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Robbers Break In Through The Roof, Get Away With Over US$11 000

Robbers Break In Through The Roof, Get Away With Over US$11 000

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has reported a robbery case in which unknown assailants broke into company premises in Bulawayo and stole US$11 542, R 30 120 and $481.

Police posted on their Twitter page saying the incident occurred in the Belmont area between 22 and 25 July. Reads the statement:

ZRP Donnington is investigating a case of unlawful entry into premises and theft which occurred on an unknown date between 22 July and 25 July at a company along Wakefield Road, Belmont, Bulawayo.

Unknown suspects cut zinc roofing sheets and ceiling to gain entry into the company’s offices. Whilst inside, the suspects ransacked the offices and stole US$11 542, R 30 120 as well as $481 cash.

The police then appealed to members of the public who might have information that could assist in investigations to contact any nearest police station.

In a related case, the police are investigating a case of theft of copper cables which occurred on 24 July in Pumula North, Bulawayo.

Police say the suspects cut and left behind 2 x 155 mm x 35 mm overhead cables.

Meanwhile, on 24 July police recovered 57 scrap pieces of copper cables at Northend Suburb, Bulawayo. The suspect dropped the cables and fled from a mob which was chasing him.

Copper thieves have been targeting electricity, telecommunications and transport sectors, and each year Zimbabwe’s parastatals spend millions of dollars replacing stolen cables and restoring vandalised infrastructure due to cable theft.

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fekitosi 2 months ago

izinto ezayenzakala 4 days ago
yet still reported today

r youth 2 months ago

husiku ****fu

Handizi John Chibadura 2 months ago

News travelled by foot from Bulawayo to Harare

😂 2 months ago

"2 x 155 mm x 35 mm"(6" x 1.4")😂

Chris 2 months ago

So the company doesn't hv a security guard ?

Rm 2 months ago

$481 ndeye nyika ipi? Kana iri yemuno ka$1 kari kunze kwe$480 kakabvepi isu tisingachashandise ma$5 ma$2 nema$1

guy t 2 months ago

kkk. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Chris 2 months ago

It's the strongest currency 😂😂

Chris 2 months ago

Honestly speaking they should hv left that 481 maybe it's the Zambian kwacha.


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