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"Remind VP Chiwenga He's Now A Civil Servant Leader And Not A Military Leader" - Chikwinya

Mbizo legislator Settlement Chikwinya says Vice President Constantino Chiwenga should be reminded not to bring his militaristic nature to the civilian space.

According to Chikwinya, Chiwenga who doubles as Minister of Health and Child Care should not be allowed to command health workers as if they are in the military.

The Mbizo legislator argued that Chiwenga had militarised the Health Services Amendment Bill. Speaking in the National Assembly, Chikwinya said:

The Bill promotes discrimination. As I was seated and listening to the presenter on behalf of the Committee, you can hear the militants in this Bill.

You can hear the militarism of the Honourable Minister coming out now in a civil service space. He is trying to exercise his natural militaristic experience which he had in the army, trying to bring it to a civil space – it cannot be.

Someone must be able to advise the Honourable Minister that he is now a civil servant leader and not a military leader. He used to be, and we respect him so much with whatever he did as a military leader, but he cannot bring military dictates to a civil space.

You cannot order nurses and doctors not to go on strike. They are workers and they must be able to express themselves.

He said it was wrong for Chiwenga to order nurses and doctors not to be able to join a trade union or negotiate their salaries as if they were soldiers.

He said if the Parliament is for the people, then it must listen to the concerns that were raised during the public consultations on the Bill.

The Bill is being crafted as several healthcare givers are leaving the country citing poor remuneration and working conditions.

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Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

Unohi the MONSTER of HELL-TH. You can take Gindagoria out of the army, but you can't take the army out of Gindagoria. Benzi rikapakata Sando rinoona matambudziko ose sezvipikiri.

nyoka yemabhunu 2 months ago

jenerari vachiri kuhondo avatozive kuti tave kuupenyu hwairwirwa huye vanoona sehwavo Vega Ivo vakarwa
aah kugadzira masoja kubva kumadoctor nemanurse kubhaiza beta vaite vekuumba vavo vedhaka kana kudzokera kumilitary kwavanogona
chikwinya agona anoita achibatsira mukuru akagona kuhondo ngaangoziva kuti akuna Hondo civil service yave zvimwewo

mafirakureva JoJo chenjera 2 months ago

monster of hell vakuudzwa shuwa kaa....vagarisa vakarivara kugarira basa Kuda kuuraya health
ngavape vanhu Mari votenga mushonga vorega kunorapiwa kuchina chete

Dr XQ 2 months ago

Wait until we have another military man as vice president (if the rumours are true). The situation will be even worse .

Da Truth 2 months ago

North Korea of Africa Zimbabwe.🆘🇿🇼

Zulu 2 months ago

he puts himself on that position as minister of healthy even on vice President yet he knows nothing about HEALTH SYSTEMS rima zvaro

Swagger 2 months ago

Zimbabweans these Three guys ED JENERARI na VALERIO munoti tinosvika kupi LORD HAVE MERCY ON US

Da Truth 2 months ago

Welcome to the future.Nyika yamai chemera hona yaita mamvemve Chipo Chipo iweeeeee breka mwana tiende .kkkkkkkkkkkkk🆘🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

Dhuterere 2 months ago

Hama dzeverume ava dzogara muno muZimbabwe here vachitotenga in shops we also buy?? I don't think so


God bress orodhi Pumura 2 months ago

The retired general is on a mission to exterminate any resemblance of order in the Health sector. Nurses and doctors are on a hegira to the UK,USA,SA and Australia. The man doesn't care a damn because he is law into himself. He even has the verve to destroy his estranged wife to the point of having her limbs amputated. He gets flu & flies first class to China or India to get first class health service. And pedzezvo ozora Ambi and remarries. Mwari pindirayi.

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

Member of Parliament Settlement Chikwimya sees things the way I see them. A military man will never be a good public administrator.. His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa posted Honourable Vice President Chiwenga in the hope that he was silencing Doctors and nurses who were always on job stoppages. Little did he know that he was worsening the situation. If we take stock of our Healthcare Ministry today, we see that Doctors and Nurses have stopped from going on strikes, he forced doctors and nurses to migrate to greener pastures overseas. If you visit a government medical institution you find them short staffed and there are no drugs in their pharmacies. Coming back to this bill, MP Chikwimya is right that the bill militarises Healthcare Ministry.



Tateguru 2 months ago

It is very hard for a military chap to be a civilian. Look at Putin.

Machiavelli 2 months ago

Putin was a Spook

Putin 2 months ago

Siyai zvakadaro

dispenser 2 months ago

komasniper a Mugabe akaendepi

Da Truth 2 months ago

Putin is former KGB agent.Ukrain war will take 2 yrs to lapse.Why America is dragging on this war to learn how Russia fights .It is a test ground for modern weapons how effective they are .Many Ukrainian pple left the country to neighbouring countries.In the end Russia will the price .

ngorima mushava 2 months ago

you can take a soldier out of the barracks but you can't take the barrack out of a soldier

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