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"Rising Inflation, Poor Salaries Put Workers Between Rock And Hard Place" - CCC Party

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa has said the rising inflation and poor salaries put workers between “a rock and a hard place.”

The party’s statement comes as the World celebrated the International Workers Day on Sunday, 1 May. In a series of messages, seen by Pindula News, the party painted a gloomy picture for workers and blamed workers’ predicament on the government’s maladministration. Read the messages posted on Twitter:

In the civil service & many other private companies, the majority of workers are earning below a living wage & supplement their pay with side hustles such as selling vegetables as well as selling second-hand clothes & groceries.

The regime in Harare has no interest in improving civil servants salaries hence most of them have to resorted to side hustles. 

Despite earning a slave wage, workers are heavily taxed in Zimbabwe.

Teachers want the government to revert to their pre-October 2018 salary of US$540. The security sector is also underpaid, but can’t publicly express their dissatisfaction over meagre earnings.

Bad policy decisions & SIs have resulted in hyperinflation, eroding the little that workers currently earn.

Prices for basic commodities continue to rise while salaries remain unchanged & workers find themselves between a rock & hard place. 

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Chapwititi Kestombela 9 months ago

True and these clowns in presidium are busy plundering minerals through Trafigura

ED PFEE 2023 FIVE MILLION VOTES 9 months ago


me 9 months ago

iwewe unitu viva Ed u are very s.t.upid because u are supporting nonsense

Stalin 9 months ago

M H ATA yako viva ed chii

Jinn 9 months ago

Vote E.D my foot, nonsense

Maparamuro 9 months ago

It shall remain like that until all political leaders put the country first before their personal interests.
Opposition should not wait to be in power to influence the country's trajectory. Ruling party should not see opposition as regime change agents from the west. Regime change can very well be locally driven depending on the situation on the ground. Even the best performing gvts still have opposition.
It's time we change our political mindsets

aaaa 9 months ago

vamwe vanhu misoro yawo yakazara mvura unongoramba uchisimbira zvisina basa ED chii


😖😖 9 months ago

ukaona zvana zvake zvopfeka manyangira gora kachienda kuchikoro nenzara ****u riri panze. chi uniform chacho akapihwawo ma buttons akabviswa. ivo baba vacho t shirt yeZano inonhuwa ziya. haizive mvura. anongoramba achit ED PFeeee. haatobhadhare school fees.

#B1 9 months ago

Uyu munhuu a kutii ED haasi kuona hre kutiii zvaari kutaura zvinonyadzisa zvakafanana nekuita bhonyora unemkadzi wawakumbira mukachata asi ibofuu hre coz mnhu anoona haanga simbiriri kuitiswa zvatiri kuitaa plaz anoshanda hre munhuu uyuu or else ndewe mutoriro guka nekambaa

ED PFEE 2023 FIVE MILLION VOTES!!! 8 months ago

VIVA ED!!!!!!!!

CHAMISA THE GREAT 8 months ago

ED PFEE 2023 MILLION VOTES!!!, take that back, in 2023, l will have 5 million votes, take that as a promise, sorry ndakanganwa , haunzwe chirungu.

pillgrim 8 months ago

zanu yaora kunge ma supporters ayo

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