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Responses To Fuel Prices Hike: "Zimbabwe Only Country Affected By War In Ukraine?"

Responses To Fuel Prices Hike:

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) Wednesday reviewed up fuel prices for the second time in a week attracting the wrath of motorists.

According to the revised prices, a litre of Diesel now costs US$1.68 or ZWL218.01. In a statement, earlier published by Pindula News, ZERA said the increase was a result of increasing oil prices on the international market due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

A comparison of fuel prices in the SADC region shows that Zimbabwe’s fuel is a little bit expensive compared to its counterparts. We present fuel prices in some SADC countries below:

1). Angola (Petrol US$0.33); (Diesel US$0.28)

2). Mozambique (Petrol US$1.08); (Diesel US$0.96)

3). Botswana (Petrol US$1.08); (Diesel US$1.06)

4). Zambia (Petrol US$1.21); (Diesel US$1.06)

5). South Africa (US$1. 38); (Diesel US$1.39)

6). Zimbabwe (Petrol US$1.67); (Diesel US$1.68)

One citizen suggested the government must remove high taxes as they contribute to high fuel prices. Read the comment:

$1.51 was too much then now $1.68usd. The effects of fuel increase will be felt in every sector! Transport and everything will also increase prices and thereby fueling inflation. Govt must cushion citizens by removing too high taxes that result in too high priced fuel.#use surplus.

Another one just asked:

Is the war in Ukraine only affecting Zimbabwe?

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