ichagadziriswa rinhi?🤔🤔🤔

ED Shweeee 5 days ago

After elections next yea. I will sort them out kana mukandivhotera

@edmnangagwa 5 days ago

Kana ndadzoka kubva new 🗽 York tine smangano na biden nevamwe plus ndrikuda kumbosvika Cuba

ronal the barbarian 5 days ago

Ko 7000 usd unenge uchiiteyi muden kkkk hayaz, mari ngaikwereteswe or kuvhura savings account kubank, even kuchengetesa mari kubank kut ndichauya ndichitora, unourawa nema shona nema ndebele aya varikutambura

5 days ago

Guys pane munhu afa and your reaction is unenge uchichengeterei 7000usd mumba? Iiii amana let's be sensitive

ED Shweeee 5 days ago

Chakachenjedza ndoochakatanga...
Remember 2019❓ Taura hako @mdara odza

Mdara Odza 5 days ago

Wangu vanhu vangwara, government will come up with a **** decree, converting US$ bank balances to rtgs$ balances and you cannot do anything about it, the courts are captured

bla sam 5 days ago

ummmmm haaaaa no mhani apa zvazonyanya.vanhu vekumalawi vatishupa

achimwene 4 days ago

tiri vejuju tinozitira mari yedu nemakonye nemazizi edu takanyarara ko tapinda papi apa

tsvigiri kuzipa 5 days ago

I think those thugs should not be given bail because if you can investigate after their arrest you will find that they have a lot of pending cases and they always commit More offenses while on bail ,so why giving such thugs bail

CCC 5 days ago

Hatidi kunzwa mutauro of that kind.Bail is a constitutional right.


5 days ago

everyday toverenga nyaya dzerobbery nemurder pano papindula,chii chaizvo chiri kuitika munyika muno

Gun control under a CCC Government 5 days ago

The Zanu PF government has done extremely well on gun control in the country.
Lets continue this conversation kana mabvisa Zanu PF from power.
We will cry

Me 5 days ago

What is happening is that the economy is dead ,further to that the army syndicates are supplying guns to robbers for a fee.

The system used at army amouries is slack as it allows soldiers to obtain arms without adequate reasons.

Felix 5 days ago

ndovasinga bhadhare vashandi ivavo

Gwedu 5 days ago


mwenewazvo 5 days ago

iko kuparadise park havambotadze kuvingwa nema robbers.mazimba avanovaka ikoko anodaidza mbavha chete.

OUA 5 days ago

MaArmed robbery aya havazi vanhu njee, panezvirikuitika muno munyika

Security Advisor 5 days ago

Our Businessmen are not banking USD. Most of the time vanotengeswa ne their poorly paid workers.
Matsotsi haafembere kuti pamba apa pane USD cash.

Citizen raPe naChamisa 5 days ago

I condemn robberies,but these rich people in Zimbabwe support Zanu and they don’t even vote because their pockets are always full and nhamo yedu senyika havanei nayo.Look he was 62 years old and still a Business man? thats past retirement age bro.Anyways
Unless everyone learns that no one is safe and registers to vote mucharamba muchibirwa

Hezvoness 5 days ago

@ Citizen ra Pep n Chamisa:I know kuti hauna kuzonyora Grade 7 so please avoid commenting on issues dzausinganzwisise. Stick to you lane.

Boss 5 days ago

Haha ndashora kamu fungiro kwako aka

5 days ago

Retirement is for civil servants not for business owners, Warren Buffet is 92 years and yet still running his business. Enda kuchikoro..
Idzo pfungwa idzodzo ndodzinoita kuti urambe urirombe.

5 days ago

Nhaiiwe, munhu akazvishandira
akatanga business rake.. Akuudza kuti haavote ndiani. What's wrong with being a 62 year old businessman, munhu oregera runner business rake raakatanga zvakanaka nekuti kwahi retirement age... Amana the guy was just sleeping in his house and he was killed, his wife is in a critical condition mu hospital, and your reaction is why does he own a business at 62? Let's be sensitive veduwee..

Boss vade 5 days ago

Iwe mfana start yr own business,always complaining apa isu Madala will be making money and taking yr girlfriends out, iwe uri busy trying to be famous on pindula.

Sir Che Guevara 🇿🇼 5 days ago

Uum 😭, sad indeed. May his soul rest in peace

captain America 5 days ago

unoona kuti munhu haafunge pakutaura kwake u think ma funnies kunzi munhu aitwa robbery . robber can rob anyone harizive kuti Mari iripo here or not it's just robbery. the sad part is killing after robbing . vanhu ava ngavauraiwe mhani. mutemo murikupiko

captain America 5 days ago

? iwe citizen raPe naChamisa uri**** urikufarira killing yaitwa pa robbery uri****.

captain America 5 days ago

? iwe citizen raPe naChamisa uri**** urikufarira killing yaitwa pa robbery uri****.

Constable 5 days ago

Zvakangooma hazvo, it's unfortunate we don't have resources to do area patrols the whole country, even at times attending crime scenes is a challenge. What we can do for now is open a docked, appeal for information as we investigate. We appeal to these so called business people to empower us the police and keep huge sums of money in banks. Zvimwe zvacho you blame us police imi maita contribute, at times isu we can't do anything because of resource constraints asi said earlier, just like previous article which showed kuti ku dental hakuna ma resources so you can't blame the personnel. Imagine dai waivawo Constable seni whom would you blame

Without banking system robberies wont stop 5 days ago

If business is done in US$ and kept in homes under the bed or in wardrope it makes easy prey for robbers coz the US$ will be kept by a few elite while the rest will be nose diving in poverty

Gd6 5 days ago

who was killed?

MUKADOTA 5 days ago


🥨 5 days ago

Capital punishment is necessary

Rohan 4 days ago

l met muzukuru we mudhara uyu in the evening she said it's like an assassination zvakaitika she was in uncomfortable years haaa papakaipa

Mukadota 4 days ago

Highly likely. Yozongonzi robbery

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