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Responses To Story Of Zimbabwean Man Who "Faked" UZ Certificates To Work In Ireland

Responses To Story Of Zimbabwean Man Who

A Zimbabwe-born Drogheda man was recently accused of using “forged” university degrees and professional qualifications to work as a clinical psychologist, helping vulnerable children and adults.

Reports suggest that Nikiwe Dube of Colpe Drive, Drogheda, Ireland, appeared before Dublin District Court last week accused of forgery by making false instruments to obtain employment in Dublin between 2019 and 2022.

Judge Cephas Power was told that the 39-year-old claimed to have degrees from the University of Zimbabwe, but he never attended the university.

The story has attracted varying responses with some telling Pindula News that publishing such stories would tarnish the image of the southern African country. Below are some of the responses:

Mhofu @mhofela_mhofu:

Dhokota Nik aka Nikiwe went so far as to fake a graduation, and went around with a stethoscope!! Madoda It’s how they go around bashing the country under false pretences that boggles my mind.

Chings @GeorgeChings:

I heard that he even had the nerve to claim to know the state of affairs in operating theatres in Harare hospitals. Those the abetted him are morally bankrupt… Haana hake kana kutomboenda kuUZ kwacho. Wakangogadzira maCertificate ne printer ndokutotanga kutsvaga basa.

Maynard Manyowa  @iAmKudaMaynard

This is a slap in the face for real academics who part with blood, sweat and tears to earn real qualifications.

gunfightersreturn @gunfightersret1

I have always been sceptical of most Zimbos who call themselves Drs of Twitter, the quality of their arguments are normally shallow.

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Biden 1 month ago

This always happens around the world and its all, nationalities not Zimbabweans only

Justice Stark 1 month ago

Thats trur

UmfokaDube 1 month ago

Free Nikiwe, she's our guy. Just another black woman trying to fight poverty. Jealousy is making people act like they wouldn't have done the exact same thing if they were in her shoes.

Mhukahuru 1 month ago

Zimunhu iri zi big time conman manje, mbavha huru ngaavharirwe!!!

😂 1 month ago

He's a man not a properly...u judged nekunzwa zita kut Nikiwe😂😂😂😂

UmfokaDube 1 month ago

Sry He's another black *man*

Gwedu 1 month ago

Checking with the university is crucial before employing someone. Universities contains all the database for all graduands from it's establishment. Iya yamunoti UNICAF yakarambwa on the ZIMCHE credibility..

King kush 1 month ago

Aaaah kkkkk yap ma1 but ko kna asina kumbobvira awana mari hekuendabkuvarsity kwacho iye ane brain dzechitsotsi...kkkk he z a hustler tho even some of us ain't pleased

💎truth 1 month ago

don't blame the 39 year old, you know who to blame in all this

Gushungo 1 month ago

Obvious E.....D.....I.......O.....T...&....Z..a...N....?

Duduzani 1 month ago

The song goes like, "Zvikomana zvemazuva ano, kuchenjeresa kwanyanya, neaka funda pfuma yangu inodzoka, baby babie, unebhukuyiko, grade 7, kwete handidi, pfuma yangu inorova, babie babie, unebhukuyiko, O Levels, Yesss ndinoda, neakafunda pfuma yangu inodzoka" Track by Dr Oliver Mtukudzi

Released long back now its a fulfilled prophecy


dispenser 1 month ago

kuruzivo rwacho akaruwanepi kuti azosvika kuva employed for such a period

Terrace Watch 1 month ago

Hindanent chamhamha you can just Google chero muzvipatara zvedu tinoona mstudent doctors vachita tarisa mabook avo for reference pamberi pamapatients wani

Terrace Watch 1 month ago

Not only outside the but even in our local hospitals vetting should be carried out just to clean up the mess those who fear the outcome the publishing of the story would tarnish Zimbabwe don't know how how how much demage will be be done if this situation is dealt with now for the sake of the future.

1 month ago

Hw was it discovered ? What caused the institute to look into his credentials after being hired ? Was he incompetent ? There are housands of people forging to certificates , and some do better than the legit . Don't talk as if this guy **** in anyone's plate . He was just doing what he saw fit for his survival . You holier than thou Zimbos in the diaspora . Most of you bribed your way out of Zim . Some of you are whores, thieves .drug peddlers out there . And your president is a rapist and a murderer . Yet you put your long lazy fingers on the keys and condemn a fellow countrymen for such a flimsy crime . Hypocrites

.. Fombo 1 month ago

Jonathan moyo naMtuvi Ncube vanoda kumboongororwawo mapeper avo kut akachena here

Sabhuk 1 month ago

Zvinotangira kungopa poritizheni bepa rehuchiremba onorashandisa hake kunopisika. Kana kuti comrade upi ane makore aripasi pe 60?

1 month ago

Igambaaa iroo inhengoo pazim zvave kuda kuti munhu asvunure kutoonera chaiko🙏🙏🙏🙏
Well played thanks ne indirect advice

Ephraim 1 month ago

This fake Dr will cause halo effect on some employers who intend to employ Zim doctors. People should just go to Uni and then be a genuine Dr. Faking to be a Dr is putting people's lives at risk. A deterent sentence should be imposed. He weighed earning money versus people's lives.

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