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Resuscitate NRZ To Save Roads - Minister Gumbo

Resuscitate NRZ To Save Roads - Minister Gumbo

The government said the recapitalisation of the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) is key to the country’s economic growth.

The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Responsible for Monitoring, Implementation of Government Programmes, Joram Gumbo, said the resuscitation of NRZ will also prevent damage to the road infrastructure as more goods would be transported by rail.

Speaking during a tour of the NRZ workshops on Thursday, Gumbo also said ZWL$2 billion had been pledged to fund the refurbishing of NRZ infrastructure. Said Gumbo:

NRZ is a vital link to economic development, more so for a land-locked country like ours. It is therefore important to ensure the company is recapitalised.

The government continues to support your efforts to re-equip and recapitalize the organization in order to give you a competitive advantage.

In this regard, ZWL$2 billion has been pledged to fund the refurbishment and reestablishment of NRZ infrastructure.

I have been informed that the target for this year is to refurbish four main lines, five shunting locomotives and 940 wagons.

I urge you to apply yourselves fully to this project given the fact that for the entity to operate optimally… 170 coaches are required.

Gumbo said the increase in vehicular traffic on the country’s roads has brought with it many challenges. He said:

The volume of trucks on our roads has increased exponentially over the years and has brought with it many challenges the rapid increase in road freight is a cause for concern because of the damage on our roads.

Congestion and the rise in accidents, these problems are partly due to the goods that are being transported by roads instead of rail.

It is our hope that upon completion your project should assist in relieving pressure on our road network.


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Vesto 2 months ago

"Resuscitate NRZ..." so says the Minister who oversaw the collapse of Air Zimbabwe

Sorojena 2 months ago

They failed dismal to rescicitate Zupco, right now Zupco doesn't have buses... But we saw new buses being displayed at rallies across the country.... Where are they?

Tkt 1 month ago

the same minister failed to do a thing for NRZ during his tenure as Minister of Transport & Infrastructure Development

piss off @joram.gumbo

CIO 2 months ago

Aaaaa who uses them
Don lie that no key to development
Let's use funds from diamonds together
Thus key

2 months ago

Two billion 😂 it should be two trillion with the useless Zim dollars

Cde hondo 2 months ago

No industry so NRZ collapses. No goods trains transporting raw materials and finished goods. Resuscitate industry first and NRZ will follow

Sorojena 2 months ago

The government must privatize all its parastatals as it doesn't have the capacity to run them. Its just wishful thinking to consider rescucitating the Railways as the damage has gone beyond control.

Tateguru 2 months ago

Rega ndinyarare zvangu semunhu mukuru


Makhaz 2 months ago

170 coaches are needed but u gave 2billion dollars 😂🤣

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

most haulage trucks on our road belong to the law makers and won't allow NRZ to take their customers 😂

Tindo 2 months ago

So it takes 42 years to realise this????

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