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Residents Unhappy As Council Rehabilitates Road In Councilor's Area Only

Residents Unhappy As Council Rehabilitates Road In Councilor's Area Only

Residents in Nyameni Surbub, Marondera, have expressed displeasure after the council rehabilitated a single road that passes through the area’s councillor.

The concerned residents said all the street roads in the suburb need attention and questioned why the road that leads to Ward 7 Councillor Mubayiwa Dzvuke’s house was given priority.

Open Council Marondera visited the suburb and discovered that the road in Dzvuke’s street has been given a new turf.

Also discovered is that some roads in the suburb are in a bad state with the situation being worsened by the incessant rains in Marondera. Said Tinaye Mauye, a resident:

All street roads in Nyameni are in a bad state, it’s known.

We are disgruntled that the road that passes Dzvuke’s house is the only one repaired.

Why was it given priority? Because he is the area Councillor?

Dzvuke is the council chairman for the Finance Portfolio committee.

Marondera Residents Open Forum (MAROF) director Tapiwa Chengeta said the council needs to meet the interests of residents first and not please individuals.

He commended the local government authority for initiating the rehabilitation process but cautioned that areas like Rusike and Garikai that have no roads, totally, should be given preference.

Contacted for comment, Dzvuke could neither deny nor confirm the road issue but sent a list of roads which he said the council would act on.

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Okongo 4 months ago

Kana inoenda kumba kwemumwe councillor wekuRujeko anoñzi Matangira yakagadzirwa Mukute Street

🥸 4 months ago

Cherima haisiriyo Rujeko here🤔

Jombo 4 months ago

Mukute kucherima baba ndoghetto randakakurira

mufakosi 4 months ago

Every road leads to someone's area saka hhandione dambudziko nazvo kumwe kushoropotsa hakubatsire so ngavichivaudza dzavanoda dzitangwe kugadzirwa dzimwe pfungwa so marondera musaite so.KO ndiye EGA anofamba neroad yyacho here ?

J 4 months ago

Nhau iripo ndeyekuti pane dzimwe road dzitori in a worse state than yemuface uyu zvayanga iri.why did they start with his road, iyo road inoenda kuNyameni clinic yakazara pothole, why just go work on a single street vachisiya road dzimwe dzakakosha dzinolinker nyameni cheritombo and so forth street rake ranyanya kuita sei

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