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Rihanna To Launch Fenty Beauty & Skin Store In Zimbabwe

Rihanna To Launch Fenty Beauty & Skin Store In Zimbabwe

Barbadian singer, songwriter, actress, fashion designer, and businesswoman, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, popularly known as Rihanna is set to launch her Fenty Beauty and Skin store in Zimbabwe and other selected African countries.

Rihanna announced via her Twitter account that her beauty product Fenty will be made available in Africa from the 27th of May. She wrote:

I’ve been waiting for this moment! @fentybeauty& @fentyskin are finally dropping in Africa!!!

Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia. Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe… we comin at ya May 27th and that’s just the beginning!!!

According to the Fenty Beauty website, Fenty Beauty was started by Rihanna in 2017 with the mission to make products for people with all skin tones.

Fenty Beauty is also sold in locations such as the U.S., Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore and the Middle East.

It also has an online platform shipping to more than 150 countries.

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tintin 1 month ago

wagonera maslay queen à

tintin 1 month ago

wagonera maslay queen

Ghetto Yut 1 month ago

matsaga hokoyo kurohwa bag netuma slay munomama chete vapfanha kkkkkk


blogs 1 month ago

dzimwe nyaya dzamonyora ka...tsve kunyora zvena fees nekukwira kwema groceries makutaura zvauuyowo asinei hake.todya ma products ake here

Ano 1 month ago

Of course not but hanty modya babe rinewo makeup here

citizen 1 month ago

watch out illuminati yadopindira nambuya avo

》》》 1 month ago

udali @citizen. hamba esikolo. tshiyana lama profeti, wonke ngawamanga.

Rhirrrrrrriii 1 month ago

Rhiii u will be met at the airport by the garrulous Monika Mutsvanga. U will be introduced to the newly elected Youth league. From there Amai will kneel b4 u & explain how a Saint she is. Then George Charamba will perform his dictionary stints by telling u every big word including that the illegal sanctions could not stop u from coming to Zimbabwe. And finally u will be hosted by the man himself at State House who will tell u how Zimbabwe is open for bizness and rhirrrrrrriii urimubiyangu. Seconded by a retired general who will welcome u as a skirred rebhara werekamu sisi ririyeni.

JC 1 month ago

😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂You are a prophet

truth 1 month ago

😂😂😂😂😂 kkk hanzi skirred rebhara 😀😀

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wandityora mbabvu mudikani 😂😂😂😂😂😛

Gafa 1 month ago

First thing first Rhiana yu go to Herbert CHitepo school of ideology kuitira usazodzamba dzamba tave kukupa rtgs bond .Are we together so far?

999 1 month ago

big up fellaz
munoita life isanyanyorema sooo...
macomments munokanda,,,handisi lonely when m on this platform..

BUOY 1 month ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣ukuziva wani

vanhu vepano vanonakidza🙌🙌👐

BUOY 1 month ago

make sure pane maskin lightening lotions and cream Rihhana ndooozvinokuitisa mari kuno kuAfrica🤣🤣🤣😅

》》》 1 month ago

where are the western-companies-can't-invest-in-zimbabwe-due-to-sunctions guys😅😅😅. vybes kartel and company

》》》 1 month ago

who want's to bet US1000 that zanu pf will f*ck this project up, which has the potentiall to create jobs for few poverty stricken youths?

vybz kartel brother 1 month ago

they will register the business as lotion distributor voisa in big shops like Edgars,booties phamacy deal done ,ko zanu inozozvivharisa seiko ,Rihanna haasi hwai uyu she is a professional lady who penetrated the European market now she is dovetailing to Africa

she had done her market survey a way back b4 ,she will go via phamacies even zvikanzi lockdown she wont be affected as it will be an essential service of dematologically proven lotions

rhihana 1 month ago


Chris Brown 1 month ago

l once dated her .

A$AP ROCKY 1 month ago

wakufarisa Drake..unodira richizara iwe.uite mushe wanzwa

Champagne papi / Drake 1 month ago

Nhumbu ndeyangu mukoma

John the Baptist 1 month ago

Ma nudes ake though 😉. Hottest girl ever 😍

John the Baptist 1 month ago

What about it??🤔

Kaitano 1 month ago

Wish her a success in this business adventure.

THE FIEND 1 month ago

Satanism Pfeee ku Zimbabwe

John the Baptist 1 month ago

Ngaiuye hayo, Rihanna is HOTTER than TEN ghetto Zimbo girls

the head 1 month ago

true straight outta dark kingdom..but maZimba ndinomaziva nekuda zvinhu

123kid 1 month ago


John the Baptist 1 month ago

She's smoking hot

e.g john chibadura 1 month ago

Chitoro chako chino tora here the strongest currency in the region ?

Rihhana 1 month ago

kwete usd only

STALIN 1 month ago

Huya zvako uv**** storo yako asi gara waudza vashandi vako kuti vazive pekuvhotera Pa CCC ipapo

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Ndiwe uchanoudza vamwe kuti Zimbabwe is still closed for Business. Unotoduza chete pano paZim.

W 1 month ago

Huya hako riri, totoda iwewe kupfuura ma products

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