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Reserve Money At The RBZ As Of 15 October 2021

Reserve Money At The RBZ As Of 15 October 2021

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) recorded a decrease in Reserve Money as of the week ending 15 October 2021 reflecting a decrease in banks’ liquidity at the RBZ.

In the RBZ’s previous report for the week that ended on 08 October 2021, Reserve Money had increased by ZW$225.32 million to ZW$28.05 billion.

Pindula News presents the central bank’s statement on the status of Reserve Money for the week ending 15 October 2021.

1. Reserve money decreased by ZW$1.94 billion to ZW$26.11 billion during the week ending 15th October 2021, compared to the previous week’s position of ZW$28.05 billion.

2. The decline in reserve money largely reflected a decrease of ZW$2.03 billion in banks’ liquidity (RTGS balances) at the Central Bank, partially offset by increases of ZW$72.02 million and ZW$14.63 million in required reserves and currency issued, respectively.

3. The fall in market liquidity was largely on the back of liquidity mopping up operations by the Bank, through the issuance of non-negotiable certificates of deposits (NNCDs).

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Sir 6 months ago

Kkkkk vanhu varikuda mkomana

Tafadzwa C 6 months ago

Ko mkomana apinda papi😅😂😂😂😂😂😅😅

Simba Muchinjikwa 6 months ago

Tahwa nekunyeperwa about ma budget surpluses enhema whilst the economy is falling apart... Zvobhowa hama 🙄🙄

Simba Muchinjikwa 6 months ago

These are just inflationary figures... Kana kune mari chaiyo why are they failing to pay ma bidders ku Auction🙄🙄 #NgaapindeHakeMukomana

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