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Removal Of ZUPCO Monopoly Is Just But One Of Workers' Demands - ZCTU

Removal Of ZUPCO Monopoly Is Just But One Of Workers' Demands - ZCTU

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has said the removal of ZUPCO monopoly is just but one of the demands the union made and since the other demands remain unattended to, it will continue fighting “for what is best for workers.

ZCTU was among unions that were urging workers to “shutdown” the country this Monday by not reporting for duty over the deteriorating state of affairs. 

They cited issues such as university fee hikes, poor salaries, poor working conditions, and transport challenges attributed to ZUPCO monopoly. Said ZCTU:

One of our Workers Day demands was the removal of ZUPCO monopoly and the pressure has yielded positive results. We will continue to fight for what is best for workers at all available spaces.

In response to the demands, the government permitted private players to tart plying routes. Said President Emmerson Mnangagwa  in his State of The Nation Address (SONA) this Sunday:

Government is proceeding to open up the public transport system for other players in order to complement the services being provided by ZUPCO, in line with the reduction in COVID-19 cases and the subsequent opening of the economy. To complement the above measures, Government will allow for the duty-free importation for a period of 12 months, for vehicles which meet regulations to be issued.

Private-owned commuter omnibuses, which had become the main mode of transport in Zimbabwe, were banned in 2020 as a measure to curb the transmission of the coronavirus. They were never allowed back on the roads even as the economy reopened.

Their absence resulted in huge transport shortages that saw commuters spending hours in queues waiting for their turn to be ferried.

Kombi operators, however, continued to illegally ply some routes.

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wink 1 month ago

transport inoda competition maprice haazokwiri zvekudaro

Hiace 1 month ago

Tadzoka tanga tasuwa kutika vabereku

ts 1 month ago

toita madiro ajojina manje

Hwereshengwe 1 month ago

Better now u can choose

Known-anonymus 1 month ago

The likes of Anonymous should just line up the Zupco whilst the rest go to combies and Mshika-shika


1234 1 month ago

zvirinani kutukwa nemahwindi tichienda kumba pane kusvika kumba na 8 wachaisa na 4

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Zupco monopoly failed us workers, it has been hell going and coming back home from work.
Kombis has to come back and stop the transport suffering...

Anonymous 1 month ago

Haa inini mushika shika nema kombi handizvifarire hangu chokwadi, mahwindi acho they lack customer service , zvinyadzi kuwachisana, kudzingirirana haaa ma accident hobho, unlicensed drivers havatedzere mitemo yeroad, of cause zupco haifaniri kuita monopoly but those guys ngavaende for good

Machiavelli 1 month ago

@Anonymous, it is your constitutional right to choose ZUPCO ahead of combis and mushikashika. But this regime is denying others the right to choose combis and mushikashika by forcing them to queue for ZUPCO.

Let everyone choose their preferred transport service. Chete. Us that too much to ask for?

ED anosur* pfeee 1 month ago

Saka uri kuti chii Anonymous

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