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Retired Top Police Officer Commits Suicide

Retired Top Police Officer Commits Suicide

A retired senior police officer in Bulawayo allegedly committed suicide by gulping a poisonous substance and his body was discovered in his car by his stepdaughter on Sunday morning.

The deceased, Walter Frank Ebinerng (62), was a former member of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and had attained the rank of Chief Inspector when he retired.

It is alleged that before he committed suicide, Ebinerng was heard by his stepdaughter Awakhiwe Geraldino Mdlongwa (21) together with her young brother, Nkanyiso Mdlongwa (16), saying he wanted to kill himself.

CITE reported police sources as saying Ebinerng did not reveal the reason why he wanted to end his life. Said a source:

The two (Awakhiwe Mdlongwa and Nkanyiso Mdlongwa) heard Walter saying he was going to commit suicide but did not reveal the cause.

After overhearing what the deceased had stated Awakhiwe, advised her mother, Sikhathele Ebinerng.

The family reportedly retired to bed just after midnight and left the deceased seated inside his car.

The following morning, Ebinerng’s wife left for Filabusi but did not check for her husband’s whereabouts.

At around 3.20 PM, that same day, she received a phone call from her daughter that he was unconscious in his car. Said the police sources:

Sikhathele instructed the informant to call Netstar ambulance who then attended the scene and observed that Walter was already dead.

The team leader of Netstar ambulance, Flora Nicola Tshuma, together with the informant proceeded to ZRP QueensPark and made a report.

The police attended the scene and conducted searches on the body.

They found two cellphones, a Samsung and an ITEL phone, a black wallet with a national identity and defaced police ID.

The police officers also recovered an empty 200ML red bottle (faded) from the bin which is suspected to be the one which had poison.

Ebinerng’s body was ferried to the United Bulawayo Hospitals mortuary for a post-mortem. | CITE

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themba 5 days ago

life yatoba ma one

g 5 days ago

shameee, that wife was uncaring. she should have checked on him before retiring to bed or at least in the morning before she left. most probably was the root cause for him to commit suicide

Herd 5 days ago

RIP Inspector. Retirement 300000 rtgs enough to buy USD 300 then you realise the gvt you have been defending all the years has forgotten about you

To Pindula 5 days ago

Is comment section really necessary, some comments are s.h.i.t

5 days ago

Stressed by the pension scheme of the regime he had defend more than half of his life.... Sorry let be a lesson to young officers

Tintin 5 days ago

most probable cause... marital problems... could be totally wrong...iri Zanu zvayo🤔🤔🤔

Gaga 5 days ago

Pamwe amunoisawo zanu hapasii

Tintin 5 days ago

@ gaga read the comment unpolitically... its not political...


chikiti.. musavengana 5 days ago

that evel woman... is linked to the horror

Gaga 5 days ago


Theonewhoissent 5 days ago

Sometimes God the Almighty does not release your blessing until your enemy is subdued first.

Tintin 5 days ago

can you please explain your comment in line with the article...handina kunzwisisa...those are deep thoughts... please explain

Horomba 4 days ago

Theonewhoissent are you inferring kuti the husband is the enemy and has been subdued so the wife will have blessings? Comment iyi ine hu****

Dispol 5 days ago

Senior officer title inotangira maSuperitendent not maInspector aya maJr same way nevictim yaMuvevi media was saying snr cop vana ivava

apa wanga 5 days ago

wabvunzwa nani?

𝑆𝑖𝑦𝑜𝑦𝑜 5 days ago

RIP officer, dai ndakaziva kuti munoda kuita suicide ndingadai ndakati musiye manditorera loan kubank nezita renyu

Kkk 5 days ago

🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

MuPfungwe Chaiye 5 days ago

Zvimwe tinenge tisingade kuseka but unozoseka chete🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Farting 5 days ago


5 days ago

@siyoyo wazondinakidza munguva yekuchema.ukaita sahwira rufu runganakidze chose

individual 5 5 days ago

ii boe hre

gora 5 days ago

that's terrible situation zvakaoma chose

Ndux Malax 5 days ago

Hmmm the wife, the wife, the wife. Panenyaya apa. Leaving yo beloved husband with a troubled soul alone in the car who was contemplating suicide and next morning u just leave home without even checking on him. Even if all was well do u just go away like that without even a gud bye to yo dear one.

g 5 days ago

exactly my point. that poor chap was being tormented by the wife who didint give a damn about his well being

Stallion 4 days ago

I agree with you guys she was told by her daughter that her husband is had said he wanted to commit suicide and she went to sleep without checking with him. How can you sleep leaving someone in that state of mind in a car at night. The wife should be accountable for her husband's death

XXX 5 days ago

Nemaranks up to now you are still not aware iwe Dispol neJounalism tactics. Zvitsva here izvozvo.

5 days ago

Mukadzi uyo panenyanyaya ummmmm l suspect akarohwa anodura chokwadi chese

NHUBU 5 days ago

officer awa anga ari murungu here?????

NHUBU 5 days ago

officer awa anga ari murungu here?????

Inspector Paul Nyathi 5 days ago

He was Colored and obviously an alcoholic

Vandem 5 days ago

hunted by spirits of those people vaakauraya achitumwa neZANU ndokut vanhu vadzidze kut munhu haauraiwe sehuku

mmmmmm 5 days ago

takibg your own life is not an option l wld advise pple t seek some sort of counseling bfr considering tt

Ccc 4 days ago

Ndosaka vamwe vama robbers

huku 4 days ago

shiri inozongofa chete

constable 4 days ago

pamwe zvokweret kutadza kubhadhara or mukadz ane boyfriend chaimupa kubuda asina kutarisa hubby chii

musaite iyoyo 4 days ago

imagine working all yo life providing for your wife and step kids only to be treated like s h I t on your retirement nxaaaaa

Joseph 4 days ago

Walter, you were too strong minded to take your own life. I will always cherish the days we worked together as young and happy Patrol Officers in Gweru. It didn't have to end that way bro. RIP

bishu 4 days ago

if I have newsworthy story how do I contact Pindula

Tkt 4 days ago

In my view, that was no suicide but murder!
How does the wife leave her hubby seated in a car & retire for bed, then you sleep all night without checking on your partner and wake up taking a journey without trying to find you man?
She killed him if he was a drunkered she puti poison in his beer.

simplex 4 days ago

pane nyaya apa mukadzi uyo anoziva something

retire 4 days ago

kamarikaakaisirwa kepension kamamustrasser mkadz ndokutsvaumweachinemari

Wolfforever 4 days ago

He decided to terminate himself at his own risk stop bothering yourself


TeamMUVHEVHI iyo yakatya kudurwa🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

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