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"Remind VP Chiwenga He's Now A Civil Servant Leader And Not A Military Leader" - Chikwinya

Mbizo legislator Settlement Chikwinya says Vice President Constantino Chiwenga should be reminded not to bring his militaristic nature to the civilian space.

According to Chikwinya, Chiwenga who doubles as Minister of Health and Child Care should not be allowed to command health workers as if they are in the military.

The Mbizo legislator argued that Chiwenga had militarised the Health Services Amendment Bill. Speaking in the National Assembly, Chikwinya said:

The Bill promotes discrimination. As I was seated and listening to the presenter on behalf of the Committee, you can hear the militants in this Bill.

You can hear the militarism of the Honourable Minister coming out now in a civil service space. He is trying to exercise his natural militaristic experience which he had in the army, trying to bring it to a civil space – it cannot be.

Someone must be able to advise the Honourable Minister that he is now a civil servant leader and not a military leader. He used to be, and we respect him so much with whatever he did as a military leader, but he cannot bring military dictates to a civil space.

You cannot order nurses and doctors not to go on strike. They are workers and they must be able to express themselves.

He said it was wrong for Chiwenga to order nurses and doctors not to be able to join a trade union or negotiate their salaries as if they were soldiers.

He said if the Parliament is for the people, then it must listen to the concerns that were raised during the public consultations on the Bill.

The Bill is being crafted as several healthcare givers are leaving the country citing poor remuneration and working conditions.

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