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Responses To President Mnangagwa's Meeting With Ex-UK Prime Minister Tony Blair

Responses To President Mnangagwa's Meeting With Ex-UK Prime Minister Tony Blair

Zimbabwe’s president, Emmerson Mnangagwa Tuesday met with the UK’s former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who is also known for campaigning for the imposition of sanctions on the southern African country.

After the meeting Mnangagwa said it was time to let bygones be bygones to allow Zimbabwe to reengage with the international community, to flourish. He said:

For Zimbabwe to flourish, we cannot let history hold us back. It was a pleasure to meet Tony Blair (@InstituteGC) and Baroness Scotland, Secretary General for the Commonwealth (@PScotlandCSG).

The meeting attracted varying responses with some slamming Mnangagwa for double standards after his party, the ruling ZANU PF has over the years railed against Blair and labelled everyone who associated with the UK as a sellout.

ZANU PF posted on Twitter following the meeting praising Mnangagwa. Said the party:

If this is not Breaking News, then what is? Land Reform, Sanctions, regime change plots, name-calling, international isolation, Re-engagement and then the handshake all in #Kigali2022! A Statesman will always be the ultimate Man. Zim is a friend to all & enemy to no one.

Jealousy Mawarire, a founding member and spokesperson for the National Patriotic Front the meeting was a taboo, in the Zimbabwean context. He said:

In the context of Zimbabwean politics, it’s a huge issue, a political gaffe, a miscalculation of gigantic proportions. Zvakafana nekutorwa pikicha uchizhinya nemhondi yakaponda baba vako. [It’s like taking a picture of yourself smiling to your parents’ assassin].

Hopewell Chin’ono, an award-winning Zimbabwean journalist, said ZANU PF was doing exactly what it was criticising other parties for. He said:

So if @nelsonchamisa meets with the British ambassador to Zimbabwe, ZANU PF calls him a sell-out. But if Mnangagwa meets with Tony Blair who imposed sanctions on the ZANU PF elites and invaded Iraqi based on lies, they spent the whole day celebrating about it! ZANU PF is empty

In 2018, Tendai Biti and Nelson Chamisa who were still members of the opposition MDC were criticised for meeting American officials who were considered as campaigners for the imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Ali Naka, a political activist and Pan Africanist who is allegedly working with the Rwanda government recalled that ZANU PF criticised Tanzania in 2021 for seeking Tony Blair’s services. Back then, ZANU PF said:

Tony Blair once plotted military invasion of Zimbabwe! Today he is an advisor for a SADC member country.

Naka posted a screenshot of a post by ZANU PF which read:

Dear CCC, go for Tony Blair, he interacted with Cde ED, attack him. 1, 2, 3 attack him.

Rufaz–Jerera King  @Mavhure suggested that the meeting was business for Blair. He said:

In Sales & Marketing, if you attend event or conference, make sure you rush to greet all target clients& potential clients. That’s the game. Tony Blair did that. Now he can submit a Consultancy proposal to Teapot 🫖 (Zimbabwe). Don’t be surprised if he wins. Muchasvinura [you’ll wake up]

Kate Hoey @CatharineHoey, an MP for Vauxhall 1989-2019 who is now Baroness Hoey of Lylehill and Rathlin in the County of Antrim, expressed shock over the meeting. Hoey who was in 2021 appointed as the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Ghana said:

What on earth was Tony Blair doing being so close up and personal with the human rights abuser @edmnangagwa Zimbabwean people need help to ensure free and fair election next year not support for a neo dictator.

Responding to Hoey, Moses Kweche @KwecheMoses said:

Should read: “What on God’s earth is Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa doing smiling at a war-monger and racist Tony Blair?” But then, you are Brishit

We have a clown who gets excitable over Tony Blair handshakes, Boris smiles and Biden courteous greetings. He actually thinks that it is an actual foreign policy strategy and re-engagement. His peers are unlocking lines of credit and diplomatic moves. Pathetic!

