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Robbers Get Away With US$91 980 In Cash-in-transit Heist

Robbers Get Away With US$91 980 In Cash-in-transit Heist

A gang of robbers allegedly got away with US$91 980  and over half a million Zimbabwe dollars after pouncing on a cash-in-transit vehicle at Standard Chartered bank at Newlands Shopping Centre in Harare on Thursday afternoon.

The security company vehicle, believed to be Securico, was on routine replenishment of an ATM at the bank.

The driver of the vehicle told ZBC News that they were approached by the gang and held at gunpoint, while the other suspects took a cash box which had US$80 000 before the gang sped off.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) confirmed the robbery incident on Thursday evening. ZRP tweeted:

The ZRP is investigating a cash-in-transit robbery case in which three unknown suspects aboard a Honda Fit vehicle attacked two security guards delivering cash at a bank in Newlands Harare this morning at around 1100 hours.

They took away cash amounting to US$91 980 and ZWL$ 514 840.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated development, Police said they were investigating the circumstances in which two company employees who were driving a Honda Fit Hybrid vehicle were attacked and robbed of US$34 000 at 8.30 PM in Harare on Wednesday.

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kisswell 1 month ago

very sorry ma guards muchataura chokwad chamusina kuita panorohwa munhu cid haringokusiiyi apa muchitambira rtgs chamucharoverwa hapana

Bone bone 1 month ago

Akaita Mari uyu

Nashy 1 month ago

So 2guards only with such huge amount hmmm? Deal....

1 month ago

Nyika yaipa harahwa ndadzinotamba nevazukuru vape vafana vechidiki vagadzirise nyika vakundikana vana sekuru nana gogo

CID 1 month ago

We suspect that the guards connived with the alleged culprits. We're going to interrogate them

VZ 1 month ago

nhamo ikawanda vanhu vanoita yese yese

Swagger 1 month ago

In ZIMBABWE ma armed 🔫response security achiri akavata shuwa 2guards kufamba nemari yese iyo.


Ginious 1 month ago

iyo honda fit ngaibhanwe muno.vakadzi vanorepa varume vanofamba nehonda fit,armed robbers honda fit,vanoda vana honda fit

SC 1 month ago


povho yaramba 1 month ago

kuti zvipere gvt ngaipe vashandi Mari inokwana chete

masojamapurisa vese vopiwa Mari vanoshandisa pfuti vakapiwawo Mari NE maguards iwayo so zvinombomirawo mbichana

nhamo ikapinda vanhu vanoba

nyika ngainake

mthuli Ncube ngaape vashandi Mari inokwana chete

ZRP 1 month ago

tovabata chete sezvatakaita kuGwanda where we shot and killed four armed robbers we are still the best in the region

doctor 1 month ago

vaapo ko idzi dzinopira vanhu at daylight dziripo murikuzirega thieves are there stilling people's taxes and hw about the one who was caught red handed ne gold pa airport

fashion police 1 month ago

ummm zvaoma xua

ginimbi 1 month ago

maisa kuti vadii ma gaurd ,mbudzi inodya payaka sungirirwa guys

cid matepatepa 1 month ago

yes andina zvangu mari ndinoshandira government ,i had a quest how much are these guards getting as a salary? sm1 said 22000 rtgs ok fine how can a person getting 22ks rtgs can be trusted with 80ks USD

mbavha 1 month ago

maida kuti vadiiwo takavatorera eheee,vasiyei vaende vanoja portion yavowo 😀😀😀

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