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Refusing Undocumented Children Access To School 'Wrong And Illegal', Says South African Lawyer

Refusing Undocumented Children Access To School 'Wrong And Illegal', Says South African Lawyer

A South African human rights activist and lawyer, Jos Venter, said it is illegal to deny children of undocumented foreign nationals entry at any school in that country.

Venter said this in response to Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie who had called for the children of foreign nationals to be refused entry to South African schools.

Venter said McKenzie’s call was unlawful because education was a basic human right. He said:

It is absolutely illegal and Gayton McKenzie is wrong in his view, wrong in the law and at a practical level, the implementation of the law is problematic.

But we have the 2019 judgment from the Eastern Cape division of the high court, where the court expressly said that, based on a lack of documents, children can’t be refused admission to public schools.

Last week, the South African pressure group Operation Dudula, said its members will camp outside schools across Gauteng Province to prevent undocumented foreign children and teachers to be part of day one of school.

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Brutus Afrkanus 2 weeks ago

gayton Mackenzie is a proponent of self hate & afrophobia, the psychological telltales of the macabre effects of bantustan ideologies propounded by the gospel of apartheid.
"forgive father , they know not what they r doing"
its not only brown skinned people that are immigrants in SA
We have Ex-Rhodies,Eastern Europeans & Asians to name but a few and Dudula isn't worried about them.
How do they select their target?
Racial/Ethnic profiling?
Why the fellow Afrikans?

Sir Zimbabwe 2 weeks ago

@Brutus Afrkanus you're on point bro, but let get to the point cde. Did you know Dudula is political groups of ANC cde. They are tried to push for our fellow Zimbabwe to come back and register to vote out zanupf

pk 2 weeks ago

you lie

mlambo naume 2 weeks ago

huyai kumusha nevna

Mukmeric 2 weeks ago

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Kuba 2 weeks ago

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naume mlambo 2 weeks ago

murisei veukama

Mctesta 2 weeks ago

Education n politics shud be separated

Billboard Of Public Opinions 2 weeks ago

How can you separate the 2 when the minister who is in charge of education ministry is politically handpicked? Musango gwaute kutaura, think first.

Remedy 2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago

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**** 2 weeks ago

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mwene wenyika 2 weeks ago

dzokai hama ko isu tirikuno hatisi kufa wani vana vedu varikuendawo kuzvikoro vakasununguka very soon vanenge vakudzidza mahala dzoka mwana wevhu .leaving no one and no place behind

mlambo naume 2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago

Tsvagirai vana nzvimbo kuno kwete ku South Africa

Analysis 2 weeks ago

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