Hanzi nemaCcc our president @edmnangagwa vaifanira kukanda Tony Blair chibhakera kuratidza kuti havawirirane neBritain.We have serious problem in Zimbabwe. Opposition leaders blind their followers blind. They don’t even know that ED and Blair met at a diplomatic platform.

The Zimbabwe Institute for Accountability@ZimInstit4Dem said by ZANU PF standards, Mnangagwa was a sellout adding that ZANU PF acts like a colony when meeting China or Britain.

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towetowe 4 weeks ago

Zvinoda vari ivo

VYBZ KARTEL 4 weeks ago

Animal farm the chapter of trading with the humans. Politicians they make me sick. PASI NE ZANU PF

cde chipopi 4 weeks ago

Wagona ipapo ED kwete zvamaiita zviye na Mugabe zvekutuka ma Western countries idzi dzimwe nyika dzemu SADC dzichi dyidzana navo zvakanaka. Ukaita look West policy chete neku dzorera munda ku varungu ndinokuvhotera. Hazvibatsiri kuti munhu mutema site munda more than 100 hactares iye asina Capital , expertise ne technology. Nyika inongoramba Iri munzara kusvikira amen

. 4 weeks ago

Uri ****

mdara Loli pop 4 weeks ago

Tinoda varungu ! hatidi zvima China muno! Mu China ane hutsinye anoba achisiya auraya nyika. Murungu kuba kwake kurinani nekuti haauye nema zhing zhong products. President wese akarongeka anofambidzana zvakanaka ne USA ne Eu ne Britain

Doug 4 weeks ago

We should not tell our children who to hate as the children will end up confused and not believe any other thing we tell them when they see us interacting with the "enemy". The English say ' blood is thicker than water', surely the handshakes should have started with local adversaries before the international adversaries. Let us just say that that is how God works.

🤠 4 weeks ago

saka zvozodii hazvo🤔

Asalif 4 weeks ago

Hatinganganwe the last time our president was visited by an EU delegation he made statemant in shona not knowing there now devices called intelligent translator units they heard everything kusadzidza kupata that is why we need a new generation of learders

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Kana ukada kuonererwa iwe usina zvinhu zvinobatsirei ungatuka munhu anozvo anongokusiya oenda kwake iwe ndiwe unofototoka nenhamo.

🤠 4 weeks ago

ndosaka tichiti madhara ngaagare pasi


Soyuz > Crew Dragon 4 weeks ago

The fall of EU and USA will be the rise of Africa. Remember the Bible says when mystery Babylon falls the world will celebrate but only those who became rich through Babylon will cry. They called it mystery coz America didn't exist when the prophecy was said.

Zuze 4 weeks ago

Kugocha kinda kwaED, kweCCC kunodzima moto.

Its patriotic for ED to consort with Blair, but it's treason for Chamisa to meet any Western leaders. Anobva anzi mutengesi.

Wobva wazvishairwa pazvo

Cmo 4 weeks ago

Blair ahaz kuda kukumbra munda nepekugara

bhuru 4 weeks ago

saka umwe aiti blair keep your england and l will keep my zimbabwe,,,,,,,nhasi uyo mukuru aikuti kudii

eddy wekuleeds 4 weeks ago

Mugabe: (Tony) Blair is a toilet

ZanuPF supporters: Yes Yes 👏

Mupositori: Varungu vana vaSatan

ZanuPF supporters: Yes Yes 👏

ED: The West is causing your suffering

ZanuPF supporters: Yes Yes 👏

Herald: ED in historic handshake with Blair

ZanuPF supporters: Yes Yes 👏
Mugabe ndaabve
ehe bhisiiii

Kule Kule 4 weeks ago

😂😂😂😂 @Murakashi wandi kutura

Murakashi 4 weeks ago

It not easy being me

catchaldo 4 weeks ago

amai vablue ndavacatcher nhasi mmmm vanonhuwa tse.te guyz.......mari yaenda ichi chema

ZANU ngaitengere mai vablue matissue nesipo plizzz

Timoda nyika 4 weeks ago

Nyika yedu pamberi zvimwe zvose kusure

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