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Robber Disguised As A Woman Abducts 3 Children

Robber Disguised As A Woman Abducts 3 Children

A knife-wielding robber who was disguised as a woman robbed a 44-year-old woman of US$70, two cellphones and two satchels that had clothes in Rusape on Monday.

The robber, who had offered a lift to his victim, then abducted the woman’s three children and later dumped them near Magamba Turn-off in Rusape

Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman confirmed the incident. He said:

Ms Itai Mutungambera boarded a silver Honda Fit together with her three children. The driver, who was disguised as a woman and wearing a dress, diverted the route and proceeded to Tsanzaguru instead of Mabvazuva where the victims intended to go.

The suspect produced a knife and asked Ms Mutungambera to surrender all her belongings.

He shoved her out of the vehicle and sped off with the three children. Ms Mutungambera made a police report at Rusape Central Police Station.

The three children were later found near Magamba Turn-Off in Rusape where they were dumped. They did not sustain any injuries.

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Blessing Magura 5 months ago

Thank u

­čś┤ 5┬ámonths ago

­čĄú­čĄú­čĄúkuseka nhamo serugare. Hooo saka wakutopfekao marokwe futi?
Tinotenda kuti no one was hurt.
Zimbabwe weduwee usadaro mhuri yako iyi kkk

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