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Responses To Fuel Prices Hike: "Zimbabwe Only Country Affected By War In Ukraine?"

Responses To Fuel Prices Hike:

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) Wednesday reviewed up fuel prices for the second time in a week attracting the wrath of motorists.

According to the revised prices, a litre of Diesel now costs US$1.68 or ZWL218.01. In a statement, earlier published by Pindula News, ZERA said the increase was a result of increasing oil prices on the international market due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

A comparison of fuel prices in the SADC region shows that Zimbabwe’s fuel is a little bit expensive compared to its counterparts. We present fuel prices in some SADC countries below:

1). Angola (Petrol US$0.33); (Diesel US$0.28)

2). Mozambique (Petrol US$1.08); (Diesel US$0.96)

3). Botswana (Petrol US$1.08); (Diesel US$1.06)

4). Zambia (Petrol US$1.21); (Diesel US$1.06)

5). South Africa (US$1. 38); (Diesel US$1.39)

6). Zimbabwe (Petrol US$1.67); (Diesel US$1.68)

One citizen suggested the government must remove high taxes as they contribute to high fuel prices. Read the comment:

$1.51 was too much then now $1.68usd. The effects of fuel increase will be felt in every sector! Transport and everything will also increase prices and thereby fueling inflation. Govt must cushion citizens by removing too high taxes that result in too high priced fuel.#use surplus.

Another one just asked:

Is the war in Ukraine only affecting Zimbabwe?

More: Pindula News

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Wissy 3 months ago

The cartel is mopping up retirement funds. They don't care about the people , ask Dambudziko, he will tell you the 15b diamonds was not enogh.

Mdara Odza 3 months ago

Vote CCC 💛


Mupfungwe Chaiye 3 months ago

Register to vote guys and vote for a change that's the only solution in Zim right now. Zvopedza simba izvi

Mupfungwe Chaiye 3 months ago

Register to vote guys and vote for a change that's the only solution in Zim right now. Zvopedza simba izvi

McKenzie 3 months ago


Why do we want to buy fuel from the very expressive countries.


Tkt 3 months ago

Wamambo n McKenzie tingakupa nyika munoipwanya imi,murikupfunga zvamurikubvumirana kuti zvoshanda here..asi hamuna kudzidza business accounting, economics, business management n commerce???
Vhoterai zanu pf munyerere

Re-elect ED pfee 2023

Pala 3 months ago

Angola or Moza wont sell its fuel to any country at tgose prices because its a subsidy to benefit their nationals only

Wamambo90 3 months ago

Well said bigbro, why cry for russia when it is cheaper in angola and mozambique also. I dnt understand the concept whu h government is using btt according to me its a robbery theory. These people dnt have their own people at heart.😭😭😭 Cry my beloved ountrry. We need change.
#revister to vote

Noma aka Matshuma 3 months ago

Lets register to vote guys zvanyanya izvi mushikashika is now 150bond or R10.

Vote #CCC for change

Golide thing 3 months ago

KkkÄ·kkk ma 1

Noma aka Matshuma 3 months ago

0789013517 @Mboko

Mboko 3 months ago

I love you 😘... gimme yo #

Self-styled Analyst 3 months ago


Kamface kasina chitupa 3 months ago

Zimbabwe irikutongwa nen'anga

Gennagenn 3 months ago


Jimmy Machende 3 months ago

Angola kumberi

Nation 3 months ago

Yaa khona sesihlupheke kakhulu bantu benkosi, kunini sihlupheka kwelethu ilizwe, asibambaneni ekuvoteni sike sifake u Chamisa abantu abake basilethela I $ belabo Tswangirai

🙆‍♀️ 3 months ago

And for sure iDambudzo chairo, maybe plural Matambudziko because akawandisa

🙄 3 months ago

He said it himself that his grandfather called him Hlupheko but because it was not easy to call his parents changed it to Dambudzo. It is on record and l think it is also in his biography.
His original name is Emmerson Hlupheko kkkk

Hulk Hogan 3 months ago

Why giving him a new bele name??

🙄 3 months ago

Remember that His Excellency President Hlupheko Mnangagwa is our leader kkkkkk hayi madoda kkkkk

spin 3 months ago

last loot🤣🤣🤣

Self-styled Analyst 3 months ago

No Comment😏

🙄 3 months ago

Some "Big Dhalaz in our Gavhument" are heavily invested in the service station i and fuel tanker/transport industry. So it like a great opportunity for them to maximise on profits.

Armed Robbery 3 months ago

If SADC was there In the last past election fr presidential, Zanu Pf still they cheated....tell me what will make Zanu Pf lose the coming election 2023 bcoz they always rig?

The Boy Who Saw 🛸 UFOs 3 months ago

Angola mmmmm...?

The Boy Who Saw 🛸 UFOs 3 months ago

Haaa pakaipa,🇿🇼

kwiti 3 months ago

their currency is devalued zvekuti feee

zimboy 3 months ago

hahahaa Zanu ma1 ayaa

Chairman 3 months ago

Yeah, I feel them Zanu Pf their stealing for the last..2023 we not gonna tolerate any sh!t from Zanu, CCC is taking over

Vote for Change
Vote for New Zimbabwe
Vote for New Party

Charmless Charlatans 3 months ago

Gross incompetence by ZANUPF government. Charmless charlatans are leading our country. So detarched from the people's everyday suffering. Vote CCC for change. ZANUPF has been tried and tested for 42 years and found wanting. Let us try new things.

@nahoreka 3 months ago

Iyi inonzi zanu inofunge kuti anhu takapata maningi... Tiri kutongwa nembavha guys. This regime is simply illegitimate, they know that they ar in gvnmnt through rigging. Mnangagwa's only goal is to find ways to remain in office bcz he knows he cheated the vote. These ar the results of a rigged plebiscite. I blame sadc turning a blind eye on Zimbabwe....

Vybz kartel 3 months ago

Im a Zanu pf supporter but this is now too much , i drive a mushikashika in mbare and this will affect my business , another thing is that i now believe that the ruling party should not campaign ,its actions over the last 5years must campaign for it ,for example does a boyfriend court his girlfriend everyday once she has agreed to be his girlfriend? no!!!! but other guys who also want the girl are the ones who court her and buy her presents and try to show her that they are better than her boyfriend
zanu should not campaign,its actions over the last 5 years must campaign for it, opposition parties are the ones who are meant to campaign

Vote ccc
vote change
chamisa chete chete
ngapinde mukomana
kangeke ujaha

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

Musatijairire ana without me,you can't get full attention??? without me, your can't win? Get away
You know where to vote.. hurumende yakanaka kudai,iwe woshora...ivhapo nekamushikashika kako...ini handishande basa rekudriver,basa rema****

Manikiniki 3 months ago

This incompetent gvt takes advantage of any unfortunate situation to make people suffer. It was Corona virus being used as a shield to close democratic space now its the Russia war and fuel prices escalating in Zimbabwe only! We are tired of Zanu may the Lord deliver us from these people.

booster jab 3 months ago

We need a change of govt asap,taking advantage of Ukrainian war to suffer your own pple,groceries will rice in prices pple will suffer this illegitimate govt dont care,whats so special bout Zim fuel?register to vote,vote CCC!

🔥 3 months ago

the govt thru ZERA is raising campaign money for next year elections

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